Path to real liberty

Being a secular and liberal feminist I often came across hindu guys who would label me with words like mullah lover, begum, lovejihad victim followed by question like ‘is your boyfriend a muslim’ ?

In fact today its quite common for feminists to be accused of siding with muslims. Some say we drool over pakistani men while fighting for feminism and a whole lot of other things like whats reason behind feminist and muslim love fest.

I used to study in jamia millia islamia university in New Delhi. Some of my very best friends had Muslim boyfriends and they were not too open about it since having a boyfriend that too a Muslim is bit of a taboo and raises eyebrows. I was lucky that my family and relatives were more open and entirely different in this regard. My cousin sister married a muslim man and no one in our family had any problem, showed no signs of opposition, but it is quite the opposite with the outside world.

When I asked them ‘whats wrong in having a muslim boyfriend ?’ They couldn’t come up with any convincing answer and when they saw with me with a Muslim friend of mine named Arshad their reactions were quite negative and for me it was a sign that I am doing something right. I felt confined but I was rebellious like most hindu women it comes naturally to us because of our culture as we are the personification of divine female shakti the agent of change. We will do what they tell us we should not do.

The only thing that I could think of would make me feel free was having a muslim boyfriend which eventually happened. I crossed all the barriers, the closeness between me and Arshad reached the point where he proposed me and I said yes. When I walked around the college campus with him hand in hand I felt as if I have reached the mountaintop of liberty. For the haters my pics with Arshad, hugging and kissing him were enough for them to get a shock of their lives. The real fun was in the bedroom when he undressed me and when I grabbed his circumcised muslim dick I felt its worth fighting for.
I don’t mind patriarchy in the bedroom if the male is a Muslim. Its a very liberating feeling to experience a Muslim man nailing you in the bed. Arshad was very good in the bed I liked being his hindu bitch and his slave, sometimes slavery gives you a feeling of true liberty. He has a great dick, it mesmerized me greatly. Sometimes he fucks me with the look of frenzy and rage and almost seems like he is fucking me in retribution but the best part is that the more he looks to torment me in the bedroom the more pleasure I receive. The modern notion of freedom can be quite different, birds with wings could fantasize about cages. It can be difficult to understand for a person with a narrow mind.

I love Arshad he supports my views in fact I see more muslim guys supportive of the feminist movement. May be they know ‘more the hindu girls gets empowered and independent more of them would then go on to ride muslim dicks, a feeling which excites me greatly and for the greater good hindu pussy and muslim dick should meet more than often. Peace prevails because of women, lakhs of hindu girls who have married muslim guys and others who are riding muslim dicks are all an agent of peace and harmony that prevails and they should be commended.

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