Posted on 15
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A modern and pretty hindu girl from India goes to USA and falls in love with a Black African Muslim boy. hmm great choice black + muslim unbeatable combination… example muhammad ali.


Cock lover sürtük

Posted on 4
beautiful hindu women

What do such noble looking decorated women love and craves for. hard circumcised rod I am Alaasd, a turk who sleeps with such Indian hindu women when ever there is a chance. Working in Emirates visit India often and women here just beg me to give them a taste of a real turk moslem cock […]


The musalman obsession

Posted on 8

Hindu girls falling for musalman men willingly and the males are running hundreds of such campaigns online and even on some news channels saying save hindu girls from musalman boyfriends. What you would notice in such groups and pages is that 99% of them are males and not even 1% of the members and comments […]


Indian man Rajeeve Gupta wins the smallest Penis contest

Posted on 7

Indian hendu man Rajkumar  real name Rajeeve Gupta wins the smallest penis contest in Brooklyn which is not a surprise at all Do you think I am joking ? Proof: “I’m so happy!” said Gupta, 28, after winning the wet-thong contest and performed a Bollywood dance. Feel sad for Indian Hendu […]