Interfaith Love Story

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Hi, And Lots of Love to each and everyone of you Who is Reading this Right now. The Story you’re about to read isnt a work of Fiction but A confession. Its A Chapter from My life’s Book and The only reason am Sharing this is Show My Support towards the concept of interfaith and […]


Bengali Wife – 01

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A bengali story I want to start this series for bengali fans – নীলিমা সরকার। বয়স ২৭, ভীষণ সুন্দরী, ফর্সা হট এক গৃহবধূর নাম। মেদ হীন পেট, সরু কোমর, তানপুরার মতন ওল্টানো পাছা, কাজলকালো চোখ, কমলালেবুর কোয়ার মতন রসালো ঠোঁট। আর সবচাইতে আকর্ষণীয় জিনিস হচ্ছে নীলিমার ৩৬ সাইজের দুধজোড়া। নীলিমার হাঁটার সময় ওর ৩৮ সাইজের […]


H!ndu Girl And Musalman Tiktok And Ramzan

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Musalman mardo ka tiktok par dabdabe k bare mai to aap pehle he jaan chuke hai. Ek aur h!ndu ladki musalman se set Musalman ladke bana rahe hai tiktok par squards jinme aam taur par hindu ladkiya he rehti hai. Musalmans making squards on tiktok and most commonly hindu girls are found in such groups […]


Very Pretty H!ndu Girl And Musalman Guy Imran

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Imran se set. Tiktok par musalman ladko ka dabdaba hai aur 99% cases mai indian musalman mardo k saath hindu ladkiya he hoti hai. Ab hindu ladkiyo ko heroine banne ka bahot shok hota hai aur musalman ladke inhe heroine he nahi banate balki hindu ladko ko asli sukh bhi dete hai. Ab chaheye aap […]


Future of H males : Forced Sissy Muslimah

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Greetings Superior Muslim Masters thank You once again for permitting this weak dhimmi hindu sissy to share her thoughts. the latest trend is not #hslut. it is #hsissy or hindu sissy males. hindu males have started accepting their weak dhimmi nature and have started feminising themselves. they love to wear bra, panties and all things […]