Part 2 Story of an affair between Hindu Brahmin woman and a Muslim man

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Mujahid lifted Parvati and put her face on his hairy chest. Parvati was still recovering from the orgasm. Mujahid was caressing her hair, a little later Parvati gained senses, and kissed Mujahid’s hairy chest. She lifted herself and kissed Mujahid on lips. Then she put one of her leg on Mujahid and slept. Her Mangalsutra was lying on Mujahid’s hairy chest and her breasts were pressed hard against her body. They rested like that. It looked like both dozed off. Seeing my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati in such naked state with a bearded Muslim Man, Mujahid made me ejaculate.

Around 20 minutes later, Mujahid woke up. He tried to put Parvati’s head on bed and in this process she too woke up. Mujahid got up and went to toilet and came back a couple of minutes later. I was amazed to see his 9” Circumcised Cock was still erect. How could the Circumcised Cock of a Muslim Man remain flaccid at the prospect of having sex such a beautiful married Hindu Bengali Brahmin Woman Parvati, wearing only her Mangalsutra, bridal bangles, anklet, nosering with Mehendi clad hands lying on bed naked without an inch of cloth on her body. Parvati was more active now. Mujahid stood at one end of the bed, checking the cam and adjusting it. Parvati looked at his 9” Circumcised erection. She immediately got up and moved towards the end of bed where Mujahid was standing. She lay on her tummy and raised her torso a bit. Without any command or sign from Mujahid, Parvati licked the red bulbous tip of Mujahid’s cock. Mujahid started recording the video of Parvati sucking his cock. Parvati didn’t use her hand. She was rubbing her face on his cock. She then traced the entire length of his cock with her tongue. She took it into her mouth and started another blowjob. Mujahid too started to move his pelvis in matching the rhythm of Parvati’s mouth. My Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati was vigorously sucking the Circumcised cock of her Muslim Lover Mujahid. Sounds of slurping and gurgling were coming from her mouth, such was the intensity with which she was sucking. She then took his cock out of her mouth and grabbed it with both her hands. Parvati grabbed the Circumcised Cock of Mujahid in both her hands and hit it multiple times on her face. She again took it in her mouth and started sucking. Mujahid then asked her to stop.

Mujahid, “Let’s eat some more, I’m hungry.”

Parvati, “Umm, Me too”

Mujahid poured two more drinks and took out some more beef on two plates. Both sat down on sofa side by side. Parvati placed her one leg over Mujahid’s thigh. She was touching his Cock with her knee. Here was My Bengali Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati Dixit, sitting completely naked beside a fully naked Muslim Man, Mujahid whose 9” Circumcised cock was fully erect, at 1 AM in the night eating beef and consuming whisky with him on the day of Karva Chauth. What was exciting to me was that instead of fasting, she was consuming beef and whisky and sucking the Circumcised cock of a Muslim man whom she had met 6 days ago. They were talking and kissing lightly in between. They both finished together and went to wash their hands and mouth in the bathroom. Both came out and stood beside the bed.

Parvati embraced Mujahid. Slowly they started kissing, and the intensity of kiss grew, from gentle pecks to chewing of lips. Both had embraced each other tightly, Parvati’s breasts were pressed hard against Mujahid’s hairy chest. Their hands were on each other’s back, moving up and down and caressing. Mujahid was thrusting his pelvis against Parvati’s body and in this way his 9” Circumcised cock was rubbing against her belly and navel. I loved the movement of Parvati’s mouth on Mujahid’s mouth, it was as if she was eating his lips. After couple of minutes Mujahid separated. He went towards the table and took out a pack of condoms. Parvati saw it and smiled. She moved towards a small bedside table and opened drawer. She took out birth control pills, showed it to Mujahid and took the packet of condoms from him and threw it away. This just made me wild, because my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati was desperate to take the Circumcised Cock of her Muslim Lover, Mujahid in her pussy without being covered by condom, instead Parvati wanted Mujahid’s Circumcised Cock skin to skin with her cunt. Parvati took the Circumcised cock of Mujahid in her mehendi clad hands and then rubbed it on her navel for some time.

