Post Graduate Hindu Girl And 10th Pass Musalman Boy

Khan, who has studied up to Class X, says he is a “designer” earning around Rs 15,000-Rs 20,000 a month. Mehroliya is a post-graduate in Commerce. But while her parents cited this disparity in education levels to argue they couldn’t be in love, Khan says this was never an issue for Mehroliya.

When they came to know of Mehroliya’s relationship with Khan, the parents add, they took her phone away and sent her to Indore to live with a relative.

On September 3, 2017, the two of them eloped, and got married three days later. The guests included a handful of his friends and some relatives, Khan claims.

After the wedding, they moved into a friend’s house in Indore. By then, Mehroliya’s family had lodged a missing person’s complaint

It was a case where pressure was put on the girl to leave the muslim bf and she succumbed to the pressure as she wasn’t as resilient as hadiya.

Its another case where an educated hindu girl fell for less educated musalman mard from lower background. Why does it happen quite often ?
Simple answer is – Musalmans are real mards and they don’t need anything else or everything else is just an addon. From high profile khans to a simple muslim road side mechanic, one thing is common – they are all good with hindu women

Poor / lowly educated muslim males and educated hindu girls – more cases.

5 thoughts on “Post Graduate Hindu Girl And 10th Pass Musalman Boy

  1. There is nothing wrong being in relationship with a low level Muslim whether the girl is rich or educated…..being in lower middle class I have relation with a super gorgeous, rich, educated Hindu girl n we love each other very much

  2. See is eyes and beard, that rough, rustic look of a labour class male with strong body and big cock. Which hindu girl would care for education over raw masculine power

  3. jab hamari bahano ko 9 inch circumcised muslim lund ka maza mil jata h to hamari bahan ye bhul jati h ki wo kitani educated aur kitani khub Surat h.unko bus fir muslim ka lamba mota lauda chahiye apni chut me.meri bhi ek cousin bahut khushurat h aur married bhi lekin ek 45 sal k musalman se fas ke chud rahi h ek sal se.aur apne hobby ko devorce de diya h.kik me rrraj1

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