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Origin and rise of interfaithxxx

If we take history into the account with regards to India then interfaithxxx began when the mighty musalmans entered India and coupled with Hindu women, a fact which is well established.

If we forget history and talk about the present era then what are the roots of this community blog how did it come into existence.
It came into existence as an idea not something new but which always existed in the minds, something which is too tabooish to talk about but it is the future as this is just the beginning. This idea cannot be killed it didn’t begin with this website and it will not end if this websites vanishes.

This site came into existence in 2014, it happened so prior to 2014 we saw many communities where hindu men having fantasies about seeing their women getting fucked by muslim men. First time it was Orkut where we came across one such community. That time orkut was more popular than facebook. Did some deeper research on the subject and found hundreds of communities on the topic on orkut. That time it was quite prevalent on yahoo groups also, its another thing that no one uses yahoo groups now. There were many such groups like this at that time managed to find one such group  if you check the date it dates back to 2011 much before this website came into existence.
Such topics were also discussed on google groups at that time I remember google groups was quite popular and facebook was not so popular as it is now. This dates back to 2008!msg/soc.culture.pakistan/On5jf9CsLm0/8IWj_wJXEpgJ
There were many topic like these floating around which with the course of time either got deleted or lost. Also there were many blogs like these

With the rise of facebook google groups, orkut and yahoo groups became less and less popular and also the internet users in India increased with time.

And this replicated on facebook and twitter on a much larger scale as you can see here

Why not open such a community. When this blog came into existence within a month the reception was overwhelming, the user base was quite good that too without any paid advertising which we have never done, it seemed as if thousands of people were just waiting for it.

facebook hindu sex

The powerful muslmani Cock, almost seems as if it has proved itself. The Muslim cock is now spreading in the west as well.

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  1. Loool. Just thought I’d say this site is bullshit. Just like any site that promotes one race over another. But I guess everyone has fantasies no matter how weird lol.

  2. yeah u r right this site is run just to degrade hindu girls and full of fake stories amd other bullshits

  3. sonali bisht i know who really u r comone to facebook

    • u dont know me and i dont like using Facebook

      • Sonali, if this site is full of fake stories and other bullshit, you shouldn’t be here. The fact that you returned back to this site to reply Zain gives contradictory impression.

        Relax and enjoy the feeling of submission….

        • come on anjali do u believe post of this sites… its mostly to degrade hindu girls amd make muslim man feel like they are the best…

          i have no problem with interfaith relationship but the way this site show is just wrong

          • Thats your opinion. One man’s medicine is another man’s poison. If it offends you you shouldn’t be here. Period.

        • This is erotic website @ Anjali and this is not real either just truth bent to make it more perverted and erotic. I like visiting it sometime but I am also aware of reality.

  4. i am not saying its offend me i am saying its fake and bullshit only to degrade hindu girls..
    and that my opinion

    • The irony is that this sonali bisht from last 1 and a half year keeps coming back on this website to check out the fake bullshit oh she is addicted can’t stay away…. and everything is not fake those thousands of users on social media who like it not everyone is fake many hindu girls too like the content. You can call it fake to make urself feel better.

    • The irony is that this sonali bisht from last 1 and a half year keeps coming back on this website to check out the fake bullshit oh she is addicted can’t stay away…. and everything is not fake those thousands of users on social media who like it not everyone is fake many hindu girls too like the content. You can call it fake to make urself feel better.
      In 2014 she is the same girl.
      May be u should stop coming here but its too hard for u stop urself.. You will soften up with time you are a young college going girl with a lot of garmi. Dont feel guilty just surrender.

  5. Nobody is degrading anyone @ sonali , its just sometimes in sex people like it rough , all that is being said is hindu grls r better than Muslim grls at it , its a compliment , of course i see it that way

  6. Sonali haramzadi baki sab hindu ladkiyon ki tarah is site pe apni choot mein ungli karne aati’s ok sonali..u can embrace d truth

  7. sonali bisht
    come here [email protected]

    i will tell u whats the fantasy of interfathxxx

  8. If anyone want to fuck my gf then kik me on mikky8394.

    • @sudha…. U need not worry…. There r many of us around here…. Who feel ashamed and embarrassed when we hear or see suchthings yet get wet just thinking about it… We crave musalmani attention… There r no doubts in my mind anymore… And it is only liberating to be set free by the truth…. And this is the truth…. We may not agree with it or like it… Yet we keep coming back to it… We crave for updates..
      The updates don’t come as fast as our desires do…. And that is the truth…

