Priyanka And Zahid

Written by mumbai_cuckold

Both my wife Priyanka and I are quite liberal. I am 30 and she is 25. Both of us work in Software Company and earn pretty good living. We both stay in Thane. We are a happy couple, but the only problem in our marriage was my low sperm count due to which it was difficult for me to father a child.

We both are sexually active and share each other’s fantasies. So it was not surprising to me when Priyanka took it in her stride when I mentioned cuckolding as my fantasy to her. She revealed to me that she had often wondered how wonderful it would be to have sex with another man while I watched them. This had happened more than 1 year back and perhaps that little chat we had was the seed of all that happened afterwards.

From then on, we often talked about her having sex with some other man while I watched them. This excited her but even more than that it excited me. Priyanka initially had been very surprised at this, however soon she became okay with it. In fact whenever we had sex, she often used to call me with other names.

After that we watched lot of cuckold movies as well as chatted in yahoo chat rooms with other couples as well as single males about cuckolding and threesome. But it was just chat and fantasies for almost a year. Priyanka was not really willing to take any forward in the virtual world.

But then something changed her mind 6 months back. Her company took up a new project to implement software in a large construction company. And Priyanka was going to lead the team that was going to implement the software. It was here that she met Zahid Khan. He was the owner of this company and it was his idea to implement the software for his company. His company was worth more than 5000 Cr. It had huge construction business in Mumbai and Pune. He took keen in interest not only in software implementation but also in my wife. Right from the moment Priyanka started working for him, he started making a move on her. Initially my wife shrugged it off and ignored it, but his personality was not something that you could ignore for long. Zahid was 33 and he was a divorcee. From the way my wife described him, he seemed like a very attractive man.

One day, after we had had wonderful sex in the night, Priyanka broached the subject to me.

“Avinash, can I ask you something?” She hovered just over me so that her lovely full 36 D boobs were hanging just over my mouth like mangoes.

“Are you really serious about the cuckolding thing? I mean chatting in chat rooms is fine. But someday if I said, I want to cuckold you with some other man, would you seriously like it?” She rubbed her lovely breasts against my chest and hugged me closely. I looked in her lovely eyes as she started at me.

“Well I won’t mind as long as I am aware of what is happening. At times I get really hard thinking about seeing you with some other man. But I surely don’t want you to cheat on me.” She smiled at me.

“Of course I won’t cheat you darling. I am not talking about cheating. I am talking about cuckolding. Won’t you be jealous if I got involved with another man?” I traced a finger across her back and kissed her lips.

“I won’t be jealous as long as I am part of the action.” She kissed me back as she ran her hands through her hair.

“Do you mean watching us or a threesome?” She was sitting on my stomach as she picked up her bow to tie her hair. Her lovely boobs looked absolutely delicious.

“Well it depends on what do you want. If you don’t want me to participate, then I would be quite happy to just watch you.” She tied her hair with the bow and then slowly bent forward.

“That’s so sweet of you.” I kissed her boobs as she bent forward.

“But why are you asking this so suddenly?” She rubbed my chest with both her hands slowly.

“Well that’s because a man has been hitting on me for last 6 months or so. Initially I tried to ignore him, but if my darling husband doesn’t mind it, then why should I keep myself from company of a handsome and attractive man. Besides it helps that he is filthy rich. So would you like it if I encourage him and get involved?” This surprised me as she had never been this bold before. But it seemed to me that she actually wanted to do this now.

“Well as I said, as long as you don’t cheat on me and I am aware of things, I won’t mind. But who is the lucky man?” She took both of my hands and then guided them to her lovely breasts.

“Do you remember I told you that I am leading a software implementation project for a construction company?” I squeezed her tits softly and nodded.

“Well he is the owner of that company. His name is Zahid Khan.” My eyes widened as she told me this.

“Is he rich? And are you sure you want to get involved with a Muslim man?” She smiled at me.

