New Trend

I was the 1st person catch the trend of educated and high class married hindu wives having secret affairs with uneducated muslim men from lower classes like drivers, tailors, puncture walas etc. Most of the time it was with the consent of their educated rich hindu husbands and sometimes in secret from them. Hindu men like me accepted the reality and allowed their wives to enjoy big cut cocks of strong and rough muslim studs, even have these muslims breeding hindu wives with their children than see wife running away with muslims an make it public that hindu men can’t satisfy their wives. Everybody wins from this arrangement.

Hindu wife gets big cut powerful muslim cocks and enjoys these real men
Muslim lover gets another hindu female to breed children from their powerful sperm
Hindu husband gets to keep his family (wife and children) and not become news articles when wife run away with muslim studs like this

Now there is another trend. Even in gay world, demand of cut muslim cocks has risen. Gay men know muslims can have multiple wives hence many are now after muslim cocks, some have even changed sex to get pleasure of cut mushroom headed cocks.

muslim cut mullah

Smart muslim men on the other hand are utilizing the gay love. Not only they get a free cocksucker, they also ask their gay slaves to get married. Many gays are now obeying muslim studs, marrying women with prior information and girls agree to this kind of lifestyle where they marry these gay in public but in private enjoy powerful muslim men. Once in a while these gays also get to enjoy these big muslim cocks

6 thoughts on “New Trend

  1. aajkal hindu boyz bhi girls se taal milakar muslim lund ko chusta hai, isme sharm ki koi baat nehin, kuch hindu ladke mera lund chusa jo ki almost ladkio jaisa accha tha, its fun to make hindu boyz suck dick infront of their gf/wife.

  2. I donno if its new trend but something similar happened with me about 2 years back. My hindu bf introduced me to his muslim business partner named Suleman. He would leave me alone with Suleman quite often. Much later after I fell for Suleman’s charm I found I was suppose to be a gift from my ex. Not that I minded it then and have been dating muslim men from that time.

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