Namit’s dream

Namit writes:
Hi Admin,
I am Namit from a upper middle class family and proud brother of beautiful sister Riddhi.
Somehow I was directed to the Facebook pages and then on your website. Initially it was a very different feeling to read the posts here, I was a silent reader and never commented on any post. I was (i still am) a normal guy and used to masturbate thinking about my classmates, neighbors or actresses.
One night something weird happened. I had a dream involving my classmate Zameer Siddique and my Sister in which they were smooching, cuddling and getting intimate. When i woke up i realized that i had a night fall. That day i masturbated 3-4 times thinking about the scenes i saw in dream.
I used to masturbate for long times. But these days whenever i think about my sister on Zameer’s bed, while masturbating.. i get discharged within 10 seconds. This taboo thing is getting on my head.

I am sure your sister Riddhi would want this to happen in real. You should try to turn this dream into reality. Help your sister to get her pussy drilled by that circumcised classmate of yours.

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  1. i have same dreame like u.always musterbating thinking abt my married elder didi gaytri fucked with muslim man big lund.sarching a muslim man who fullfill my dream in real.

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  5. Juma ji ap Hume to mile plz

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