My young Hindu wife is ravished by a middle aged muslim savage

Hi friends, I am a south-Indian Brahmin gentleman aged 38. I am married to a rather lovely lady aged 32, from my own community. She has given birth to our 2 wonderful children. We used to lead a good life.

Things started changing 5 months ago. A middle aged huge and rough Muslim man, started stalking and flirting with my young Hindu wife. I felt scared of this man, as he was a known ruffian & trouble maker in our area, with a violent temper. So I did not do anything, hoping he would stop harassing my nervous wife by himself.

But the Muslim hooligan became bolder and started forcibly talking to my innocent Hindu wife. Initially she was reserved and resisted his advances for a few weeks. But the Muslim thug forcibly kept pursuing my wife. Gradually her resistance melted. Perhaps she got attracted to his typical Muslim manliness and aggression.

The Muslim brute forcibly started coming home to meet my bashful wife. I kept silent as my wife too welcomed him home. I thought that at least within our home, our neighbours and friends would not know about a middle aged Muslim meeting my young and innocent Hindu wife. It was so shameful. But I was helpless.

Gradually, the Muslim thug started forcibly taking my shy Hindu wife into our bedroom and latching the door from inside. He would spend hours with her inside the bed-room. I could obviously hear what they were doing inside on our marital bed. I could hear the Muslim beast, slamming with full force into my Hindu wife’s delicate body and my Hindu wife  moaning with pain and pleasure.

Now the Muslim hoodlum has forced my wife to totally become his mistress. He comes to her at any time of the day, or night, whenever he is in the mood. The Muslim goon totally dominates my helpless Hindu wife, when he comes home. He treats her like his servant and has become totally submissive to all his demands. He even makes her wear a burkha outside the bedroom, but thankfully within our home.

He has told me to be silent and cooperative. The Muslim gorilla does not even use a condom when he ravishes my wife. Obviously the Muslim animal is planting his vile Muslim seed into her fertile Hindu womb. He has told both of us that, he expects my Hindu wife to conceive and deliver his Muslim babies from hereon.

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