Parvati again embraced Mujahid and kissed him lightly on lips. Parvati looked intently into Mujahid’s eyes. Mujahid understood. Mujahid bent a little, grabbed his Circumcised cock in his hand and directed it towards Parvati’s pussy. Mujahid rubbed the red bulbous tip of his circumcised cock on Parvati’s cunt. He rubbed it over the entire length of her cunt. He did this for a minute or so. Parvati was gulping, she was rubbing her tongue on her parched lips, she was in intense heat. Mujahid put two fingers of his other hand in Parvati’s mouth, and took out. He then applied the saliva sticking on his fingers to Parvati’s cunt. He did this twice more. Finally with a slow movement, Mujahid pushed his pelvis forward and the red bulbous tip of his Circumcised cock disappeared into Parvati’s choot. It sent down a shiver down my spine. The most sacred place of my Hindu Brahmin Mother Parvati’s body was penetrated by the Circumcised cock of a Muslim Man, Kaleem Mujahid. Such was the result of this penetration, that just as the tip of Mujahid’s 9” Circumcised Cock had entered Parvati’s choot, it sent an electric shock in her body, and she lunged forward. The 9” Circumcised Cock of Mujahid penetrated almost full into Parvati’s cunt. She clung on to his body and united her lips with his. Mujahid began to pump his 9” Circumcised cock in Parvati’s wet cunt. Parvati was undergoing though uncontrolled excitement after feeling the touch of the Circumcised cock of a Muslim Man in her Hindu cunt. Parvati embraced Mujahid tightly. Parvati ‘s both arms were on Mujahid’s back, she was pulling him more and more towards her. Parvati’s lips were united with Mujahid’s, their tongues entwined. Her breasts were pressed hard against his chest. To allow even greater penetration, Parvati lifted one of her leg and put it behind Mujahid’s back. Mujahid’s movement continued. Parvati was also moving her ass accordingly.

My Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati’s cunt was finally penetrated by the Circumcised Cock of a Muslim Man. Just 6 days ago I could not have expected this. But today on the auspicious day of Karva Chauth, Parvati ate beef, drank whisky and now stood there beside her bed, embracing her Muslim lover, kissing him ardently and milking the 9” Circumcised Cock of her Muslim Lover in her cunt. Mujahid put both her hands on Parvati’s thighs and lifted her up. Mujahid’s one arm was below Parvati’s buttocks now and other on her back. Mujahid was very strong. He had so easily lifter Parvati. Parvati embraced him even tighter. The touch of a Circumcised Cock in the hot wet Brahmin choot of Parvati had made her mad with desire. Parvati was humping over Mujahid’s cock wildly. My body too was getting hot beyond my control at seeing the sight of My Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati Dixit lifted in the strong arms of a Muslim Man, Kaleem Mujahid. I was getting hot at the sight of the passion with which My Hindu Brahmin Mother was making love to a Muslim Man. The touch of the Circumcised Cock of a Muslim Man in her cunt had made my Hindu Brahmin mother mad with desire. The passion with which Parvati kissed Mujahid, or the vigour with which Parvati thrust her pelvis on Mujahid’s Circumcised Cock or the way she moved her hands on his back, showed the raw carnal lust My Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati was having for this Muslim Man, Mujahid.

Parvati was moving her ass vigorously over the Circumcised cock of Mujahid. Parvati’s legs had embraced Mujahid’s thighs like a snake, and she was moving her ass up and down and sometimes in a round manner for greater contact of her cunt with Mujahid’s cock. After about 5 minutes, Mujahid sat down on the bed, Parvati was still humping on his Circumcised Cock wildly. They sat embracing each other. Parvati’s breasts were pressed hard against Mujahid’s hairy chest. Their lips were engaged in a wild liplock. It was oddly exciting, to see my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati, sitting fully naked in the lap of her Muslim lover, Kaleem, wearing nothing but her Mangalsutra and some wedding bangles, my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati, humping the Circumcised cock of her Muslim lover, Kaleem, my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati, kissing her Muslim Lover, Kaleem so ardently full on lips. My hand was jerking sharply over my cock, looking at the sight of my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati, milking a 9” Circumcised Cock of a Muslim man Mujahid in her clean shaven Hindu Brahmin cunt.