“Why is that a problem for you? Why does it matter if he is a Muslim or Hindu? Besides he is the only one who is really hitting at me.” She said but her eyes said something different. It was almost as if she was encouraging her client to come at her. I myself have seen lot of guys hitting at her, but always kept her distance from them. So I didn’t completely believe that only Javed was hitting on her. But for some reason she had reciprocated only for him. But I didn’t stretch the point.

“It’s not a problem for me if you are comfortable with it.” She smiled and bent forward and kissed me.

“So I take this as your permission to get involved with Zahid. I am sure you will have lot of fun watching him fuck me like a rabbit.” She laughed heartily and then got off the bed and dressed. I lay there in bed wondering if this was right move.

The next day, I got a call from my boss and he asked me if I was comfortable with going to Dubai for an implementation project. I was ok and confirmed it to him. I already had a visa for Dubai, so I could leave as early as possible. So my boss asked me to leave next day itself. I called up Priyanka and asked her if she would be ok. She said she would be fine, so I confirmed to my boss and he quickly arranged my tickets. I left early to prepare for the departure and reached home. It was just about 5 PM when I reached home and was surprised to find Priyanka at home. She opened the door for me and I got in.

“Hello Darling, how come you are home so early?” I put my bag in the bedroom as we both walked in.

“Well actually I didn’t have much work today, so I left a bit early today. Besides I wanted to talk to you about something.” She seemed a bit thoughtful and tense. I removed my clothes as I looked on.

“Sure, what do you have in mind?” I was tired and needed to shower, but I waited.

“You can get a shower if you want to. It may take some time for me to talk.” She suggested and then handed me a towel. I nodded and went in the bathroom. I could hear my wife outside as I showered. It didn’t take me long and in 5 minutes I was out drying my hair. Priyanka watched me as I put on my night dress quietly.

“So what do you want to talk about?” She was wearing a sleeveless Punjabi dress and her lovely plump arms looked sexy. I sat on the bed and she sat beside me and wrapped her arms around me.

“Are you really sure about this cuckold thing?” She kissed me lightly on the cheeks. I kissed her back and replied.

“Of course darling, I am sure. I won’t mind seeing you with someone else. But I should be aware of it.” She looked in my eyes and then rubbed her cheeks against me.

“You know, Zahid has asked me to go for dinner with him tomorrow. I am thinking of accepting. How long will you be gone to Dubai?” She asked.

“For about 15 days.” She touched my arms and asked me teasingly.

“Why do you need to go for so long? What if something happens in those 15 days?” Her eyes looked mischievously at me.

“Honey, don’t do something when I am gone.” I was suddenly jealous and nervous. It must have showed on my face. Priyanka quickly kissed me.

“Honey, don’t worry, I am not going to cheat on you. But if Zahid wants to give me some company, only socially, you won’t mind, will you?” She played with my hair.

“I won’t mind as long s its social darling.” She rubbed my hands lovingly.

“Of course it will be social darling. I won’t cheat on you. Besides, it would be more fun watching your reaction when Zahid is fucking rather than just fucking him.” She laughed and suddenly got up from the bed.

“I will get ready for dinner. You better pack your suitcase now. You have an early flight to catch, isn’t it?” I nodded and got up from the bed. Priyanka went in the kitchen to get ready for dinner while I packed my suitcase.

We both had an early dinner and went to sleep as I had to take an early flight next day.

I woke up early next day and Priyanka also woke up with me. I showered and got ready to go out at about 6 AM. I had already booked taxi to take me to AirPort. Soon I received call from the cab driver and within 10 minutes, he was waiting for me in our building.

I kissed good bye to Priyanka.

“So are you going on a date with Zahid?” I asked her as I kissed her. She kissed me back lovingly, but then looked mischievously in my eyes. She wrapped her hands around my neck and kissed me again.

“Don’t worry darling, I won’t cheat on you. Whatever I do with Zahid, it will be in front of you and with full knowledge. I love you.” I kissed her again and the left the home.

We constantly talked on phone every evening when I was in Dubai. Priyanka kept me updated on any news of her, but nothing really changed. After about 10 days, when I was resting, I got a call from my wife. I disconnected the call and then dialed her number form hotel phone.

