At the age of 28, Radha was so happy with life in having married Kishan pandit after meeting him three years ago.

With her husband being quite successful as a retail marketing executive, she gave up her job as at Kishan’s encouragement. The arrangement worked out well as Kishan entertained clients from all the major electronic firms and being a housewife allowed her to do her part in helping her husband entertain guests. With her spare time, Radha did a lot of volunteer work at the library and schools when called upon.

For this particular occasion, Kishan had volunteered to host the company’s annual picnic/pool party at their home. With the regional sales manager soon to be vacant by Mr. Hoskins upcoming retirement, Kishan was one of those being given serious consideration for the position. Any means of impressing the boss, Mr. Javed Javeds, at this point would definitely be a feather in the cap of those being considered for the position.

In talking to Kishan, Radha learned that it now seemed to be a neck and neck race between he and shivam for the vc position. Kishan indicated that his boss had dinner with shivam and his wife last week and would be inviting them out in the coming week. Although it was considered to be a social dinner, they both knew it would be a major point in having Mr. Javed coming to his final decision as to who would get the job.

Radha had met Kishan’s boss briefly at a couple office functions but both had been brief introductions with the customary handshakes and greetings. She clearly recalled just how small her hand felt in the handshake with Mr. Javeds, how she had shivered at the touch of the large firm hand of her husband’s muscular Muslim boss. She shivered as the old myth about Muslim men crossed her mind, wondering if it was in fact true.

As the guests began arriving, Radha greeted everyone and did everything possible to make them feel at home while Kishan showed them about the premises. When Mr. Javeds arrived, she greeted him with a handshake and felt tingly as he continued to hold her hand firmly in his as his other hand lightly caressed her elbow and forearm. Radha felt a wicked tremor course through her body as this tall muscular Muslim man kept his hands on her. Whether right or just her feeling, she couldn’t help but think that he really wanted to feel her up and probably would have had there not been others waiting in line behind him.

With the greeting of Kishan’s boss finally ending, Radha greeted the next arrivals but she still could not get over the lingering touch of Javeds. Finally, when it appeared everyone had arrived, Radha began chatting with some of the women. From the corner of her eye, Radha noticed the dark figure staring at her. Looking over at the direction, she saw her husband’s boss watching her closely and he smiled widely at her when their eyes met and she returned the smile.

It was a beautiful sunset as many of the guests grabbed their drinks and stood along the walkway to view the sun going down. Just as she was about to join some of the women, she felt a firm hand grasping her upper right arm. Instinctively, Radha knew who it was and turned to greet her husband’s boss, telling him to come and watch the beautiful sunset with her. She nervously led the way, shivering as that large hand was now holding her gently around the waist.

As they watched the beautiful sunset, Mr. Javeds said “You know Radha, it sure is going to be hard to decide whether Shivam or your husband would be the best for the Regional Sales Manager position! They’re both so equally qualified, that’s why I set up a time and dined with Shivam and his wife last week and with you and Kishan next week! I guess part of what I need to find out is who has the most supportive wife as there’s going to be a lot of dinner meetings and socializing with other executives as a part of that job!”

Radha was at a bit of a loss for words, not knowing just how to respond to Mr. Javeds’ comments. “I ……….well, all I can say is that I assure you I will always have Kishan’s best interest at heart and I am certainly willing to do whatever it takes should Kishan get that position!” Just as the head caterer signaled to her, wanting a word with her, Radha shivered in hearing Mr. Javeds respond “That’s all well and good Radha, but what I want to know is are you willing to do what it takes for Kishan to get that promotion!” Before she could ask what he meant by that, Mr. Javeds was off to greet another employee of the firm.

Radha could not help but wonder just what Mr. Javeds meant by that last remark and knew that she had to find out before the night was over. It was obvious from the conversation that since both Kishan and shivam were equally qualified to Mr. Javeds, it would be who’s wife he thought would be best to help entertain clients of the company. Being brought up in a conservative and rather religious setting, the true meaning of Mr. Javeds’ comments never entered her mind.

Javeds had purposely made that quick departure away from the beautiful hostess.

The dinner that javed had with the Shivam last week was fine and cordial, just as he had expected but he figured it would be interesting if he led on to the sexy Mrs. Radha that it was far more than just cordial.

