Neighbour bhabhi seduced and fucked

My name is Afroz and I am going to narrate a true story between me and my neighbour bhabhi whose name is Kalpana , a mother of two child of 9 and 7 years respectively . I am 28 years old and Kalpana was about 33 years old whitish complexion and average built . As her family is conservative , she always use to wear saree , anklets in her feet and mangalsutra . Her husband is a business man and mostly stays in a different place . She stays there with her children and mother in law .

I was friendly with the family so one day Kalpana asked me to give tuitions to her children . I agreed as I remain free in the the evening and it will be a pastime for me . So the tuitions started on a daily basis . Everything was normal , the children too liked my teachings as I was very friendly . In between the tuition Kalpana always come to serve me coffee and enquire about their studies . In this way , days passed . I had a crush upon Kalpana from the first day I saw her , though she is not very beautiful but she is a perfect housewife and mother . But I couldn’t express my feelings to her as I feared this will ruin my relation with the family .

One day I gave some problems to the children to solve and my mind was filled with all these thoughts . Suddenly Kalpana came to serve tea . Unknowingly , I touched her fingers while taking the cup from her . That was the first feeling I got when I touched her soft fingers . She didn’t react , she just smiled and went out . That day I went home and a burning desire build inside me to fuck her and make her mine . From that day , I used to touch her fingers while taking the tea cup without any reaction from her , but a gentle smile which ignited me more . This went on for some days .

One day I went to her home as usual , Kalpana looked upset when she came to serve me coffee . So I asked , “ What happen Bhabhi ? you are looking sad .” to which she replied , “ Nothing Afroz .” I know something is there and she is not telling me . I didn’t force her at that time . The tuition ended and I called Kalpana on the pretext of discussion her childrens’ study . I asked again about the matter for which she was upset and this time I forced her to tell . On this she started crying and replied , “ afroz , Jatin ( her husband) is having an affair with a girl . I came to know about this today and when I asked him he threatened me to divorce if I create any problem . What I will do now Afroz .” and started crying . I don’t know what to do and tried to console her but she went on crying and didn’t stop . Finding no other way , I hugged her and took her in my arms , and consoled her . I told her , “ Whatever bhaiya did was totally wrong , but you have to be strong , you have to think of the children , I still can’t believe bhaiya did all these . If I am in his place I would never leave a perfect wife like you.” As I said these she looked upon me . I said , “ sorry bhabhi , I couldn’t control my emotions .” and she replied , “ it’s ok.” After that she took my hands in her and said , “ Thank you Afroz , for your support .” I replied , “ Bhabhi it’s my duty , you need not thank me . Just inform me whenever you need me , I will be there always .” And she smiled . After that day we become more close , she started talking to me more than before , and sit beside me while serving me coffee . I always crack jokes and try to make her happy . In this way our bonds become stronger day by day .

One day it was raining and as usual I went to their home to give tuitions . That day her mother in law was not there as she went to her native place so Kalpana sat with me after the tuition . The children went upstairs and started playing . Kalpana sat just beside me . Suddenly a thunder broke out and Kalpana tightly hugged me saying , “Afroz I am afraid of thunder , please hold me .” My joy knew no bound and I too tightly hugged her . We hugged for some time and then we looked into each other’s eyes . I took her face in my hand and kissed her in her cheek . She didn’t tell anything and just closed her eyes . And then I tried to kiss her lips to which she resisted and said , “ It’s wrong Afroz , I am married and mother of two kids . What we are doing is not right .” I replied , “ Bhabhi , whatever bhaiya is doing ,is it all right ? You too should not think much of all these ,you should think of yourself . You too have some needs which bhaiya is not able to fulfil .” She kept mum and looked in my eyes . Tears rolled down her cheek . I took her face and wiped her tears .

