Part 2 – A story of a crossdresser who converted to Islam for his Muslim boyfriend

Simi and other friends suddenly came to us. I think they were finished. They joined us and started chatting about movies and all. 
Me and Javed both were silent. Looking at each other. Initially, noone noticed that. But then Simi noticed it. 
Simi: guys, can you see something? 
Asif: what? 
Simi pointed me and Javed.
Simi: there is some biryani cooking between these two..
I was shocked. I did not expect this. I was kind of blushing. 
Me- come on Simi, there is nothing like it. You are too much. 
Simi: come on, if there is anything between you, there is nothing to hide about. 
Me: but there is nothing like it. 

Javed: we just chatted about casual things. Nothing particular. 
Asif: Javed Bhai, agar kuchh he to bol dena. 
Simi: Yes, I can make up for you. Payal is my best friend. 
Me pinched Simi and asked her to stop. Javed was too blushing. 
Organizers called for dinner and we all went for it. After dinner, they all decided to go to home. Javed had an open jeep. They all were greeting organizers and thanking for a ravishing party. I decided to go to my room. 
Javed was again discussing something with Simi. Simi again was laughing. I felt uncomfortable. This time, Simi was looking at me. She came to me finally. 
Simi: there is a request from Javed. 
Me- What? 

Simi- He wants your number. 
I was on cloud nine. Finally he has shown some interest. Believe me readers, I wanted to take him to my room and get crushed under him. But I did not want to do anything in hurry. He was the best man I have ever seen and I wanted to make him mine. 
Simi: what are you thinking. 
Me- Nothing. Should I give? 

Simi- you ask yourself. Do you like him? 
I looked at Javed. He was looking at me. He smiled. His eyes were full of hope. I smiled back to him
Simi: if you are genuinely interested. Then only give number. He has something unusual. 
Me: what unusual? 

Simi: it concerns you only if you are interested and give number. Otherwise it does not concern you. 
Me: come on you puzzle girl… Tell me. 
Simi: I told you. Do you want to give number? 
Me: okay, forward my number to him. 
Simi: Great. Be ready for consequences now. 
She turned around and started walking. 
Me: hello, wait. What consequences? And what that unusual thing? 
Simi: I will text on WhatsApp. 
I was lost. What might be the possible consequences? What about unusual thing. I saw Simi giving my number to Javed. He saved in his mobile and waved to me. I waved him too. 
Suddenly I got a WhatsApp text alert. Javed is too fast, I thought. 
I was wrong. The text was from Simi as she promised. I was in utter shock when I read the message. 
The text showed:

“JAVED HAS 11″ THICK COCK. Enjoy the consequences. 😙😂😂😂😂😂”
I was overwhelmed. She thought the text will scare me, but I loved the text. I have heard that bodybuilders have small or average lengthed cocks. 
I decided at the same moment. 
I want this beef-eater, pounded, Muslim stud by hook or crook. 
I replied to Simi. 

Me- I love such long, juicy consequences. In fact, I love to suck such consequences. 
Simi sent 😘😘😘😘 smileys.
I went to the room and jumped on bed. I was dressed as female and I wanted to remain like that. I was feeling like a teenager who just fall in love. I never felt for anyone the way I feel for Javed. Though he was a street goon and was not traditionally good looking. But he was massive, he was rough, someone who will protect you against all odds. Women love powerful alpha male. I have heard in some books that earlier, males used to fight for women. The one who wins becomes the master of the woman. I knew that Javed would win me if such fights are organised now. 
I wanted to sit on his lap and cuddle him romantically. I wanted him to take a charge on me. I wanted him to dominate me completely. I don’t know when I slept thinking about Javed. 
The next day morning when I woke up, it was 10:00 AM. My check out time was 11. I hurriedly took bath and checked out at 10 45. 

I took a special can till Andheri. I did not get the time to check my phone. I opened the phone and turned on the internet. I checked WhatsApp. 
There was a flood of messages from various groups. I started deleting messages without reading them. Suddenly i found a message from an unknown number. I opened the tab. 
The message read like this:
“Hi Payal

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