Newly wedded house wife fucked by boss

Hi to all my lovely readers, my name is Praveen my age is 27 and I got married recently to a beautiful homely girl named GAYATHRI(my beautiful gayathri heroine of our story). Her age is 23 fresh out of college and she is really lovely she has an amazing body of 34-26-36. She is a virgin till marriage and she loves me a lot and she lost her virginity to me on our 1st night. She is from a poor family but likes to shop and spend a lot but to her disappointment I am from below middle class family settled in Bangalore with a takehome of 35k which is just enough(may be less than what a OLA driver earns in bangalore) to get on with our lives in Bangalore, I was waiting for onsite chance to earn some quick bucks but opportunity is not knocking me. After 4 weeks of our marriage luckily my onsite counterpart was blessed with a baby boy and he wanted to return back to india and settle here, so I wanted to use this chance to go to germany. Next day he came back and gave us a lavish party to all my wife gayathri got dressed in a white saree with silver borders and sleeveless blouse and for jewellery she wore a simple gold chain with a pendant ending just at her cleavage and silver bangles on her hand and a silver chain to her waist and she was the show toper in the part and everyone in the party wanted to talk to her. I introduced her to my boss praneeth(I will describe about him later but he is the villan who is gonna fuck my pretty beauty gayathri) he looked at her hungrily as if he wanted to eat her. He tried to initiate a talk with her but my conservative wife didn’t respond too well for him to take any advantage. He got disappointed.But some how it excited me after the party we went back home and made some nice love making and slept well like babies cuddling ech other.
Next day morning I wanted to talk to praneeth regarding the onsite vacancy available. But luckily he only called me to his cabin and said 5 names were being considered but only one can go to onsite he said to me and said he said he would highly recommend my name and said me to wait for his call in the evening.
I know he was the finalizing authority but he was postponing I didn’t understand about his call but till the end of the day I was waiting for his call . at 5.00 pm the call came and he asked me to come to his cabin . he said “Praveen I recommended u r name and your name will be finalized but u have to do me a favour or else I will withdrew u r name and also u know appraisal is coming “ and I asked him whats the favour he said “I want to spend one night with gayathri u convince u r wife and u both can be on a trip to germany for 2 years. I immediately said I cant do this but he threatened me that he wii remove me from the job. Then I said I need some time and came home that night and made wild love with gayathri and she was in a good mood after love making session we had I slowly said her the proposal. She staright away rejected the proposal and went to hall to sleep. I think she cried all night, in the morning I silently went to office and came back, in the night she asked me what happens if we reject the offer, I said we will loose the job and with the present market position I will not be able to find a new job and we have to go back to our village she didn’t like that idea and asked me will I love her as the same even after sleeping with the boss. I said nothing will change between us and I will love u more my baby then she said she will do it but only one time that to only with condom. I immediately called my boss to say the same. When I said that she is ready he asked me to handover the phone to her they talked for 20 mins and finally her took her number and kept the phone.
I will tell about my boss. He is a tamilian at 6’3 inches ht and 98 kgs weight looks like a monster and He hits gym regularly maintaining a steady wt and shape and talk in ofc is that he is a big womaniser and even married women are having relationship with him because if his big dick and his stamina in the bed.
When I asked her about the conversation she said he will be coming this Saturday and wanted her to be ready by getting waxed all over the body and he said not to make love to me until Saturday which is 4 days from that day. She was really afraid to have sex with him bcoz he was like a bull and she used ro cry at nights and i used to hug her and console her. So all the 4 days we didn’t make any love and on Saturday she went to a beauty parlour and got herself waxed . she had a headbath and wore a pinkcolor bra and Panty and then she put on her blouse and petticoat and wrapped her saree perfectly below her navel.blouse was sleeveless she put on her makeup she was looking extremely sexy. She wore bangles and payal to her legs and maang tikka on her fore head The boss came at 8’o clock I ordered food from online I made him sit in sofa and asked gayathri to come she was really shy to face him. When he saw her he was amazed at her beauty and hugged her tightly and gave her a small kiss on her cheeks and asked her to sit beside her. When I saw gayathri I was shocked because she was not wearing her mangalsutra.(later I came to know that praneeth didn’t want her to wear it when she is with her). She was really afaid of him and did what ever he told over phone.