And kissed her lips . This time she didn’t resisted and responded to my kiss . She opened her mouth and soon we were sucking each other’s tongue . Suddenly her children came and we had to break our kiss. She again sent them upstairs and asked them to sleep . And then she closed the door . I pulled her towards me and we again started kissing each other for about 15 minutes . I started removing her saree and she is now in blouse and petticoat . I pulled her towards me and again started kissing her lips and also pressing her boobs from above the blouse .She left a soft moan uhhhh…hhhh..ssssss. I started removing her blouse . Suddenly she caught my hand and said , “ Afroz , this is wrong , we should stop it .” to which I replied , “ Bhabhi everything is fine , you need not worry , just enjoy today , I will give you everything which bhaiya failed to give .” Saying so I again started kissing her lips . I removed her blouse and petticoat . I remained speechless after seeing her whitish body . She had small hairs in her legs too which was okay for me as I like women in natural form . I made her lie down and started kissing her body starting from her lips , earlobes , back , chest . Her breathe was getting heavier and heavier . I moved down and kissed her navel and blew air in it . I went further down and kissed her legs and toes . I then went up and planted a kiss in her lips and opened her bra . I was mesmerised to see her lovely boobs . I kept starring for a few minute . I started pressing them hard . Kalpana moaned aahhhhhh….aaffrozz….dheere karo na….aahhhhh…i sucked her milky boobs one by one and also bite her nipples which increased her moanings. I said bhabhi I have never seen such a lovely pairs of boobs . kalpana smiled at me shyly . I again started sucking them . She caught hold of my head and pushed it towards her nipples so that I can take more and more in my mouth . I went down and kissed her navel and blew air in it. I went further down and removed her panty and the loveliest pussy is in front of me covered with small pubic hairs in whitish complexion is simply awesome . I rubbed her pussy slowly and ran my hands along her chubby thighs . She started letting off soft moans . I inserted my middle finger into her pussy . she moaned aaaahhhhh…….hhhhhhh and caught my hand. I further inserted another finger and started moving in and out .

Kalpana moaned ouuuuchhhhh….hhhhhh…aahhhhhhh….ssssssss….. I got down on my knees near the bed and bought my head near the pussy. I kissed her inner thighs. While licking her thighs I went up towards her wet pussy. I put my tongue out and started licking her pussy. I dragged my tongue along the entire pussy and pushed it deep inside her pussy . kalpana is new to all these and started moaning aahhhhhhh…hhhh…ashhhishhh…..ooohhhhhh..sssssss…I took the clit in my mouth and started sucking it. Kalpana was now breathing heavily. She continued moaning at the top of her voice aahhhhhhhh…oohhhhhhh…ssssssssss, and squirted her love nectar . I drank her love juice and waited for her to calm down. I got up and and put her hand in my cock above my underwear . She shyly caught my cock and started rubbing it . She removed my underwear and my 8 inch cock sprang before her . She smiled shyly and started stroking gently . I placed my cock in front of her mouth . She looked at me said , “ I have never done that before .” I replied , “ Bhabhi you will feel good try it once .” She hesitatingly took my cock and kissed the tip . A sensation ran across me . She started licking the whole length of my cock . And then took it inside her mouth . I started stroking it gently inside her mouth till she got used to it . Then I started fucking her mouth and she took my entire cock in her mouth . After sometime I cummed inside her mouth and she drank every single drop of my cum. She came up and we got involved in a deep passionate kiss . I made her lie down and came above her , she smiled at me and agained we kissed each other sucking each tongue .

I positioned my cock near her pussy lips and rubbing it , teasing her . She got restless and said , “ ohhhhh afroz ab mat tadpao , daal do na andar ,uuuffffffff sssssss.” She herself caught hold of my cock and placed it inside her . I started pushing my cock inside her , she gave out a sigh of relief ..uuuuffffffff…….ssssssssss. I pushed my cock further piercing her pussy walls . She cried , “ aahhhhhhh..hhhh afroz it’s too big , it paining…ahhhhh…please take it out ..ooohhhhhh.” i replied , “ Bhabhi it will be ok just calm down .” and gave a final stroke and my whole cock was inside her . I stayed in that position for some time for her pain to recede , we again kissed each other . Her pained receded and she said , “ afroz fuck me now please , give me all the pleasure .” I replied , “ yes bhabhi , you will get all the pleasure .” I started fucking her , slowly at first . She caught hold of the bedsheet and closed her eyes and started moaning aaaahhhhhh…..mmmmmmm…..sssssssssssss……hhhhhhhhh… I said,” Bhabhi open you eyes and look at me .” She opened her eyes and smiled shyly . Suddenly she caught my face and started kissing madly . I started giving her long and hard strokes making her moan loudly . She moaned heavily aaahhhhhhhh…aaffrozz…ohhhhhh….sssssssssssss….i lloovvvee youuu aaffrozz.. i started fucking her even harder , the room filled with her moans and the jingling of her anklets with each thrust i made inside her . I made her to come in all fours and started pumping her from behind . I caught hold of her boobs and started humping her . Kalpana forgot everything else and moan at the top of her voice …aahhhhhhhh..uuhhhhhhhhhh…ssssssssssss…ohhhhhhhhh….Hearing her moan , her child came knock the door and asked what happened ,to which Kalpana replied still moaning and cracked voice “ Nothing beta , bhaiya and I are doing some work , you both play upstairs .” They left and we started fucking , her moan increased with each thrust aaahhhhhhhh…yyessssssssss…ohhhhhhhhhh…mmmmmmmmmm….Her mangalsutra was dangling in the air . I again made her lie down on her back and came on top of her . I again inserted my cock inside her and started pumping her hard and fast. She moaned heavily aaahhhhhhhhh…..oohhhhh…sssssssssssss…..and shouted meri hone wali hai…aahhhhhhh..ohhhhhh and she got her orgasm …….she shivered like a snake .I stopped for a while till she came back from her orgasm . I started pumping her again.

