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  1. thnx interfaithxxx meri pics ko post karne k liye

  2. priyanka bhi lagta h kisi Muslim k sath hi shadi karegi lagta h uske aaj kal k karname dekh kar… kahti h dher sare bachche karne vali h shadi k bad phir Muslim m k against jo bhi bolta h uske against bol rahi h jese Donald trump ke against boli thi

  3. If she has any sense… she will marry a muslim guy and set another example… but really there is nothing surprising about it… Gauri with Shahrukh, Kiran Rao with Amir Khan, Kareena Kapoor with Saif Ali Khan, before that Amrita Singh with Saif Ali Khan, Mohammed Azharuddin with Sangeeta Bijlani, hath thak jayenge type karte karte…
    aur jinhone muslim we shadi nahi ki to kya guarantee ki maje nahi leti muslim lund se… Muslim Lund ki mahima aparampar…

  4. Avi v hamare hi lund ka bol Bala hai

  5. I want to see my big ass elder sister in burkha.

  6. Raj you should get your sister gangraped by many muslim lund… after that she will go to temple every day and pray for a muslim lund to own her as sex slave… how do I know… I have seen hordes of young and elderly women praying for this very thing in popular temples…

  7. samir thanx for rep.I m in Mumbai and want my big ass elder sis raped by Muslim man but I don’t know which area in Mumbai I can meet such type of Muslim man? can u help me?

  8. ohh i get so wet in mandir when i pray god to give me some muslim cock& some beafy cum as prasad. hae bhagwaan kash mujhe din raat prasad mile muslim lund se

  9. Sali sab raandiya hey.

  10. Hi Suchi its so nice to hear your thoughts… I can understand… its normal for hindu women to pray in temple for Muslim Lund… Suchi I would like to hear more of your desires for Muslim Lund and share my experience as your impotent hijra hindu brother… my fb is

  11. If anyone thinks its a joke what I am saying they can go to Birla Mandir in Delhi and be careful not to be noticed by isolated groups of women or girls who come to temple and sit there in a group praying for Muslim Lund in low voice… for example in my case when I happened to stand outside a window of inner temple complex I was just checking my phone and heard something… hai bhagwan mujhe Raqib ka dilwa de… aur kuch nahi mangungi… one Hindu bitch said bhagwan bas Jamil ki Randi bana de 11 somvar tak 11 nariyal chadaungi…

    I was shocked to hear and when I saw inside from window it was a small group of women of 20s and 30s sitting close to sanctum and in a place where almost no one else could hear them… they were not aware of my presence outside window so they went on as they wanted…
    Suchi Jain told the real thing here when she admitted getting wet praying for Muslim Lund in temple… you can go and find out for yourself…

  12. priyanka didi ko bhi jald se jald muslim jiju milega 🙂

  13. Mumbai me koi matured Muslim Jo merit bahan ko chod chod kr Randi bana de please

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