Indian hindu girl desperate for Pakistani lover

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A love-struck Indian woman, deported to Doha from the airport here for travelling on a fake Pakistani passport, has claimed she married a man from Punjab province and wants to be united with him. Nagita Ramesh, who is in her twenties and hails from Gujarat state, arrived at Lahore international airport from Doha on Thursday […]


Sanjay’s Story

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This story was submitted by Sanjay at, [email protected] Sanjay writes,  (quote) “I am Sanjay, studying engineering in mumbai. I am a hindu brahmin boy.I am telling you all the story of how i realized that muslims are our  and our hindu ladies specially hindu brahmin ladies are nothing but whores and sex toys for these […]


Bimal’s wife

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indian ass

Previous post that was sent by Mr. Bimal whose wife ran away with a Pakistani guy: Mr. Bimal e-mails us another pic of his wife I am sure that sexy body is taken care of very well by her pakistani lover.


Hindu woman’s affair with musalman

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hindu women muslim man affair

The video clip below shows the true story, taken from a famous Indian tv show which shows real incidents. In this story an Indian hindu wife of a rich business man was having an affair with her husbands employee Farhan, who was a musalman. Farhan satisfied his boss’s wife in bed for 10 long years before […]


Indian Hindu women lusting for paki muslim men

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Kareena Kapoor: “I’ve always liked Wassim Akram; in the newer lot I think Shahid Afridi in great on field and he looks really cute.” What she really means: ive always fantasised about this 6 5′ paki with a big lulla but id also do a young pathan stallion cos my indian fellas condom keeps slipping […]