After making the rounds as a good hostess, Radha looked about and saw her husband’s boss again far off in the shadows standing alone sipping his drink and looking directly in her direction. Nervously looking about, and biting her lip, Radha got a glass of wine and slowly edged her way towards Javed again. The party was in full blast with some trivial games going on and everyone seemed preoccupied with the two gals in charge of the fun and games.

Smiling as she approached her husband’s boss, she asked how he if he was enjoying himself. She shivered when he put his arm around her waist and said “Oh, I’m doing just fine now that you’re here to keep me company!” Radha was nervous as Mr. Javeds kept his arm around her, with his hand on her waist as they then pretended to look out at the city lights. Radha trembled as she felt her fingers slowly moving down to gently caress her buttocks.

Nervously, Radha asked “Mr. Javeds, can I ask what ………….what you meant earlier when you asked if I was willing to do whatever it takes for Kishan to get the job?” Mr. Javeds smiled at her as he moved his hand on her waist pulling her with him as he said “Let’s take a little stroll down the walkway Radha and I’ll tell you what I meant!” As Radha walked with the tall muscular man, she felt so jittery, that she wanted to run especially when she felt his hand slide down further and cup her soft ass. Her mind began to wonder again as to the myth she had always heard about Muslim men.

Javed smiled to himself as they slowly walked down the pathway at the edge of the hillside, taking them below the level of the backyard and out of sight from everyone. “Well, since you asked Radha, I must first tell you that I’ll deny all of this if word gets out and say that you made it up to force me to give Kishan the job! Now about what I meant, let’s just say that in having dinner with the Shivam last week, I was assured by Ganga that I could have a, shall we say, an extra benefit whenever I want it if Shivam gets the job!”

Puzzled, Radha swallowed nervously and asked “Wha ………..what kind of extra benefit?” She was trembling now. Radha was well aware of Javeds’ hand now moving about freely and taking the liberty of caressing her entire ass through her thin dress.

Javed decided that now was the time to put his plan into action as he lied “Well, again only since you asked, and again I will deny ever telling you this, the truth is that when Shivam excused himself to go to the restroom, Ganga assured me that I’d get to sample her charms on a regular basis if I gave her husband the job! And having heard that, I only thought it fair that I give you the same opportunity to earn that job for Kishan!” Then, turning a bit, he reached out with his free hand and took her left hand and guided it towards his already bulging crotch. Once her hand and fingers were making contact with his throbbing bulge, Javed added “She’s nowhere near your class and looks Mrs. Pandit and if you were to match those extra benefits, your husband would definitely got the job! Think about it, Mrs. Pandit!”

Radha shuddered as her fingers felt the massive bulge hidden under Javeds dark pants. She felt the rock hard cock throb beneath her fingers and she felt her fingers involuntarily squeeze it in response. Instinctively, Radha let her fingers trace down the lengthy bulge, beginning to breath heavier now, both from nervousness and excitement as the length of the thick bulge never seemed to come to an end. She knew now that what she had heard about the size of Muslim men was no myth, certainly not with her husband’s boss anyway. Unable to think straight, she was breathing faster in fear at the thought that her husband’s future literally lay in her hands at that very moment.

Guiding the squeezing hand off to the left side of his pants, Javed quickly undid his belt and clasp on the top of his pants, then unzipped them. Lifting the soft trim hand from their grasp on the out side of his trousers, he pushed his jockeys down and then replaced the beautiful manicured hands on his hard big Muslim cock. “Ohhhh, yeahhhhh ………ohhhhhh, Radha…that it…feel that big Muslim cock!” he moaned in sheer pleasure as the soft hands were now wrapped around his throbbing cock.

Radha just could not believe that any man could have a cock that big. She had both of her fingers wrapped tightly around the meaty cock now but her thumb could not meet her other fingers. With one hand above the other, like it holding a baseball bat, there was still several more inches of the big Muslim cock protruding beyond her fingers. Mesmerized, Radha loosened her grip a bit and began to stroke the massive hard on with both hands.

The thick Muslim meat in her hands could not be seen in the darkness, only felt as the slimy tip brushed up against her trembling lips. She shivered in nervousness as she had never before had a cock touch her lips, not even Kishan’s. As the thick cockhead pressed against her lips, Radha could not resist the temptation to dart her tongue out and lick at the oozing hole. Withdrawing her tongue, she then ran her tongue that was coated with the slippery substance around her mouth to get her very first taste of a man’s real essence.