“Hello darling, how are you?” I heard my wife with a lovely tone.

“I am good. How are you?” I replied.

“I haven’t been better in my entire life. Are you in mood for some news?” She sounded very excited.

“Sure, what happened?” I wondered if this was related to Zahid.

“Well since you have gone away, Zahid has been hitting on me even more than normal. Yesterday he asked me if I would like to have dinner with him and finally I accepted. I was really getting bored.” This was nothing special. She had already said that she may go out with him socially.

“So we went out to Mahesh Lunch Home. Once we got there, he started flirting with me. Initially I felt very shy, but soon I opened up. We talked about lot of things, but finally, I don’t know why or how I did it, but I told him about your fantasy of being cuckolded.” I was surprised. I didn’t show it, but I was really surprised that my shy and coy wife could actually tell some other man that her husband wanted to see her with some other man. It would have been too embarrassing.

“So how did he take it?” I was in my room and lay down comfortably on the bed.

“Oh he took it pretty well. Actually he told me that he has known some people in the past and in fact he had even cuckolded a couple in the past. He said the understood your feeling and didn’t necessarily see anything wrong as long as I was comfortable with the idea.” Well, I didn’t see why the hell in the world he would see anything wrong with that. He would get to fuck a lovely woman like my wife without having any responsibility for her. Obviously he wouldn’t find anything wrong in cuckolding idea.

“So what do you think darling? Zahid won’t mind you at all. In fact he would love to cuckold you with me. So are you still interested? I know I am asking this to you again and again. But I don’t want to make any mistakes here. I don’t want to spoil our marriage, but I want to make you happy. ”

“Priyanka, I love you honey. I won’t have any problems as long as our marriage is good and you love me.” I didn’t know how to respond. I always had fantasized about being cuckolded. But I never thought that my wife will ever agree to it.

“Darling, I love you too. And as far as our marriage is concerned, nothing in the world would ever hurt it darling. Now I spoke to Zahid and here is what he says about this. We don’t really know how you are really going to feel when I develop relation with any other man no matter what you say now. So here is what Zahid is saying. He wants both of us to spend next week end with him at his flat. You will be back in India next Thursday, am I right?” She was speaking quickly and breathlessly now.

“Yes, at this moment that’s what looks like.” I didn’t know if something new cropped up, but I didn’t expect that.

“So would you like to meet Zahid? That will help you to really understand your feeling when you actually see me with him. We won’t do anything without your approval of course. Zahid wants to make sure that you are comfortable. If you don’t like it, then we may even simply scrap the whole idea. Zahid is a real gentleman and you will like him. He is smart, witty and quite knowledgeable. He is your type of guy. If you don’t like it, we will simply stop. But this will help you to get a whiff of your feelings about cuckolding. So shall I tell him that we will meet him and spend the week end with him?”

“Well I won’t mind. You can tell him that we are ok with spending the week end with him. But does he live alone or with family?” I wasn’t sure how it would work if he lived with family. Also I didn’t know anything about him.

“Actually he is a divorcee. So he lives alone. He lives in Thane Hiranandani estate. So it’s close for us. So I will tell him that we are ok.” I replied that it was fine and then after speaking to her for 5 more minutes, we said good night and hung up.

I finished my work pretty quickly next week and by Wednesday, I had finished the project and I had already booked the flight ticket for getting back to Mumbai.

On Thursday, I got an evening flight and reached home without any incident at about 11 PM. Priyanka was waiting for me and opened the door smiling at me.

We both chatted for almost an hour before we finally slept. The next day, I slept late as I had taken an off. Priyanka woke up at the same time, prepared our lunch and then went to office. She called me up in the afternoon and reminded me that we have to go to Zahid’s place in the evening. I told her that I would be ready. She told me that she would be home early at about 5 PM so she could get ready and then we would leave home by about 6:30 PM and reach Zahid’s home by about 7 PM. I told her I would be ready and hung up. Then I went in the bathroom and freshened up.

