Pathan musalman aur hindu bivi

Dominance and Submission:
Scientifically woman is physically weaker sex so they are evolved to to rely on deception, seduction and manipulation as their weapons. You can always count on a woman to lie to you under certain circumstances the same way you can count on a real man to punch you in the face under certain circumstances, not a sissy.
The truth is that these h women have a tendency to start a fight or war or be the reason for it but after the fight begins they don’t actually fight its their men who have to fight for them. Its their core ramayana fight started because of a women, mahabharata war started because of a women.
One of the reasons why they cause fights is because they want to test and see who is more powerful and dominant male who is more of a man and love to spread their legs in front of the victor. The 800 years of history shows that. Another reason is that since now as they know that musalman mards are physically stronger and more dominating so they want to draw their men into fighting them so they loose and break after that they could enjoy the musalmani lund even in front of their men as a broken men will not say anything and see his wife getting fucked by stronger men.
In case of Yash uski wife ne he usko choke de hogi, “wo musalman mujhe ched raha hai chi mujhe bahot ganda feel ho raha hai kaisi gandi nazro se dekh raha hai mujhe.” First flaunting her sexy body and complaining her hubby oh that man is gazing at me he is so creepy I am feeling so uncomfortable to draw him into a fight.
Being a male Yash was drawn into a fight with that musalman and its obvious the history repeated and musalman came out on top. The hndu wife pussy became wet seeing a strong pathan stallion and quickly opened her legs for him. Yaseer with full force drilled her and enjoyed every inch of her.


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  3. ye sach hai ki hum hindu ladkiya muslim k leye pagal ho jate hai jab chodte hai to hum janat m hote h…

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