Then her lips parted due to the pressure, forcing her to open her mouth wide, yet the cock was so thick that her teeth scraped the slick skin as it was being forced into her mouth. Wet tongue pushing against the advancing cockhead, more of the slick juices coated her tongue as she lapped up the salty fluid. More and more of the thick cock was forced into her mouth as now she had one hand upon the other at the base of the thick stem. Radha shuddered as the thick cock was so far in her mouth that it was about to enter her throat and she feared that she would not be able to breathe around it.

Panic set in as the thick cock pushed at the entrance to her throat and Radha gagged at the thought of choking to death around this man’s big Muslim cock. Then the thick cockhead was pulled from the entrance of her throat, allowing her to take a deep breath. She shuddered as it pushed into her throat again, only this time, it went deeper, causing Radha’s eyes to bulge in total fear. She pushed with all of her might, her hands at the base of the thick cock, but she had no success as another inch slipped further down her throat. Unable to breathe, her eyes began to roll and Radha thought she would soon pass out.

Javed laughed out loud as the choking beauty gagged around his pulsing cock as she tried desperately to push him out of her mouth. Wrapping his fingers into her long brown hair, he slowly withdrew his lengthy cock so she could get some much need air, then he began slowly to face fuck the stunning young beauty. “Oh, Radha! Kishan would be so proud of you right now! Down on your knees helping your hubby get that big promotion! Does Kishan know what a great little cocksucker his pretty wife is?”

Unable to breathe again, on the verge of passing out, Radha felt the thick cockhead expand deep in the bottom of her throat followed by a gush of hot fluid making its way down her gullet. Then as the spurting cock was pulled out of her throat, Radha was then able to breathe again as her mouth was now being filled with the hot slimy goo. Queasy and quivering as she was now forced to swallow the thick load of Muslim cum, and she realized that this was the first time that she had really gotten a real taste of a man.

His cock seemed to keep on shooting into the wife’s mouth again and again for what seemed like ten minutes. Throughout her ordeal, Radha could feel her queasy stomach threaten to rebel and spew out the hot protein that began to rapidly accumulate to form a lake in her belly, but finally the spurts weakened to dribbles, then only oozed onto her tongue. With her husband’s boss having sated his lust for the time being, she felt the hands in her hair pull her off the dwindling but still lengthy Muslim cock.

The slimy tool was then rubbed over her cheeks and she clutched at her queasy stomach. Then Radha heard her husband’s boss chuckle, saying “You sure are an excellent hostess, Mrs. Pandit! I’m very impressed!” Then she heard the zipper being pulled up and Javed said “I want you to meet me back here at midnight so we can seal the deal, sweetie! If things work out, the way I think they will, Kishan will have the job before the nights over!” Alone on her knees, Radha shivered as her stomach turned. Staggering to her feet, she then held onto the nearby railing as she moved toward the edge of the property. Leaning over the railing, mouth open as her stomach churned, she wished that she could throw up and void herself of the Muslim cum that filled her belly, but she couldn’t get anything out. Her mouth was coated with it and she headed back up the walkway to the party.

As soon as she reached the party, Radha grabbed a glass of wine to try to dilute the taste of Javed thick cum in her mouth but it didn’t seem to cut the taste at all. She found it interesting that the longer she continued to taste the cum in her mouth, the more excited she was, and she felt her panties getting wet as the excitement now reached her pussy. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her. As she stood around with a group of women while listening to them chatter, Radha realized that she had just blown a man for the first time, and a Muslim man at that, something that she had always considered as being filthy, something that she thought that only a cheap whore would do. But she kept on telling herself that she had only done it for Kishan. When she wondered just what could be in store for her when the witching hour struck at midnight, she felt her panties getting wetter and she felt an itch deep inside of her.

Looking at her watch, and seeing that it was now 10:30 p.m., Radha could not help but to clench her thighs together. She had never been untrue to Kishan before, though she had often dreamt and thought of what it would be like to be possessed by another man. Her husband was not very experimental, always making love to her in the missionary position.

Nearing midnight, the crotch of Radha’s panties was completely sopping wet as her love juices continued to flow. She vividly recalled the monstrous cock that had earlier been in her hands and in her mouth and down her throat. ‘Oh, God, he’ll split me in two if he tries to put something that big inside of me!’ she worried as she continued to cream in her panties. Heart beating madly, Radha told herself that she was being forced to submit for the sake of Kishan but deep inside, she also knew it was merely an excuse for sampling another man’s cock, and a really big Muslim one at that.