Priyanka came home at 5 PM as she had mentioned and quickly went in to shower. Priyanka came out of the bathroom in 10 minutes as I got ready and dressed. She had wrapped her lovely plump body in a towel that covered just enough of her breasts. Her hair was wet with water and there was another towel wrapped in her hair. She smiled at me as she came out.

“Darling, you look to be ready. Can you wait outside? I need to dress.” She asked me in a sweet voice. I melted as I looked on her sexy body, but then nodded and went outside the room and waited.

Priyanka took almost 45 minutes to get ready and I watched TV as I waited for her. But when she did come out, I was absolutely bowled over. She was wearing a black colored sari that was fairly transparent. Her black matching sleeveless blouse was clearly visible through the sari and her navel was visible. She was wearing a red colored fancy bindi on her forehead. Her hands were full of bangles and two lovely ear rings adorned her ears. Her lovely black hair was tied with a chop and spread on her back. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. I had never thought that she could be so attractive. She was wearing lovely red colored lipstick on her lips and she smelled absolutely lovely with her perfume. I couldn’t believe my eyes that my wife was so decked up for another man that her husband. She wore lovely light make up on her face. Her luscious and plump arms were looking sexy with her sleeveless blouse. She had slung her purse on her left shoulder. I started at her lovely plump figure as she walked up to me.

She was intentionally wearing a white bra so that her bra cups were clearly visible through the transparent black blouse.

Now my wife isn’t a typical thin woman. She is plump and fleshy. But the fat she has is at all the right places. Her breasts are full 36 D and her ass is big. In short, the only word to describe her figure is voluptuous. She is like one of those south Indian actresses. She Fleshy, plump, voluptuous and in short an absolute “maal”.

She smiled at me and for the first time in my life I saw her as a woman and not as my wife. She looked absolutely fabulous and for the first time, I started to wonder if this was the right idea.

“So darling, how do I look?” She smiled up at me as I got up and walked to the door.

“I have never seen you so decked up. You look absolutely sexy.” She thanked me and kissed me on the lips briefly.

“Hey, I hope you haven’t changed your mind.” She laughed, but for a moment I wanted to say yes.

We both got out and I locked the door and then got in the lift. We both got to our car and I opened the door. Priyanka got in the front seat and I slid in the driver’s seat. We chatted normally as I drove the car and in just 20 minutes or so, we were in Hiranandani Estate. I drove to Zahid’s building and parked the car in the parking lot. We both got off the car and then walked in the lift. Priyanka pulled out her cell and checked the flat number. We both got off on the 20th floor and then got out of the lift. Priyanka moved to door 2003 and pressed the bell.

The door was opened by a tall man. He was almost 6 feet 2 inches and very fair. He wore dark thick beard and it went very well with his very fair complexion. His shoulders were broad and he was built like a bull. He was handsome in every way possible. He stared at my wife for a moment after opening the door and then smiled at her.

“Wow, you are looking absolutely stunning.” Priyanka smiled at him. Then he looked at me and spoke to me.

“Hello Avinash, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I have heard so much about you from Priyanka. Come in please.” He went in and we both followed him. Zahid closed the door behind us and I looked around. There was no doubt that the man was filthy rich. The flat was decorated wonderfully all around me. The drapes on the windows were stylish. All the household items looked very costly. The flooring and the walls looked very good. Well, he must be pretty rich to live in a place like this.

We both walked towards a sofa and sat down there. Zahid sat down on the seat opposite to us.

“I hope you didn’t have any trouble in finding the place.” Zahid spoke to me as I looked on.

“No, actually it was just a matter of finding your flat. I have been to Hiranandani before.” He replied.

“Oh yes, you stay in Thane right.” I nodded. We spoke for a few moments and then Zahid got up to get some water. But Priyanka got up immediately after him and said.

“Zahid, I will get the water for all of us. Where is it?” Zahid tried to stop her, but she insisted. So finally he sat down on the sofa chair and directed her to the kitchen. Priyanka walked away to kitchen, but I couldn’t help notice Zahid’s eyes following her lovely ass swaying. I looked at Zahid and for the first time remember what my wife had told me about him.