  9. I am Hindu girl feel shame reading the contents of this site but regularly come this site.
    Main Hindu Brahmin Larkin hu . Is site me musalmani ladko Mardo ki, unke musalmani khatna kiye hue Katuwa Lund ki , mardangi ki tareef hoti hai, Hindu ladkiyon females ko sexy ashleel titles jaise whore slut randi breeding womb , hot-bitches , dete / kahte hai, Aisha kah kah kar muslim cock ke liye atraction hota hai, mujhe ye padh kar badi sharam lagti hai , lekin mujhe achchha lagta hai. Mai yaha regularly aati hu. …

  10. Thanks imtiaz Ahmad , aapne mujhe rani kaha, mujhe apni raani banane ke qaabil samjha, itna regard Diya . Jaldi comment Bheja. Kya email me reply doge? Kya chahoge? Apne bare me aor hinduino ke bare me aisi titles sexy words path kar sharam lagti hai. Lekin ye kuchh sachchi bhi lag time hai. Kaise ye sab ………..

  11. sudha Didi ye such he

  12. Hi muje bhi karo naaa

  13. sonali bisht is pregnant by a muslim uncle

  14. Lol… tum or tumhare uncle ka obsession kabhi katam hoga

    • Congatulations sonali for having / imprenanting by muslim seed . Saving , feeding muslim beej in your lucky womb, please tell your email ID we may chat / contact. Hame bhi kuchh batao sabse chhupa ke kab kisase kaise pet fulwaya ? Bada taqatvar Khatna kiya hua Muslim Laonda aor powerful beej raha hoga.

      • I m not pregnant

        • Hey u wanna chat? Email [email protected] , no ulterior motive , just as frnds or kik me jakhare69

        • Wow ye avik aise hi kahta hai. Mai ye samadhi thi ki aap apne man pasand Muslim friends se apne ko pregnant kar wane ke liye sex kar rahi hongi, Kya aap direct chat nahi chahti? Yaha sabhi fake nahi lagta, sahi bhi hai. Bahut si females muslims ka le chuki hai aor leti hai, jo katuwe Lund ka taste le chuki wo Muslim ki praise hi karti hai, koi use degrade nahi karti, Kai to Muslims se Khub pyaar paakar aor ise padhkar Muslims se chudwana bhi chahne lagi hai……. Females ke batane se lagta hai ki Lund me khatna hone ke bad sex me change aa jata hai. Muslims hinduniyo ko chodkar proud feel karate hai, hinduo ko degrade karte feel hote hai. Is site me koi Muslim females nahi udifkhti.. Yaha ye padhkar ki unhe randi raand bitch kahte, unko pregnant karke , unhe Hindu wHore in Heat kahte unke womb se maximum muslim breeding karate, sharam to feel hoti hai. Ye jankar proud feel Hota hai ki Hndu girls in muslimo ko bahut sundar sexy heat me hi rahnewali chut ki
          owner , fertile womb ki hoti hai jo breeding ke liye pasand karte hai. Sabhi apni concent se hi inko deti hai. Koi male Muslim girls ki tareef nahi karta…. Ye to hidu females ke liye proud ki baat hai !!!!!! I like u ki aap yaha aati hai aor apne comments deti hai..

  15. Sonali bisht ko koi bhi importance nhi deta hai isliye wo aakar aise cmts karti hai taaki usse importance mile 😉 :v lolz cntrl sonali cntrl

    • She says this site is fake and bullshit and its only degrade Hindu girls. But she visits this site more often than all of us looking at her comments. So hypocritical. Probably doing it to attract more Muslim men.

  16. Syria aur Iraq ke mua immigrants ko India mein bhi bulana chahiye 😉

    • absolutely correct rahul! hum sab hindu ladkiyaan bhi kabse yahi chaahti aur sochti hain! lekin bas kehti nahi hain! ghazwe ki taraf woh ek bohot accha kadam hoga… hum hindu ladkiyo ki asli pyaas unn syrian muslim refugees se hi bujh sakegi…. kitne jhund mein aaate hain woh log aur toh aur europe mei dekho… jhund ka jhund ek hi ladki ke saath aisa aisa karta hai ke woh khud hi ghutne tek deti hain unke islamic lund ke saamne!

  17. anjali true abhi attention to nhi milrahi hai sonali ko

    Sudha dil jeetliya apne Sonali ka 😉

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  20. kuchh log bolte hain akhir Muslim Lund ki napak chamdi kyu hatate hain?main unse puchhta hu kya ap cleaning ke liye nails nhi cut karte?ap Ku nhi nails ko naturally badhne dete?bcz that dirtiness will cause infections.Aj jese puri duniya ki females saf clean open supada like kar rahi hain usse ye prove hota hai ki Muslims ki har baat me attraction hota hai chahe WO beard ho ya Muslim Lund [email protected] n fb id

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