Across the pool, Radha observed Mr. Javeds looking over at her and smiling and then he nodded and turned to make his way down the dimly lit walkway again. Looking about nervously, feeling self-conscious, Radha slowly edged her way around the pool. One last look around to check and see that everyone was preoccupied, she then made her way down the walkway to where her husband’s boss awaited her.

Turning into the small alcove, Radha looked about, then shivered as out of the darkness large hands reached out to caress her soft skin just about the back of her dress. Frozen to the spot, a tingling of pleasure coursed through her body as the large hands moved over her shoulders to caress the length of her arms. Then her waist was nearly encircled by the two large Muslim hands of her husband’s tall muscular boss. It felt so wicked to having another man touch her so intimately, shivering as lips and tongue teased her neck and nibbled at her earlobe.

Then the thick lips of her husband’s Muslim boss covered hers as she was being turned slowly towards him, her lips parting to admit his thick wet tongue. Instinct took over as Radha’s hands raised up to clutch at the muscular biceps of the large man, her mouth opening as her pointed tongue licked at his thicker one. Over and over, she told herself that she was merely doing this for Kishan’s sake and that she really didn’t want this to happen. But deep down, she knew that she was just fooling herself with that thought as an excuse, that she was dying to sample another man’s cock, even more so a man with a cock as big and as Muslim as this one.

Javed could sense the change in the apprehensive and reserved marred woman who earlier had to practically be forced to suck his cock. Now he realized that she was just another married Hindu bitch that had always dreamt of being taken by a Muslim man. He knew exactly what she wanted of him and he intended to give her exactly what she wanted so badly. Lifting her at her waist, he then her set her atop the edge of a large boulder..

Panting with excitement now, Radha felt the strong hands ease her off the boulder, then she was being pinned against a crevice on the hillside. She felt the hands on her bare ass being adjusted and she was now being cradled in his right arm as her back rested against another boulder. Lifting her legs a bit, she placed her thighs upon his hips as her arms wrapped around his neck to keep from falling. Radha trembled in fear as his other hand held his long thick cock and moved the cockhead up against her wet pussy.

With his cockhead in place, Javed released his left hand from his cock as he made sure he had her back braced against the wall and his right arm firmly holding her. He smiled as the moment had finally arrived. Javed could not believe his ploy had worked like a charm and now he was going to possess this sexy married Hindu wife. He wished he could make her scream out in pain when he thrust his oversized Muslim cock into her Hindu cunt but he could not risk her screams being heard by the partygoers from his company.

Wisely, Javed clamped his left hand firmly over the beauty’s mouth as his right arm pulled her body down and he thrust his Muslim cock up into her tight married Hindu pussy. “Mmmmmmphhhhhh ……ohhhhhhhhhhh…………….mmmmmmppppphhhhhhhhhh!” came the muffled screamed from the terrified young wife as she felt his thick Muslim cock enter her body. It had been a wise move on his part, otherwise everyone above near poolside would have heard her screech of pain.

He could have eased his cockhead in and let her get accustomed to his size, but he knew deep down that this was the way she preferred it, to be taken, and taken hard by a beast or by a caveman. Javed thoroughly enjoyed the feel of her trembling body as it shuddered in pain from having half the length of his cock brutally shoved into her cunt and it felt so tight, kind of like a huge strong rubber band had been tightly wrapped around the middle of his cock and it would either break or cut into him. Finally, after holding steady for a minute or so, he felt the muscles in her pussy begin to relax and the tightness eased a bit, now added by the slick juices.

He moved his cock in and out, a really tiny bit at first, then and inch, back and forth, and slowly the two lovers began to fuck at each other. As the thick Muslim pole became coated with her pussy juices, inch by inch, the lengthy meat disappeared into the tight clasping pussy. With the hand over her mouth now removed, in time with the thrusting cock, Radha was panting now “Oh ……..oh ..……oh ……..oh .…….oh ……..oh ……..oh..yes…..yes ……fuck…..oh…yes…….fuck me….please fuck ….me!” Holding on tightly to his neck, Radha shifted a bit to encircle his waist with her legs and managed to lock her Hindu heels upon one another. Now she began to bounce up and down onto the spearing cock.