He was 34, 9 years elder to her and divorcee. He lived alone here and had no kids. He was in construction business and had a pretty good business going for him. He was from UP, but had settled in Mumbai since he was 8. He had initially lived with his uncle who had his business and helped him set up the construction business. He had started it just at about 18 and at 34; he had a large construction company in his hand. His resume was very impressive, though I couldn’t help in thinking if his business was above the board. Any construction business in Mumbai just couldn’t be overboard. There had to be something shady about it. But initially he seemed very pleasant and attractive man and I could understand why Priyanka accepted his advances.

Priyanka walked in the room with a trey in her hand. It had 2 glassed of glass on it with water. She came in and held the trey in front of me and then held it in front of Zahid. We both drank the water and then Priyanka went in the kitchen to keep the glasses.

She got back and then sat once again beside me. It was hardly 7 PM and we had some time before we could go out for dinner.

We chatted about our jobs and Zahid’s business for some time and Priyanka mostly kept quite. Sometimes Zahid asked her a question, but she mostly kept quite on her own and most of the dialogue was between Zahid and me.

After some time, Zahid finally broached the core subject. It was a bit awkward but he brought it up smoothly.

“So Avinash, Priyanka told me that you like the idea of being cuckolded. She told me that you may like the idea of seeing her with some other man.” I looked on for a moment before replying.

“Well as long as I am aware of what is happening and I am not cheated on, I don’t mind.” I replied and looked at my wife. She was looking at Zahid as he spoke.

“Of course, I understand that. But as long as she is honest with you, you won’t mind her having relationship with me, am I right?” I nodded although I contradiction of words he used made me smile. How can my wife be honest with me and have relation with some other man? But I let it go.

Zahid continued.

“So here is the way I see it. We can use this week end as a dress rehearsal for it. If you feel that you are uncomfortable or don’t like it, we can simply back out and go our separate ways. But if you like it, then we can continue as long as Priyanka and you are comfortable with that.” I nodded.

“That’s great. So do you want to go out for dinner tonight?” Zahid asked me, but it was my wife who replied.

“Zahid, why don’t we order food here only rather than going outside? What do you think?” Priyanka asked me.

“Well I won’t mind. In fact that would be nice since I am a bit tired.” I replied and then Zahid said.

“That should not be a problem. I will order the food for us. While it comes, we can have few drinks. So Priyanka, why don’t you get some drinks for us? There are few bottles in the fridge.” Priyanka got up and asked Zahid.

“What would you like?” Zahid picked up his cell phone and replied.

“Well there is a whisky and rum in there. There is vodka also. I will have whiskey. What about you?” Zahid turned towards me and asked me.

“I will have same.” I replied.

“Ok. I will have vodka.” Priyanka said and then she went in the kitchen to get our drinks. Once again, I noticed how Zahid’s eyes were hooked on my wife’s swaying ass as she walked. Zahid ordered food for us and then we talked for a few minutes before Priyanka walked in the room bearing a tray in her hand.

The tray had a bottle of whiskey and 3 glasses. Two had whiskey in it and 1 had vodka. She put the tray on a table before us and then handed the glass to me. She picked up another glass and gave it to Zahid. Then she was about to sit on my side when suddenly Zahid touched her hand.

“Why don’t you sit here with me Priyanka?” Zahid touched her hand and caressed it lightly. Priyanka smiled and then without answering, sat beside him. In fact she sat very close to him so that her thighs were touching his thighs.

“You know Avinash, you are the luckiest guy on earth. You have such a sexy wife.” Zahid put his hand around Priyanka’s neck and then rested it on her naked arms. He slowly caressed her lovely arms with his hand.