He was doing a small talk with her and my boss ordered me to serve the food on the dining table I obeyed is order and served the food and when I came back to call them pranneth was kissing my beautiful wife and he was sucking her lips. Instead of getting angry I got a hardon seeing gayathri getting kissed. When they saw me they broke the kiss and my boss casually asked me for lungi I gave him a lungi. He sat at the dining table along with my wife and asked me to serve the food. With no other option I served them the food they ate very litely after finishing the dinner my boss went to our bedroom my wife came back saying sorry and kissed me on my cheeks and asked me to have dinner and sleep in the hall as she is going to lock the bedroom door. She said goodnight to me and came near to my ears and said ur boss is going to have me in the same bed where i lost my virginity to you and where we dialy make love. Saying this she touched my penis which was raging with hardon and pinched it and left into the room. I couldnot control my anxiety and went to our bedroom window on the back side where I could clearly see and here. My beautiful newly wedded housewife with in weeks of our marriage is inside my bedroom with my boss getting ready to get fucked
In the bedroom
I saw her coming through the attached batroom and my boss was sitting on the bed.she came near him and sat beside him.she was really shy like a new bride and kept her head down. She was so small infront of him. My boss took her head looked into her eyes and said u r really beautiful and kissed her on her forehead . my wife in shy asked him to turnoff the lights but he rejected saying he want to enjoy the beauty in light and kissed her lips . she was not responding that much but slowly she was getting excited. He kissed her lips for 15 mins sucking all the juice by the end of kissing he explored her entire mouth with his tongue. He was so black and my pretty wife was so fair and he was sucking her pink lips with his ugly black lips sucking the juice out of them. He slowly came down kissed her neck removed her pallu and kissed her cleavage she was moaning in excitement he pressed her boobs above her blouse and was amazed with the size quickly ripped her blouse apart and tore her bra with his bull strength and started sucking her boobs. He was going crazy with her boobs so Is she, holding his head and asking him to suck more and more.My lovely wife begging him to suck more was making me horny and I pulled my jockey down and hold my penis in my hand and started shagging.After 30 mins of assault on her boobs he came down and played with her navel with his tongue while his hands removed her petticoat.My boss came down and felt the smotheness of her thighs and kissed her thighs and moved above and kissed her pussy. She felt shy and turned around.
Now, her Awesome Ass was exposed in front of my boss. He was lustfully staring at her Ass…he was mad for Ass. Boss bent down and planted a soft kiss on her left butt cheek. Suddenly, a current ran across Gayathri’s whole body, she felt a sensation. He then kissed on her right butt cheeks. Gayathri was now getting more hornier. Her buttocks were her most sensitive part of her body. She still had her eyes closed. Her nipples were hard and erected. Boss knew, Gayathri also needed a hard fuck. But, he didn’t wanted to force her, he wanted her to submit willingly, so that both could enjoy this special night.Boss then pulled her panty at ass crack and inserted his 2 fingers in her pussy from behind. She was already wet down there. Boss knew that the bitch is now ready. He then started stroking her pussy with more speed and more vigorously. She started moaning softly. Boss increased more speed, more juices started flowing from cunt. Boss removed his fingers and looked towards her. She was breathing heavily…moaning loudly..uh.uh.uh.uh.uh……!!!
Boss caught her panty strings and pulled it down to her knees. Gayathri too lifted her leg and allowed Boss to completely pull out her red panty. Boss holded her waist and turned her around to face him straightly..!! The lust was completely seen on her face. Boss then planted a kiss on her pinkish pussy which had liitle hairs around it! Juices were flowing from her cunt. Boss put his face in her pussy and started licking it a mad chap. she shivered for a second with his fingers he widened her love tunnel and inserted her tongue into the pussy.(gayathri never allowed me for oral but now she is begging for more) she pulled his head more into her love tunnel.meanwhile his hands were exploring her boobs taking her to new heights of sex and she was moaning uncontrollably
He love the taste of juiced flowing out from women’s body. He was madly licking her pussy. There were no words spoken, only actions were performed. Gayathri was now enjoying the joy, given by Boss’s licking, she was loving it,She had now made her decision to completely submit her body to Boss and enjoy fucking. She was fully ready and made her body free to Boss, to do anything with her, what he desires to do. Boss got a green Signal from his dream fucking queen and he readily lifted her and took her to bed. He sat down, made her legs wide open and again started licking her pussy!!Gayathri was now enjoying with full freedom. She was loving Boss’s touch, its feel, it was making her more and more horny and she reached her orgasm in 3 mins.(gayathri is always a horny girl and gets excited easily).