Javed knew he had this pretty little bitch hooked on his big Muslim cock now and that she was enjoying feeling a good sample of it up her horny married cunt. Wanting to see what she would do, he held himself still and quit thrusting with his cock fully imbedded and he felt her butt squirm in the palm of his hands as she tried to encourage him to continue fucking in and out of her and when he didn’t move, the embracing arms around his neck broke apart as her hands pushed down onto the top of his shoulders, enabling her to slide her impaled cunt up and down a few inches.

Javed laughed aloud as the innocent beauty dropped her body weight down to fully impale herself onto his big Muslim cock again. Again and again, the beauty pushed herself up and down fucking herself on his big Muslim cock. Then he began to fuck into her once again, slamming his cock in and out of her until he felt his balls begin churning and threatening to soon erupt its pent-up load. In talking to her husband Kishan earlier this evening, Javed had learned that Kishan and Radha had recently decided to start a family and now he wondered if the little bitch was still on the pill. If she wasn’t, he couldn’t help but smile as he thought about the Pandit’s soon starting their family with a little Muslim baby.

“Ohhhhh ………………..oh, Godddd ………………yessssssss! Fuck me ………….fuck meeeeeeee! Ohhhh ………… biggggggg …………….so longggggggg! Ohhh ……yes ……………ohhhhhh, your big cock is so goodddddddd!” Radha moaned as the thick shaft pumped in and out of her clasping pussy. Bouncing up and down on the thick prong, Radha was beginning to see the stars, then she was sent to the heavens as her body quivered and then shuddered in a mind-shattering climax. “Ohhhh …………..ohhhh …………I ………….I……….Oh….yes………yes……….I’m cumingggggggggg!” she stammered.

Feeling the Hindu wife quivering in the hands, Javed thrust faster and faster into the climaxing woman, and then he stopped and buried himself up to his balls as his cock started to throb and lurch in her slick hot cunt. “Ahhhhh ……………..ohhhh, Mrs. Pandit ……………….ahhhhhh ……….Ohhhhh….yea……………..gonna shoot in your Hindu pussy……….yea……….gonna give ya all my Muslim cum! Ahhhhhhh…………….. …………….yeahhhhhhh! Ohhhh, Goddddddd!” he groaned as he unleashed shot after shot of his hot potent cum deep in her womb.

The thick Muslim shaft that had sent her out of this world still seemed to be throbbing inside of her, still pumping out the last of his cum, and the thought of it, caused Radha to sob in shame. She could hear the noise coming from the party above where her husband entertained his guests. Here she was on the pathway behind her home, having provided entertainment for her husband’s boss with his potent cum flooding her womb. Then the real horror struck her as she realized that she had not even given any thought whatsoever of the potential consequences of such an illicit fuck and the fact that she had indeed quit taking her birth control pills two months ago.

Radha squirmed as she tried to push her husband’s boss away and out of her, wanting to rush back up and into her house and use a potent douche to wash the cum out of her. Slowly, she felt the strong hands on her butt lifting her as the thick cock slowly slid out of her. Then her bare butt was again placed upon the boulder where her panties had been stripped from her and she felt lots of thick cum seeping from her widely stretched cunt hole. She was then surprised when her husband’s boss merely zipped up his pants without saying a word and walked back up the pathway to the party, leaving her with his cum oozing out of her well fucked cunt.

Radha used the bottom of her dress to wipe her thighs of the dripping cum and shamefully made her way back up the pathway. Getting back to the top, she observed Kishan and a bunch of fellow employees near the patio door and thus she did not want to head in that direction, not with his boss’s cum threatening to spill out and run down her legs. Instead, she slipped into the outside bathroom near the pool to temporary cleanse herself until she could make her way back into the house and put on another pair of panties and clean herself up.

Nearly a month passed and Radha found relief as she began her period. She had been filled with worry that her first adulterous affair had left her pregnant. Last week, Kishan took her out to a fabulous restaurant to celebrate the announcement of his promotion that he felt that was so well deserved and earned. Radha smiled and toasted her husband for his success, though not telling him of the important role she had played in assuring him of the job promotion.

Throughout the last month, Radha could not get over the guilt of what she had done nor the worry of whether or not she had become pregnant as a result of it. Now that the threat of pregnancy was over however, it seemed that her mind constantly reflected back on that night and the mind-shattering orgasms she had achieved with a man other than her husband, and from the big Muslim cock that the man possessed. Her body shivered each time Radha thought of Javed , craving to once again have his long thick Muslim cock fucking her married Hindu pussy, and shooting his cum deep inside of her. Following the exquisite dinner and having returned home, she knew that Kishan was hot for her body and they quickly made their way to bed, but of course, it was in the same old missionary position. As her husband pumped his so much smaller dick in and out of her pussy, Radha naughtily wrapped her legs around her husband like she did for his boss on the pathway, only this was the first time she appeared so wantonly aggressive for her own husband. Unfortunately, Kishan came inside of her before she even had one orgasm, and she lay there unsatisfied. As they lay there, she wickedly asked “Honey, what did Mr. Javeds say when he promoted you!”

