Archana fucked and dominated by Arif

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Message from the original poster: Dear friends This is a real incident. Parts of it is fantasized but the overall theme is based on a real life incident. From the original poster This is Archana This is the rose color panty she is wearing Part 1 Archana Reddy is from Vijayawada, a small […]


Suchita’s New world – The beginning(part 2)

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Previous part: Hi guys thank you for reading my story I hope you all liked it. Now I am going to continue the story as many people email me and asked me to continue even Suchi wanted me to write more and gave me many ideas so here I am writing the 2nd part of […]


Erotic Submission 1

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sexy hindu captions

Previous post: Hello, I’m so thankful that you shared my compilations on your website. It’s very encouraging. Here’s some more. I encourage all fans to please… please… please comment on my compilations. I enjoy reading these responses. -Himani Singh