Hindu Dick And Bad Smell

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As opposed to cut-clean muslim rods, its very common for H!ndu dicks to have bad odor.Sometimes it even smells as bad as a rotten fish. With my current muslim boyfriend I can pull his dick out and blow him anywhere. I like to do it while he is driving.I am posting this because I am […]


How do Hindu husband feels as a cuckold?

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Full Incident Of Hindu Wife’s Affair With Musalman- Increasing Number Of Hindu Husbands Are Accepting Their Wife’s Affairs I have decided to give an anonymous answer to protect the identity of the person I am speaking about. My story is not a case of me cuckolding an Indian wife, it’s more a case of an […]


Parking Area me machi dhoom Part 2

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Pichle bhag se aage… Main uski ankho me dekh kr muskurah di or uske underwear ko niche krne lagi. Uska lund puri tarah se tight ho rakha tha ko underwear ko aasani se niche nhi jane de rha tha. Jese hi mene halka sa jor lgaya uska lund uchal kr shide mere muh ko lga […]


Beautiful Hindu Girl and Musalman

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Hboys these days are seriously concerned about so many hindu girls on tiktok romancing with musalman mards. Brahmin hindu girl Priya Shukla and musalman Preeti Chawala with musalman With Amir Arab With Ajaz Khan who is an expert in seducing hindu girls Amir Arab musalma and Chawla ki ladki Sexy hindu girl Neha Singh bhi […]