After the heavy orgasm she closed her eyes and slept for few mins on the bed meawhile he kissed her again and woke up to remove his lungi and shirt. I was shocked when I saw his cobra it was around 7.5 iches and 2 inches think which is huge when I compare with my 4 inch and 1 inch thick cock. Seeing the cock I know it will tear her pussy apart. After removing his clothes he came back to her and woke her up and took her head into his lap and kissed her . his dick was right beside her face and it was equal to her face length slowly she recovered from her heavy orgasm and kissed him back. He guided her hands towards the dick and she was amazed with the size and she without asking kissed his dick showing her lover for that dick. He made her kneel on the ground and he sat on the bed and guided her mouth towards the dick (she never even kissed my dick now she is getting ready to suck it). She opened her pink lips and took the head of his dick into her mouth and started sucking it really stretched her lips and she was finding it difficult but my boss was pushing his dick slowly into her mouth with in 3 mins he kept almost 5inches of his dick into her mouth and started fucking it like a dog .gayathri was not able to breathe and saliva was oozing from her mouth and she was looking like a bitch in heat . seeing my wife fucked in her mouth like this I reached my orgasm and I cummed heavily on wall.
My boss fucked my wife’s mouth for another 2 mins and he pulled the dick out from her mouth and asked her to come on to bed.
He took her in missionary position.Gayathri stopped him and asked him to wear a condom but my boss said he wont like condom but she insisted and pulled one out from the side and tried to wear to the big cock of my boss but the condomes I used were small size and he needed an xl sized condome so she gave it up with out any hesitation. my boss widened gayathri legs and started rubbing his dick on her pussy walls she again got horny and asked my boss to fuck and but he was not fucking and he was enjoying her begging. She became so horny and tried to keep his dick into her pussy with her hand seeing her desperation he asked her will u be my slut? She immediately said yes boss I will be your slut please fuck me. But he still rubbed her pussy and asked will u come to me with out saying to u r husband to get fucked by me when he is in office. Gayathri said yes boss I will cheat my husband whenever u ask please fuck me boss. Boss still continued” will fuck my friends?” .Gayathri replied” I will fuck u r frnds if u ask me to”. Will you do what ever I ask. Gayathri replied yes boss I will do anything I promise please take me now. With the promise boss slowly kept his dick inside her pussy immediately she shouted in pain. My boss said u r really tight as virgin how Is u r hubbys cock. She said its like a schoolkid dick. He didn’t even properly broke my virginity.
So he said get ready now then and he forcefully entered all his dick and she cried in pain and blood came from her pussy which is more than the blood that came out when she lost her virginity. My boss let gayathri take some rest and kissed her on her ears. And whispered her saying he is now her real husband and she laughed with his husky talks. He slowly started pumping my wife with small strokes she was moaning with pain and pleasure . my boss dick completely filled my wife’s pussy .boss started pumping her slowly allowing her to adjust to the width and length of the cock , with the passing time pain subsided and she started enjoying the cock and with every stroke of my boss she also pushed her ass to enjoy the cock. Sensing the moment my boss started giving long and hard strokes taking her to another world .my wife started moaning loudly”aaaah aaaaah yaaaaaaaa” and kissed him on his face. My boss increased his pace and started fucking her hard making her moan in pleasure. After 5 mins he stopped and made her into doggy style and entered her from rare side. My boss got crazy on seeing her ass and slapped her ass at his will and fucked her with his big dick while my mife was moaning crazily.

Boss was fucking Gaythri and she was totally enjoying it. A Sati-Savitri wife now was turned into a fucking hot bitch. Gayathri was in the top most level of excitation, she was breathing heavily, shouting and moaning loudly. She was behaving like cheap little street whore ,fucking with my boss, without any fear whatso ever.Boss, too was on high fulfilling his dream to fuck this bitch, Gayathri. He was in no mood to stop, and so was Gayathri. He kept on banging her hard. He just fucked, fucked and fucked ,for almost an hour. Soon, Gayathri had her first orgasm, it was the biggest she ever had in her life. She was first time feeling fully satisfied, but by a man, who was not her husband. He pulled his penis back and his semens were all over Gayathri’s body, including her face. She was loving it being treated like a street whore.Both, Boss and Gayathri were drained out and exhausted after time, long fucking session. But, Boss was again ready in next 15 mins, so was Gayathri. Boss kept on fucking her for furher 30 min. Gayathri was having the time of her life.
It was almost 3 am in night. Boss and Gayathri, had 4 fucking sessions and 3 orgasm, in this Epic fucking encounter. They were tired and layed naked itself on the bed. Both were fully satisfied and had the best time with each others company. Boss took Gayathri in his arms and gave a passionate kiss to Gayathri. Boss saw a emotional feel in Gayathri’s eye.
Boss took her in his arms and slept together, nude, like a husband and wife..!!!
