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Property of GCC 3 – HHH

hindu slut

indian slut for masters

HHH = Hindu Hores in Heat
Arabia’s HHH: let’s make this HHH, a hashtag, a label, a stamp on what these sultry hindu sluts really are, HHH.

AMRITA (अमृता): Feminine form, meaning “immortal.” In Hindu mythology, this is the name of the nectar that the gods drink for immortality.

Gods = Mullahs
Nectar = The sweet, sticky pussy juice of Mrs. Amrita Trivedi

Amrita was (and still is) a shy married Brahmin girl picked up at a small village of Rampur in UP by 3 wealthy arab bulls. The very sensuous sight of her made the perverted, always-ready-to-breed—and-dominate mullahs panting and howling for a piece. Why wouldn’t they? She smelled of sex with a bangin body built for breeding.

They approached her, talked to her, WITH SUCH CONFIDENCE.

One caressed her ass in public while the other smelled her hair and the third spitting/salivating on her neck from the back. They promised a secure future, and in return she had to be their breeding basket, their cum toilet…an HHH under their ownership. She had to allow any arab elderly man to continue plowing his seed deep inside her soft, moist, tight yet tender womb and POUND her to the edge of her sanity, busting thick loads into her so much that she’d be spitting out the Elder’s babies her whole life through her without her catching a second’s breath.

Like a true HHH slut would say to a mullah cock, she told them, ‘OK!”

Long story short, she agreed to be part of a greater cause, a hindu breeding bitch whose warm nectar fluids would host the dominating seed of the juggernaut mullah thugs.

She told her husband she got a “job” in Kuwait. Never divorced. She often calls back, often, while she is in the middle of sweaty, raw breeding fuck sessions (notice the phone next to her in the pic)

That smile in that post breeding impregnation session says it all.
A smile of submission and willingness to be plowed until the bedsheets are fully wrecked and the hindu womb is fully full of hot thick molten seed of offspring.

NEVER FORGET…An HHH’s screams of pleasure and this (Amrita) HHH’s high pitched chants of surrender of her own to the DOMINANT and BREED-WORTHY mullahs will be enough for MULLAH MEN of ANY AGE TO SEEK & SNIFF THESE “HINDU HORES IN HEAT” (HHH) for a ROUGH, SWEATY, ANIMALISTIC, FUCK SESSION.

Nectar of the submissive & Seed of the dominant.

Welcome to the GCC Breeding Program featuring OUR own to keep, the HHH…

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  1. Muslim humesa se hi sex me powerful hote.. aur hum Hindu auraten isliye unse itna pyar karte..mai bhi aise program ka hissa banna chahti..Arab k log Hume acha bavishya bhi desakte kyu ki unke pass paise bhi hote..or Hume badle me unse pyar bhi milega..ek aurat KO aor kya chahiye bhala.

  2. Is this amrita s real pic admin

  3. Ye ek bahut achha program hai. Mujhe pura yakin hai hamari khubsurat Hindu Amurita didi ye 3 mullo ki opeksha par khadi utregi. Uski fertile hindu kokh se kam se kam 20 baby mulle nikal hi lenge.
    Sadiyo se har saal Amurita ki tarah lakho hindu ladkiya arab counties ke musalman hamare khubsuart hindu ladkiyo ko sex slave ki taur par le ja raha hai. Wo hamare hindu ladkiyo ko chodna bahut pasand karte hai aur hindu ladkiyo ka jyada urbar kokh ko dekhte huye wo hindu ladkiyo ko saadi karte hai aur bahut sare bachhe paida karte hai. Isse ye sabit hota hai ki hamari hindu ladkiya dunia me sabse khubsurat aur hot hote hai aur musalmano ke bibi ya rakhel banne ke liye suitable hai. Hamare hindu behno ki koi jabab nehi. They r made for muslim people.

  4. nice post thnx!!

    nice thought binay

  5. hamari hindu auratein sabse khubsurat hoti hain itni khubsurat auratein kisi dharm me nahi hoti christian sikh muslim sab badsurat hoti hain lekin hamari hindu behne apsara si sundar najuk hoti hain isiliye puri duniya khubsurat hindu dharm ki diwani hai

  6. manisha u r ryt

  7. Lol my name is also Amruta , so what

  8. hhh is best for bhramin women like me

    • Hello Aruna Iyer.. U r from TN right?

    • Aruna true Bhramin womb is a prefect muslim bread factory and all your lust for the wild beast dominating and pussy humiliating breed will be fullfilled goo ahead amd help the cause and be a chance the torch bearer.

  9. Mullahs r powerful . Contact me on [email protected]

  10. hmm so horny I felt wet while reading it

  11. Those who are on twitter can join this HHH group which we all are part of.
    Find me in twitter @8InchImran

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    see my 9 inch dick in heat for u

  13. as awasome post as it always .

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  15. Kya koi mujhko HHH card dilwa sakta hai. [email protected]

  16. i wana to be join HHH ,how is it possible can u advice me.

  17. Parul, prajakta kik me at imtiazfahad3. Teri HHH card dilaunga

  18. Where the hell is the creator of gcc series and hhh card….

    I want ur help, plz rpl

  19. I want my wife to be HHH. – Pradip. (Kik dxbindcplh)

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