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I need your suggestion and opinion. I am married with a 54 year old muslim man and previously i told his brother is  eying me. Yesterday i was working in the kitchen when his brother came inside. He grabbed me from the back and started pressing his dick on my ass. I pleaded to leave as i am his brother’s wife and his wife was also in the house but he refused. He said he liked my ass and want to feel it, then he promised he would leave me. He lowered my salwar and put off my panty and started feeling my ass. I kept quite and started getting wet. He became nude and put his big rod in my pussy and started pumping. I asked him stop but he was not listening. After some time we both start moaning and after 30 mins of fucking he discharged his load in my pussy. When we finished we saw his wife was watching all the stuff. I was bottom nude with her husband’s cum flowing from my pussy. Watching her I felt now she would ask us about it. But to my surprise she smiled, came in kitchen and started doing regular work. Her husband who just fucked me cleaned his cock and went outside. Whole day his wife was behaving normally with me despite knowing her husband fucked me. How it is possible? Please tell what will be my future.

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  1. Muslims are more permissive even when they may seem apparently more conservative. Your future would be full of sex and you’ll be carrying musalman’s children.

  2. future to biright hai tumhara…bahut saare muslim lund milne waale hai tumhe ready ho jaaao…abhi bhai fr rishtedaar…then dost..uske baad naa jaane kaun kaun ..

  3. If ur enjoying this (I think u do) continue this, if ur not then strictly say no to him, n muslim wives are perfect wife, they are happy with their man so they don’t mind them fucking others.

  4. Shadi to bahana Hai actually me tum raand bani ho uss family ki dhire dhire tum muzra bhi karogi aur muslim Lund Jo entertain karogi aur sab Muslim family tumhara gang bang karege.

  5. Tony u r right.ek bar jo Hindu women muslim Se chud gai to fir wo wapas nahi aa Sakti usko Randi bana kr hi chhodate h musalman.

  6. Tony u r right.ek bar jo Hindu women muslim Se chud gai to fir wo wapas nahi aa Sakti usko Randi bana kr hi chhodate h musalman.

  7. I have faced similar reaction when I told my neighbor’s wife that my mom and his husband is having an affair.

  8. As far as I know it is normal in Muslim families, enjoy if u do.

  9. I am real hindu boy. I want to serve Superior Muslim Masters. My age is 22 year old hindu male, anybody wants to use, abuse, humiliate and degrade this slut please comment ur email i will send u my number then fuck me anytime.

  10. My kik id hindubottom

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