After a while Mujahid lay on the bed below and Parvati was on his top, continuing to fuck him mercilessly. The movement of her Butt was up and down and sometimes she made the move slightly circular. Mujahid was kneading her boobs at the hanging stage. Then Mujahide inserted his hands below her armpits and drags her towards his hairy chest to made her lie on his chest. Their kiss started again, it was a deep kiss on lips with deep smooching sound. The backside movement of my mother was continuing. Her Mangalsutra lay on Mujahid’s hairy chest. The colliding of their pelvis created a deep POUCH POUCH sound, mixed with Parvati erotic moans. Mujahid was caressing Parvati’s back and kneading her huge ass globes, which were bouncing as she humped Mujahid’s Circumcised cock. After about 5 minutes of humping, Mujahid turned, Parvati was now completely under him. Mujahid began to move his pelvis at great pace. Parvati had thightly wrapped her legs around his waist. Parvati had tightly embraced Kaleem in her fleshy arms. She was caressing his back vigorously. Occasionally Parvati would move both her hands on Mujahid’s ass and dug her fingernails on his ass, prodding him to Pump her Brahmin cunt harder with his 9” Circumcised cock. It showed how wild my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati, had become after experiencing the Circumcised cock of a Muslim man in her cunt. Parvati was moaning loudly, forgetting her teenage son is sleeping next room, while making passionate love to her Muslim lover, Kaleem Mujahid, on the day of Karva Chauth after eating beef and consuming alcohol with her Muslim lover. Her moaning was suppressed to some extent though, because her lips were locked tightly with Mujahid’s lips.

Finally I heard Mujahid grunt aaaahh, and …and slowly his thrusts slowed down and I knew this Muslim man Mujahid must have come deep inside the clean shaven cunt of my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati. Mujahid  kept coming for nearly half a minute, and Parvati’s womb was full with Mujahid’s semen, they kept kissing and kissing. I could see semen leak from the sides of her cunt and came onto her thighs, and then with a final kiss Mujahid got up and pulled out his 9” Circumcised cock, oh my God, Parvati’s cunt was stretched so wide and Mujahid’s semen was flowing out of her cunt. It was a great sight, to see the breeding of my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati with a Muslim man. The fertile womb of my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati received virile seed from the thick semen of her Muslim lover Kaleem. A Hindu Cow’s breeding was completed by a Muslim Bull.  Even in the month of October they were sweating heavily due to their vigorous and passionate lovemaking, their bodies glow in their sweat. They kept lying naked on the bed and kept on fondling and kissing each other. After about ten minutes Mujahid sat with his back propped up with the wall, lifted Parvati and took her on his lap. Parvati buried her face in Mujahid’s hairy chest, her Mangalsutra got displaced and lay on Mujahid’s nipple. Parvati held on to Mujahid like a little girl. Mujahid reciprocated Parvati’s submission with love and care. He arranged her long hair and put it in front of her left shoulder covering her left breast, going down to her left thigh. Parvati’s right breast was squeezed into Mujahid’s chest and Mujahid’s shrinking cock was still giving out juices that drenched Parvati’s right thigh but she did not bother at all. Mujahid then planted some sweat kisses on her face and forehead and gently rubbed his palm all over her body. After some time Parvati seemed to get back some strength and looked up to Mujahid who planted a long French kiss again. Parvati caressed Mujahid’s hairy chest with her mehndi clad hands, her bangles made sweet noise as she moved her hand up and down from Mujahid’s chest to his tummy and finally to his cock. Parvati took Mujahid’s flaccid cock into her hand and rubbed her hand over it. She cleaned the semen that was still sticking to his cock. She then rubbed her semen drenched hand on her Mangalsutra and looking into Mujahid’s eyes, smiled and then gave him a gentle peck on his lips. They were kissing lightly, finally Parvati lay her head on Mujahid’s chest and closed her eyes. Both went to sleep like that. Seeing my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati lying completely naked with a bearded Muslim Man, Mujahid , who was also fully naked with his legs spread wide, on the day of Karva Chauth, on same bed where she used to sleep with her husband, their bodies shinning in the sweat, her cunt still oozing the semen of her Muslim lover was too much for me to take. I was amazed at the pure raw animalistic carnal lust my  Hindu Brahmin Mother displayed for this Circumcised Muslim man while making such passionate love to him. It was probably the effect of beef, alcohol and the touch of a Circumcised cock of a Muslim man in her clean shaven Hindu Brahmin cunt. I too ejaculated at this sight.

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