She moaned aaaaaahhhhh..oohhhhhhhh..uuuuuhhhhhhhh…ssssssssssss…… My cock began to grow inside her . I said to her , “bhabhi mera hone wala hai , kaha dalu .” She replied at once , “ mere andar dal do . Mujhe mehsoos karni hai .” I pumped even harder . She screamed uuuuchhhhhhhhhh….ssssssssssssss…aaahhhhhhhh..ohhhhhhhhhhhooooooo…..I too groaned aaahhhhhhh…bhaaaabhiiii and released my cum inside her . She embraced me in a tight hug and we kissed passionately and said , “ I love you afroz , you made me complete , i am yours from now .” I replied , “ I will always keep you happy.” We remained like that for some time and I took out my cock inside her .After sometime she got up from the bed wore her clothes and went to the bathroom , I too followed her and closed the door from inside . She looked at me , smiled and asked ,” Darwaza bandh kyun kar diya?” I smiled and replied , “ Abhi khatam kaha hua .” to which she smiled shyly . I went closed to her , took her face and started kissing madly . She put her hand inside my underwear , took it out and started stroking hard . I made her face the wall and pulled her saree up till her waist and made her bent a little . I opened her blouse hooks and bra and made her boobs free. I took my cock and entered her pussy in one stroke . She let a soft moan aahhhhhh..oouusssscchh…I started stroking her gently and she started moaning aaahhhhhh…uuhhhhhh.ssssssssss . After some time i increased my speed and started fucking her hard while pressing her boobs . She started moaning heavily aaahhhhhhhhh..ohhhhhh….aahhhhhhhh…yyssssssssss…..uhhhhhhhh….affroozzzz…..yooouu aaree amazzinggg . I nneedd iittt alwayssss ahhhhhhh..ohhhhhhh…uhhhhhhhhh…I too groaned aahhhh bhabbhii I will fuck you always aaahhhhhh…We continued fucking like this for about 20 minutes . She moaned louder aahhhhhhh..oohhhhhhhh…aaffroozzz…uugghhhhhhh . I cummed inside her again . She turned herself and we again kissed each other madly . I then came out and she took bath . She served me a cup of tea and I left after invoving in a passionate kiss . That day she again called me for dinner .she cooked some delicious dishes . after dinner she put her children to sleep and came and sat by me . I was about to leave when she hold my hand and asked me to stay with her .I caressed her hair and kissed her lips . I took her to the guest room and closed the door . i pulled her towards me and kissed her lips , and slowly removed her clothes. She was in her bra and panty . I started kissing chicks,nose,eyes and licked her ear lobes. Now I went down and started licking her neck . Kalpana started moaning MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm OoooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooHHHHhhhhhh SSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssss cccccccccccCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssss . Then slowly I moved down and reached her panty.

