Property of GCC Part 2

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We are talking about QATAR’S “Building the Future with Global Vision” program.

Future = Mass Mullah Offspring
Vision = Breeding/Grinding/Impregnating/Hard Rough Fucking the sultry, slutty, silky, nymphomaniac Hindu whores

You MUST carry a valid Certification/ID for breeding and impregnating these sweet smell, sexy-sweetly voiced hindu sluts, crafted by the Sub-continent for the pleasure and the rough and raw sexual exploits of the dominant mullah thugs of Arabia.

These Hindu Whores are in heat like DOGS, in non-stop FUCK SESSIONS like RABBITS, screaming/moaning/lip-biting in pleasure/pain from mullahs hung like HORSES, giving birth to multiple litters of future domination like bitches in hot, heavy heat. Sultry Hindu sluts in heat like whores…like never before…

This is going to be a multi-part series of this Hindu “shy-at-first” BUT “now slutty and a willing breeding bitch” called ’ARADHANA’. This is a girl who was raised in a small town in UP, only later to be picked up by an elderly Qatari man of enormous wealth who was searching for a breeding bitch for his senior friends back in Qatar, himself, and for his son.

The Elder Qatari stumbled upon a beautiful, innocent, sexy/slutty Hindu Aradhana. The elder man talked her into joining him in Qatar. He sweetly and politely chatted to her with the tongue BUT in his sly/clever mind, he had a perverted and a massive, filthy metric-ton lust to fuck this young hot hindu whore in his imaginations.

The age difference between the old heavy bearded, sly/clever lustful dog Qatari & the young soft, silky, soothing Aradhana may be a lot for many, but not to REAL MEN WHO ARE AS HUNGRY AND THIRSTY TO FUCK AND FUCK AND IMPREGNATE in the WARM, TIGHT, PUSSIES of these HINDU BITCHES UNTIL THEIR LAST BREATH.

A Hindu whore’s screams of pleasure and a hot hindu slut’s high pitched chants of surrender of their own to the DOMINANT and BREED-WORTHY mullahs will be enough for MULLAH MEN of ANY AGE TO SEEK THESE “HINDU HORES IN HEAT” (HHH) for a ROUGH, SWEATY, ANIMALISTIC, FUCK SESSION.

This is a story of this kaafir hindu whore’s voluntary sexual transition from UP to the Qatari Breeding Program with the 66 year old man, his son, many elderly, and old black arabs.

Story available soon in next part (with many more enhanced and edited pics)

18 thoughts on “Property of GCC Part 2

  1. Haha they are shy at first then they all acts like slut!! I want to own a slut tie her with chains in my bedroom for hours and make her say dirty stuff and religious abuses..
    If any strong Hindu women interest get me at kik-rasul144
    Or [email protected]

  2. Wow What A Post..Great Editting and descriptions… I love the breeding program very much …I hope I can apply too one day 😛
    And what I like most is all description is English so I can share this with my friends who do not know Hindi

  3. Wooow. Aradhana make us hindu feel proud. She show the arab muslim hunks that our hindu girl’s womb is most fertile to born muslim’s baby and can satisfy them as they want.
    It’s a very good vision for dominate and breed our hindu sisters. The arab muslims know how to use our hindu girls properly. And we hindu r really greatful near them for such vision.

  4. in randi hindu chinalon ki kokh se 6 – 8 musalman bachhe paida karunga bhosadiki hindu randi ke… kutiya chinalen kya mast dikh rahi hai nangi… esi hindu bhosadiki aurten hum musalman ladkon ko apna number de kar ghar bulati hai chudne ke liye.. kyunki inke kufr gandu namard hindu shauhar kuch nahi kar pate.. main to seedhe hindu randi kokh mein apni qaum ka beej dalta hun.. [email protected]

  5. i know one of my friends brother sattaled in Dubai once in dubai he went to greet his Kafeel (Boss) with his wife shewata to greet Eid and Boss Abdulla treated him well increase his salary and allot him new house but keep shewata bhabi as a Eidi

  6. The best thing is every day lots of beautiful hindu girls r trafficing to arab countries for enslave them and breed them. One of the perfect example is Mohini Anima. A beautiful hindu women who is a sex slave in Soudi arab. Every hindu girls should follow her.

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