“Yes, she is a lovely full woman.” I replied as I watched him kissing her lovely arm with his lips. Priyanka blushed as Zahid touched her and then slowly turned her body to face him. He caressed her face with back of his hand and then slowly ran his fingers through her hair. He slowly moved her hair back on her shoulder. Priyanka looked in his eyes as he caressed her cheeks and then Zahid grabbed her hair and pulled her closer to him.

Priyanka hesitated just for a moment before loosening up as she melted in Zahid’s arms. She wrapped her arms around Zahid’s neck as Zahid kissed her passionately. Both of Zahid’s hands were around my wife’s waist as he kissed her. He was caressing her back slowly over her blouse.

Priyanka had opened her mouth for Zahid as he kissed her wet mouth. Priyanka was moaning and breathing heavily. After kissing hard for more than 5 minutes, Zahid stopped. Priyanka wiped her wet mouth with back of her hand and smiled at Zahid and blushed.

“Would you like to bedroom Priyanka? Come there and then I will take you to heaven.” He extended his hand towards her. Priyanka smiled and then gave her hand in Zahid’s and got up.

“Yes Zahid, take me to heaven darling.” She got up and her fingers entwined with his fingers. Priyanka looked at me and asked me.

“So honey, are you feeling jealous yet? If you do, then I will stop. But don’t ask us to stop once we get naked. That would be really unfair to Zahid.” Zahid smiled at me as my wife spoke to me.

“Don’t worry honey; it seems to me that he is enjoying it.” And then he slowly pointed to my crotch with his fingers. My wife also looked at my crotch and she smiled. My cock was hard and erect.

“That’s nice. I am glad you are enjoying it. Let’s go to bedroom.” Priyanka laughed and then they both turned around and started to walk towards the bedroom. I followed them as I watched Zahid move his hand around my wife’s waist as they walked together. We entered the bedroom together.

It was a large room with a lovely window opening towards the garden that was lit with lights. Zahid switched the lights on. Right in the middle, there was a huge double bed. Zahid sat on the bed and then patted his thighs with his hands.

“Come here darling, sit here.” Priyanka smiled and she looked at me for a moment before she went and sat down in Zahid’s lap. She slowly removed the pallu of her sari aside and then wrapped her hands around Zahid’s neck. His eyes lit up and my wife’s lovely full breasts came into his view. I sat beside them on the bed.

“Wow honey, you have got the loveliest pair of jugs. I feel like drinking milk from them all night.” Priyanka smiled.

“So drink it darling. Who is to stop you?” Zahid held her waist tightly as he buried his face in her cleavage. Even I could smell the lovely perfume she had sprayed so liberally on her boobs. Priyanka lightly held his head between her boobs and caressed his hair as he licked and kissed between her breasts. As Zahid was enjoying my wife’s lovely tits, she looked at me and started at me with her lovely eyes. The only expression that I could see in her eyes was lust. She kept looking at me to see if I was jealous. But my cock was giving me away as it was hard and erect now. Watching Zahid burying his head in my wife’s cleavage had given me a raging hard on.

“It seems you are enjoying the show. Why don’t you help us a bit? I want you to open my blouse for Zahid. Would you enjoy it honey? Opening your wife’s blouse for her lover?” She smiled at me as she looked at my erection and then spoke to Zahid.

“Zahid Darling, let my husband open them up for you.” Zahid stopped for a moment and then he kissed her lips hard. I gasped as she touched my hands and then guided them towards her blouse. I didn’t say anything, but slowly started to unhook my wife’s blouse. As I did so, my eyes were hooked on to my wife’s lovely full breasts. And once again I felt jealous that it was Zahid who was going to suck and lick them and not me. Her breasts were fair and soft and milky. Priyanka kissed Arif as I unhooked all the blouse hooks and then slowly tried to peel the cups off. Priyanka raised her hands so that I could peel her blouse off. I removed her blouse and threw it away on the bed. Even before I had completely removed it, Zahid moved his hands behind my wife’s waist and pulled her tits closer to his face and buried it between my wife’s lovely bobs.

Priyanka threw her head back and looked at me. She wrapped both her hands around Zahid’s neck and pulled Zahid’s face between her tits.