I caught hold of the side of her panty and gave a good pull.The elastic of the panty tore and flung away with sound. She was completely nude infront of me,only she was wearing her mangal sutra and payal with sindoor in her forehead .. I caught hold of Kalpana’s both flabby fair soft thighs and pushed it apart .I started sucking her pussy . As I was sucking,I inserted my hard long black middle finger in madam’s milky pussy and touched her gspot. Right then madam couldnt control any more and started moaning at the top of her voice Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh..Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh..Ooohhhhhhh..yeaaahhhh…esssssssssss.. ..Oooooooohhhhhhhhh yeaaahhhhh..karoooooo….. Oohhhhh. Uuuummmmmm Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh..Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Noooooooo…uuuuuuuuuuuuuuUuuuffffffffff..AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa..AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa..AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa..HHAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa..oooooooooooooooo…and she cummed directly on my face . I waited till she calmed down and kissed her lips again .I made her kneel down and took my cock to her mouth .She kissed the tip of my cock and took the entire length in her mouth. I started pushing in and out .I held her hair in one hand and by other hand I held her face up by her chin.Oh it was a great view,as kalpana’s thick sexy lips with red lipstick on them wrapped my thick penis . I kept pumping . She was making sounds from her throat like gargaling..Ghhrrrrrr ggghhhhRRrrrrr Huuuaaaakkkkk GGGhhhhhrrrrrr…….I was about to cum and started fucking her mouth fast . I cummed in her mouth and she swallowed every drop . I moved up and kissed her lips while she stroke my cock .My cock again got straight .i made her lie down and positioned my cock near her pussy . I pushed my cock inside her . She started screaming in pain oOOOOOOOOoooooooo AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OOOooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo AAAAAAAAHHhhhhhh!!!! I increased my speed abit . She started humping and started moaning and screaming loudly in passion Hooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh sssssssssssssshhhhhhh Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ooooooo oooohhhhhhh Oooooooooooooooooyesssssssssssssssssssssssss AAAAaaaaAaaaaaahhhhhh. Ohhhhh. Karroooo….. Oohhhhh. Uuuummmmmm. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Noooooooo….Plzzzzzzzzzz.Oh Noooooooo. Aahhhhhhhh. Ooohhhh Yeahhhhh.Teezzzz….aahhhh…..TTezzz….. Ohhh No. Ohhhh No… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nehiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. While I was pumping her and licking her neck,I took my tongue up and inserted my tongue in her left ear. She got a huge orgasm and squirted hot juices on my cock.Ohh she squirted a lot. She was shiverring like a malaria patient and screaming in top of her voice OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTSSSSSSSSSSSSSS THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC…… She was letting out lots of juices,her pussy started letting out sounds chaap chaap chaap chaap by each of my strocks..While fucking,I bent down and started sucking her erect nipples one after the other.Soon she was moaning & started rolling her heads from side to side.I felt her pussy walls started contracting on my penis.I realized she was again about to cum . She was cumming twice this time,I loved it.I kept on pumping,Kalpana was moaning……..OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo EEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhsHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…….Right there Kalpana again started shiverring and her pussy was badly pulsating and she arched in my arms and cummed with a big splash on my cock. Just as kaplana’s hot juices flowed over my penis,the feeling was so incredible that it was unbearable and I was absolutely ready to cum.I never got such feelings,my two huge balls twingled,and my penis bacame stiff. In pleasure I gasped “Oh darling I am about to cum.. ”to which kalpana replied …..andar he dal dooo…ahhhhhh….essssssssss…..oohhhhhhhh. I started pumping her very fast & within next few seconds I exploded deep inside her pussy.I spermed a lot .It was the greatest feeling of my life.I had never cummed in that amount.
As I discharged she arched high up from the ground and gasped loudly OOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooo and she held me tightly.She raised both her legs straight up in the air above my head.Her pussy clenched my cock with great pressure and she also reached her third orgasm on my cock.As she squirted she screamed on top of her voice “AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAA….WWWWOOOOO..HHHOOOOOO..uuuuuuuuuuUuuuffffffffff uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuffffffffffffffffffff..AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa..AAAaaa . She closed her eyes and shivered tremendously . She settled after some time and caught my face with both of her soft palms and started kissing my nose,face and licking my lips passionately.I also started kissing her passionately . We kissed eachother a lot,and both were totally satisfied.

I then got up,and took my cock out of her pussy.As I took my cock out,I saw my cum mixed with her juices popped out . She smiled shyly and hugged me tightly . We slept like that in each other arms caressing each other . From that day we fuck daily . Sometimes I stay in their house at night when no one is there and we fuck whole night . Kalpana got pregnant with my child . Everyone thinks it was Jatin’s but Kalpana and I know the reality . She delivered a boy . This time she got operated . And after some days we continued our affair . She remain happy nowadays and always satisfied and as before we enjoy fucking always after the tuitions and whenever we get chance we fuck whole night too .Any bhabhi , ladies or girls who want a secret relation or a extramarital affair or not satisfied with husband or for sexchats and also review and comment can contact me at [email protected] . Privacy guaranteed.

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