Kishan told her that Mr. Javeds had told him that his wife had made a difference in the selection and that he really enjoyed her company. “Maybe I should be worried about you and Mr. Javeds” Kishan said playfully!

“If only you knew Kishan, if only you knew” Radha thought to herself.

A week later, Radha arrived at her husband’s new office on the top floor of the building and was quite impressed with the plush surroundings. Kishan had asked her to meet him here so he could show her his slick new office and then take her out to lunch. Checking in with the receptionist, the woman told her that Kishan had just called and left a message that he’d be delayed due to some problems encountered with a major client’s orders.

Just as she was telling the receptionist that she would leave and maybe go over to the clothing store next door and come back later, she heard a familiar voice say “Oh, Mrs. Pandit, Kishan was worried about you being upset that he got tied up so I told him not to worry as I’d be only to happy to show you his new office!” Heart pounding, thigh muscles clenching, Radha was speechless as her husband’s boss guided her by the elbow and led her down the hallway.

As it was nearing noon, most of the secretaries were off to lunch with only a few remaining to cover the phones. Nearing a closed door, Radha licked her dry lips as she read the printing on the door, reading ‘Kishan Pandit’ on the top line and ‘Regional Sales Manager’ in smaller print below. Her heart was pounding even faster now as they continued past the door to her husband’s office and she was being led into the office adjacent her husband’s. She quivered when she heard the door close behind them along with the click of the door being locked.

No words were exchanged nor needed to be. Frozen to the spot as she stood looking out upon the beautiful view of the downtown area, she shivered with excitement when as she felt the hands at the back of her neck pulling down the zipper of the nice pink dress she had worn and then, the dress fell puddled upon the plush around her open-toe heels. Seconds later, her lacy pink bra was also upon the carpet and her matching panties were sliding down her trim legs.

Fortunately, the offices were sound proof, otherwise her moans of pleasure would certainly had disrupted her husband’s important meeting right beyond the nearby wall. Lying upon the sofa in the office, she spread her legs wide as her husband’s naked boss shuffled up onto the sofa.

“Ohhhhhhhhh …………….yesssss ………………yessssssssssss……I’ve missed your big Muslim cock so bad, Mr. Javeds” Radha moaned as the thick Muslim cock spread her pussy wide open again. “Ohhhhhhh ……………yes …………..fuck me ……………fuck me ……………..oh, I need that big Muslim cock in me……I need it so bad….I want it in me all the time…….please Mr. Javeds….please fuck me ………………fuck me good…………….give me you big Muslim cock and fill me with your nigger come……please…….I need it so much!” she pleaded, wrapping her sexy legs around the already pumping Muslim ass. It was such a turn on for her, fucking her husband’s boss just a few feet away from the wall adjacent to her husband’s office.

“Oh yes Mrs. Pandit….I’m gonna give you lots of this big Muslim cock and cum in that married Hindu pussy of yours. Gonna visit your home every morning after your hubby has left for work and take good care of that pussy of yours…..gonna fill it with my cum every day, maybe even two or three times a day from now on Mrs. Pandit. After all, I have a great Regional Manager to run things for me while I’m gone and he’s going to be doing a lot of traveling and be out of town a lot now too! Don’t you worry about a thing Mrs. Pandit. I’m gonna see that married Hindu pussy of yours gets lots of Muslim cock and cum, and maybe even plant some nice Muslim babies in you and if that happens, I can promise you that I’ll see that your husband’s salary goes up by 25,000 for every Muslim baby of mine you deliver.

“That sounds like a really good deal Mr. Javeds……a really good deal!” Radha told him.

A little over an hour later, Kishan Pandit’s office door opened as the meeting had concluded and the important clients could be heard thanking Kishan for taking care of the problem. Kishan followed his clients out of his office and smiled when he saw his lovely wife looking out at the view as his boss pointed various points of interest to her. He was so glad that she was getting along so well with his boss. He knew how important that was to his career…..

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