“Oh God Zahid, your beard feels so wonderful on my breasts. Please keep rubbing it.” She was slowly caressing his hair as he kissed and licked her cleavage. I could see his head buried deep in her tits as he moaned and grunted. He stopped for a moment as he kissed her neck and lips.

“Priyanka, your tits are lovely. I haven’t ever sucked on tits like these. I feel like sucking them all night.” Priyanka smiled at him and replied.

“So what is stopping you darling? My tits belong to you. Suck them all night if you want to.” Zahid buried his head once again in my wife’s tits.

“Well at this moment, your bra seems like stopping me.” Priyanka laughed and then moved both her hands behind her back.

“Well I can help you with that.” She quickly unhooked her bra and then slowly removed it from her shoulders. I was sitting on the bed beside both of them. She smiled at me and then threw the bra towards me.

“You like to smell my bra don’t you honey?” I caught her bra. Then she turned towards Zahid and pulled his mouth towards her naked breasts.

“Are you happy now darling?” Zahid didn’t say anything, but his grunt as he took my wife’s breasts in his mouth said everything.

Priyanka was also groaning and purring like a kitten as Zahid switched from her left breast to right and she caressed his hair.

“Oh Zahid, don’t bite my tits honey. They are so soft.” Zahid came up for a moment as he replied to her.

“Honey, you will have red bite marks all over your tits before I am through with you. And you are going to enjoy it more than anything else.” He once again kissed her tits and then started to lick all over them. Every now and then he would bite her tits hard and Priyanka would cry out loudly. But it was clear to me that she was enjoying it rather than pained by it.

Zahid stopped suddenly and then kissed her lips hard. Priyanka also responded to him by opening her lips as they shared a long wet open mouth kiss. All the time, Zahid was squeezing and caressing her tits. Zahid moved his hand to my wife’s lovely hair and removed the chop tying her hair and loosened her hair.

“You look very sexy with open hair.” Zahid murmured in Priyanka’s ears. She slowly kissed his cheeks and lips lightly.

“Let me remove your T-shirt darling.” She moved her hands towards his waist and then slowly pulled his T-Shirt upwards. Zahid also raised his hands and allowed her to remove the T-shirt completely. Priyanka threw the T-Shirt on the bed and then put her head on his shoulder. Zahid’s chest was broad and very hairy. Zahid kissed Priyanka on the lips as she slowly ran her hands on Zahid’s chest and caressed it with her hands. She broke the kiss and ran her hands through his chest again.

“Do you like hairy men honey? ” Zahid kissed her cheeks as he asked her. Priyanka blushed perceptibly as she nodded and kissed his chest with her lips. She ran her hands up and down on Zahid’s chest few times as Zahid caressed her stomach with his hands.

“Let’s see your lovely treasure cove below your waist honey.” Zahid slowly pulled out her sari below her waist.

“Yes, I suppose that’s what you have been dreaming about for last 6 months.” She laughed, but slowly raised herself so that Zahid was able to completely remove it and throw it on the bed beside me. Now Priyanka was just wearing her white panties and was completely naked otherwise. She was still sitting in Zahid’s lap.

“Avinash, you are one lucky man to have a wife like this woman.” I didn’t know what to say. I had mixed feelings about what was happening before my eyes. My sexy wife was sitting almost completely naked in another man’s lap and he was about to screw her.

“Let’s get down to some business honey.” Zahid slapped Priyanka’s ass lightly as slowly climbed down from his lap and got on the bed beside me.

She turned around slowly and then bent forward towards Zahid’s crotch. Her face was staring right in Zahid’s crotch. Her breasts were crushed against the bed. She slowly moved her hands to Zahid’s crotch and touched his erect cock hesitantly.

“Do you like it baby? It is way bigger than your hubby’s, isn’t it?” Priyanka blushed and then looked at me.

