Pretty 22 Year Old Riya Mehta Elopes With 32 Year Old Muslim Driver

Riya Mehta (22) daughter of a teacher eloped and married 32 year old musalman driver. Another case of hindu girl eloping with lower status muslim man. The villagers came to know of their marriage and sent the proof of their marriage certificate and photographs to their parents.
Most of these news stories come from small cities/towns and villages because in such areas are usually conservative, tribal and people are more concerned with honor even then it doesn’t stop hindu girls from going to the musalman men. Far more hindu girls (in epic proportions) go for muslim men in metro cities and in most cases they don’t even need to elope, many such girls can be seen are on instagram and facebook openly seen with muslim boyfriends but less news comes from there because the culture is different in those cities people are more busy with their own lives and there is less tribalism.

Riya was scheduled to marry later this year with a guy from her own community but she found a musalman mard for herself.


Not the first time hindu girl going for muslim man who is already married. They know musalmans can satisfy 4 at a time.



Doesn’t happen if the girl is not willing. They keep going for musalman mards. Perhaps the musalmans are making them real happy.

3 thoughts on “Pretty 22 Year Old Riya Mehta Elopes With 32 Year Old Muslim Driver

  1. Admin i just want to thanks you plz post this msg you dont know what kind of feeling u r giving to we hindu boys here ADMIN U R MY MASTER

  2. 1 more thing
    This driver was already married with 2 kids.
    So young beautiful hindu women chose to be 2nd wife of a married muslim mard of lower class than marry hindu guy.

    As i said it is a trend now.

    Also married muslim men are hotter than singles.
    No experience getting fucked by a 30+ muslim who already has 1 or 2 wives.

    Muslim men after marriage become hungrier an passionate

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