The queen was now of the Devil…!!!!!
Next day..!! It was morning, sun had already rised. Boss and Gayathri, were still in bed, in each others arm After seeing their tiring fucking session and continuously i stroked my dick to 6 orgasms i slept their outside on the listeniing to the banging session of my wife, Gayathri, at the hands of Boss Praveen, from outside. I woke up first Soon, Boss’s eyes opened. The first sight he saw was, his fucking queen, Gayathri, lying naked beside him, covered with only a white sheet. The portion of her body, which was only covered was her Awesome Ass, the rest was fully exposed. The sunlight falling on her body was making her more beautiful. Boss got close to her and planted a soft kiss on her cheeks. She was still in deep sleep. He got closer and started kissing her naked back. She was feeling something and was about to wake up. Boss then kissed her fleshy thighs till her toe.
Gayathri (in half sleep): oh leave me dear i am tired i wanna sleep..!!
But boss has other ideas. Now, Boss’s eyes were fixed on only onething, Gayathri’s Awesome Ass. He pulled away the sheet, which were covering her buttocks. Boss was getting mad looking at those soft pieces of mass.I always loved her lovely ass and wanted too fuck her ass hole but she allowed me. Her ass cheeks were shinning in early morning sunlight. Boss placed his hands on her Ass and started massaging it. Gayathri was feeling that even in her sleep and soon she was awake and up. She saw Boss looking at booties in mischievious way.
Gayathri: you naughy boss …! How come and u my baby are awake so early…
(Refering my boss dick as baby was new level from gayathri who is innocent wife till yeaterday and i never expected it from her.)
Boss: baby…I again want to make love to you..!!
Gayathri: oh no baby… pussy is still soaring from that last night assault…i can’t take it..!!
Boss: who the hell want to fuck ur pussy..???
Gayathri (confused): then.???? what??
Boss didn’t reply and kept staring at her booties. She was quick to understand , what he was upto.
Gayathri (fearfully): No baby…u can’t think that..!!!
She kept saying No to him.
Boss ( with a devilish smile): yes honey….yes…yes…yes..!!
Gayathri: No honey…I can’t take that big tool in my Ass..pls honey..!!
Boss had made his mind, and was in no mood to listen her.
Boss: don’t worry honey…it will be fun..!!
Saying Boss lifted Gayathri and took her to bathroom. Both were already nude since, last night. Boss started the shower and started playing with Gayathri’s godly body and her divine boobies. Water started falling on her naked body making her look more hot. Boss started licking her all over, her neck, tits, belly, navel, back, thighs,legs and all. he was eating her every inch.
Then Boss held her head and ordered Gayathri to suck his cock. She immediately accepted his order like a obidient wife, bent down on her knees and started sucking Boss’s cock. It was too big for her mouth,but she still kept sucking it like a lollipop. She loved sucking it till, Boss’s cock was hard rock and ready for the real game.
Boss asked Gayathri to get ready and position herself to take Boss’s dick in her Awwsome tight virgin Ass..!!
Gayathri bent a bit against the bathroom wall and was ready to take in. Boss took his cock in hand and slowly slowly inserted it in Gayathri’s Awesome ass. He kept stroking but wasn’t successful. The lubrication was providid by water itself. Boss kept on trying, trying and trying but suddenly a big noise came.
The noise was nothing but pain of Gayathri, when took Boss’s penis inside her Tight Awesome Ass..!!
Boss’ dick was inside Gayathri’s Awesome Ass. He increased speed and started penetrating it to and fro. She lost her anal virginity
Gayathri was cryin in pain.
Gayathri: ah…..ah………ah…….slowly Boss….i’ll die…..ah…..!!
She moaning and shouting like a hell, it was her first time in Anal sex.
Boss: i know baby u can…!! Just take the pain for some time, then you will start to enjoy..!!
Boss ket stroking faster and soon he was all in..!
Gayathri: ah…………..OMG….OMG…..ah..shhhhh!
Boss (smiling): look i told you,…you can take it…….its done..!!
Boss kept stroking and now Gayathri was over the pain, enjoying the pleasure of Anal sex..!!
They did it for 15 mins and Gayathri was all exhausted. Boss knew she is done, so he didn’t force her being her first Anal sex.
Boss washed himself and Gayathri and stepped out of the bathroom. Gayathri was still in pain and completely drained out. She walked towards bed again to have a small nap and soon she was to sleep. While Boss dressed himself and walked out of the bedroom.
He came to me and smiled u have awesome wife praveen. Get ready for the onsite.

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