Need Your Opinions and Suggestions

Hello All,
I’m Krishna Sharma
I have previously shared my post on your site about my Sissy Dick.
The link to that post is here –
I’m a big fan of your site and now as you can see I consider myself a Sissy Bottom ready to take any Mus*** cock with pleasure.
But this post is not about me, its about my Mother.
Let me tell u a little about me and her.
I’m an IT guy aged 22 finished my engineering last year and now I shifted back to my Hometown for work. I get to know about your site during my College days and has been a regular reader since. I shifted to my hometown 3 months ago.

Now let me tell u about my mom.
Her name is Rama and she is 41 year old. Her boobs are 34 and her waist is 30 with an ass size of 36 giving her a perfect M**F figure of 34-30-36.
Now Comes the main Topic.
Previously (Before college and even during college) She was a ultra Conservative lady believing in the Superiority of her religion and was a Critic of religion of Mus**ms. She was dominant as hell. She was very conservative and against Mus*** men. Like We were never allowed to Have a Mus*** Tailor or barber and she even doesn’t buy vegetables and groceries from any Mus*** man’s Shop. Also she never allow a Mus*** in our house (Our family don’t have any Mus*** friends and I had strict instructions to not bring any of my Mus*** friends to my home). Even Mus*** Electricians and Plumbers are not called for; only Hin** ones are called for. She was fiercely against the marriages of Hin** Girls with Mus*** man. She was even against use of mobile phones by girls (as she thought social media can lead girls to do these interreligious marriages) and even my sister wasn’t allowed to have a phone. She also criticized the Mus*** men for bad treatment of their Women (She thoought that Mus*** women are Oppressed). Being Strict Vegetarian she was against every Non Veg eater and even joined a Woman Hin** Group which aims at banning Beef.

We used to have regular Havans and Pooja-Paath at our house.
Even my father was more liberal than her.
Now comes the main Twist in my Life’s Story. In the last 3 Months since I shifted back at my Home, I have observed a lot of changes in her and in her attitude towards Mus** man.
Now I saw a more favorable and appreciable attitude towards Mus*** man.
Like now she Mentions that mus*** men’s are good at heart and Kind natured and that they are all not bad and that bad people are in every religion and also that Mus*** women are not oppressed but are more decent and live with more dignity.

I noticed She now buys only from Mus** vendors and I notice she loves the rough talk they do. She follows their instructions as well (once some rude Mus*** vendor ask her to put the vegetables herself in the Basket which she willfully obliged but then a few potatoes fell down and the shopkeeper ranted saying ‘Dekh ke nahi kar sakti kya’ ( Can’t you do it Properly) and to my surprise she got scared and said ‘Sorry Ji Galti se gir gaya, mein sab utha deti hu ‘ (Sorry it happened by mistake, I will pock them all and will not repeat it again). It was totally against her nature. Previously she would have shouted back and ask him to say sorry for shouting on her).

In the last 3 months we got 2 electricians and 1 plumber and all were Mus*** and my mother was very nice to them. I never expected that. She was continuously talking to them and respecting them like they were some guests (I rarely saw her respecting any one of that level of person before). She even offered tea to those Mus*** men; those beef eaters as well in the same cups we used regularly.

What surprised me most what make me write this us that for the whole time she didn’t look the men in the eye.
She either stare on the floor or on their genital areas. I found it weird for a Dominant woman like her to do. But most surprising thing was when the plumber (Repairing our kitchen sink) accidentally touched her hand and she doesn’t reacted. Instead she does it too and then does it again. The plumber got the signal and end up touching her hand again and again and even hold in and rub it in intervals.

It was like fantasy coming true. I got an instant hard on and I cummed on That scene twice that day.
I knew something has changed in her and I wanted to know that. I also saw her using her phone a lot. This was a bit strange as she was not on any social media apps or sites and was even against all these things in the past.
So three days ago I took her phone while she was taking a Nap and rolled through the history and was shocked at the scene.
Most searches was about Hin** Woman- Mus*** Man, Big Mus*** Cocks, Married Hin** Woman Affair, Circumcised Dicks, Pak***ani Men, Interracial Porn (She must be Imagining black as Mus*** and White as Hin**) etc. Even she was a regular visitor of this site.
I was so shocked I keep staring blank at the history for 5 minutes.
I couldn’t believe it.
My Mother, that dominant, conservative, religious, Mus*** hating woman was now fantasizing about and fingering her pussy for Those men’s dicks only.
I goes through her whole history in awe. She has searched all your site for big Mus*** Dicks. I never knew my Mother can do such a thing.
For the past 3 days I have cummed like a dozen times. I was so happy that my fantasy had come true.
I always wanted to see her with Mus*** men having the best sex of her life. Now I get to know she wants it too.
I wanted to talk to her about it but was scared that what if she didn’t like me to do it.
Also I Don’t know she have had those big Mus*** dicks by now or not. I think she haven’t had them yet but she want them badly.

So I wanted you to please post this on Your site and if my mom reads this here encourage her with your powerful words to fulfill her and her son’s fantasy.
Please also share your views on whether she had taken a big Mus*** dick or not and what has led her to your sites and so much change in her.
Also please in the end encourage her to talk to me about it or at least allow me to talk to her about this.
I’m sure if she read this, she will surely know that this is her story (as I have mentioned true names and events in this).

If its true then your mum has fallen in love with muslim cut-cocks and the thought of musalman mard which has overwhelmed and awakened her restrained sexual desires. She was being too hard on the musalmans and was trying so hard to stop something which realistically is not possible to stop (unless h girls are turned into robots), until her bubble burst, and when her bubble burst she found herself overwhelmed and consumed by the powerful musalman lund.
Can’t say if it happened after she took a musalman’s lund in real or just the sight of it was enough for the unique sexual stimulation. She has never been so horny.

10 thoughts on “Need Your Opinions and Suggestions

  1. Hii Jaya.
    I read your story.
    You are having a great life and I wish u all the luck for your future.
    Everyone should have Life like yours.
    As of my Mom, I’m also sure now that she wants a Muslim Dick. She read my post on this site I’m about to post that soon and the aftermath too that happened with me.
    She needs a Muslim man as a Partner not as a husband.
    I’m sure its her wet desires.
    And she definitely don’t wanna get pregnant (as of now) but the thought of it gives a tickle between my legs.

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