“Yes darling, its way bigger than my husband’s.” I was shocked that my wife had told my size to another man. She slowly moved her hands forward and then put it inside Zahid’s pant. She slowly unbuttoned his jeans and then unzipped it. She removed his jeans completely as Zahid stood for a moment as my wife removed it and threw it aside. He was not wearing any underpants and his massive 9 inch cock stood before my eyes fully erect.

Priyanka slowly caressed the entire length of his cock with her fingers. Priyanka was looking at Zahid’s cock with sheer lust in her eyes. Zahid caressed her cheeks with his hand and removed her hair from her face.

“So honey, do you like it?” Priyanka was blushing lie a new bride now and she just looked in Zahid’s eyes and then nodded.

“So let’s give you a piece of this.” He slowly got up and then Priyanka lay down on the bed right beside me. I was staring wide eyed at my wife’s lust filled eyes and face as she lay down on the bed and then spread her legs apart. Zahid slowly moved and came on top of her.

“Do you want to use condoms honey? I have some if you want to.” Priyanka looked at me for a moment before replying to him.

“No darling, I don’t want condoms. I want to feel your cock in me just like that. I want to feel your raw flesh rubbing against my cunt lips.” I wanted to object, but my lips were sealed by lust in my wife’s eyes. It was almost as if she was urging Zahid to make her pregnant. She caressed his hairy chest as she spread her thighs apart and then pulled Zahid on top of her. He fell on top of her and she slowly moved her hand between their bodies to touch his cock. Through the gap, I could see her feeling the length of his cock and then slowly adjusting her hips so that Zahid’s massive cock was right on the edge of her cunt.

“Oh God Zahid, it feels so good to have your cock inside me.” Priyanka moaned and twisted her head to look at me. Her voice was husky and loaded with lust. She looked at me and then closed her eyes. Her face was contorted with pleasure as Zahid buried his cock deep in my wife’s cunt.

Priyanka raised both her legs high in the air and then slowly locked them around Zahid’s waist with his cock still buried deep in her. Then slowly Zahid started to fuck her.

Priyanka closed her eyes as Zahid screwed her with slow but steady thrusts. Every time he went and out of her, squishy sounds filled the room. Priyanka was slowly caressing Zahid’s hairy chest as he fucked her slowly.

“Oh Zahid, you are so good Darling. Please don’t stop. Just keep fucking me like that. It feels so good.” Zahid slowly bent forward as he buried his face between my wife’s fleshy breasts.

He started to lick and kiss her tits as he once again started to fuck her slowly. Priyanka was slowly thrusting her hips up and down to meet Zahid’s thrusts.

“Oh God Zahid, you are so wonderful honey. You are driving me crazy. I have never had so much pleasure.” To my utter surprise, her statement actually stimulated me rather than making me angry. My wife being screwed crazy by another man was exciting me no end and my cock was standing erect.

Zahid was slowly turning and twisting his hips as he fucked my wife. Zahid’s meaty hands were firmly locked on my wife’s breasts and she was gripping them tightly.

Zahid slowly raised himself a bit and then started to fuck Priyanka furiously once again. This time his pace was furious and Priyanka was writhing and twisting with pleasure under him. She had gripped his back and her finger nails were digging in his flesh as she cried out with pleasure with every thrust from Zahid. His hips were slapping against my wife’s hips.

I was looking wide eyed as Zahid screwed my wife harder and harder. My cock was fully erect now and I was stroking it with my hands.

Priyanka’s face was contorted with pleasure now and Zahid’s face was wet with sweat. He was sweating profusely as he fucked her furiously. Suddenly I felt him stiffening and then his body shuddered and I immediately knew that he was flooding my wife’s cunt with his semen. Even I could smell his semen flooding my wife’s cunt as it oozed out of her cunt in streaks out his cum leaking out on her thighs.

After Zahid came in her cunt, Priyanka loosened her legs and then removed them from around his waist. Both of them were breathing heavily now and Zahid slowly slumped and Priyanka pulled his face between her breasts. Zahid caught his breath as sucked on Priyanka’s lovely breasts as she caressed his hair.

As I looked on them, I stroked my cock furiously and I was shaking uncontrollably as I also came.

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