Property of GCC

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To own a Hindu sharmouta comes with responsibilities. Apart from daily duties and efforts to impregnate and breed with these silky, slutty hindu whores, you must make sure you carry your certificate of breeding. Only with a valid certificate, you may caress your hands around her pussy and lick all over her scrumptious, luscious, banging booty and tits, while she bites her strawberry lips and her tied up hands grabbing onto the rope for mercy from the eternal pleasure of destiny. Salivate and salivate and spit until she glistens with your saliva right before you glisten her womb with your warm, dominating, thick sperm going through her tight, slippery inside, tingling pussy of a slut sworn to serve. Don’t let the womb go to waste. Pull her hair. Slap her ass. Twist those nipples right before you choke her with your might.
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68 thoughts on “Property of GCC

  1. This is wrong! She is a Hindu slave so we Indian Muslims has first right on them. She should be breeding our children. I want to put my signature on her breast and mark her my bitch. I just take high class educated Hindu slut as my slave. I will use her pussy whenever I want and make her mother of my children.

    1. Inko backless Saree mein inke baccho ke saamne hunter se peetna chahiye for blouse KO lace kholkar nangi Perth ka swad Lena chahiye for nanga kar ke baandh kar chodna chahiye.

  2. Ham indian muslim se chudna hindu randion ka dharm hai.. hamaare muslim lund se chudwaakar apni hindu brahmin pet me muslim beezz ko paalna hi sabse jaroori kaam hai inka… aur ham muslim in hindu randion ko kisi bhi tarah se treat kar sakte hai..
    Inhe maar maar kar bandh kar inki hindu brahmin choot me ek saath kitne lund daalna hai ye sab ham muslim decide karte hai.. aur in randion ke saath kisi bhi had tak chale jaaye inka kaam hamaare order ko follow karna hai..

    1. Sahi bole Wasim khan bhai. Aap logo ki hi to property he hum hindu. Aap hamare malik ho. Isiliye aap ka puara haq banta hai jo chahe kar sakte hai. Rok kon raha hai

  3. We must thankful to all our princessess and brave hindu girls who tame mighty muslim hunks like moughals and Afghan in the bed and not only control there anger but also minimise the damage ,they not only secure there Fathers and stupid brothers and inocent public from mascare but defend there land and postion by just spreading legs to mighty war lords who ravish beauty and enjoy infact these girls surrender there own ass to protect there family and there postion ,Even today this trend continue as hindu princesses clad in tight pairs of jeans skirts shorts and other reaviling cloths seduse poweful and arrogent muslim males of all ages they use and share these girls as a trophy a perfect team work also devlop as some take care off these girls as boyfriends before marrige and beat there brothers even if they rase meak voise and and crush them completly and fuck there sisters properly. They marry 4 hindu girl and put fertile seeds to breed in there wombs to produce more muslim children. This process will continue further. We hindu have no objection in this bcoz our beautiful sexy hindu sisters are happy and it's our plesure to see them happy. We know we hindu are slave of mighty and potent muslims and it's there right to fuck us in everyway and make our ladies breed. They can do everything with us as they want.

  4. This is a real fact and very good thing. Our every hindu girls should see this article. I am very happy and feeling proud to see our such hindu bramhin girls aur used by potent arabi muslim people.


  6. i want my married sis divorce my jijaji n become wife of 50 yrs old muslim man who breed her every year.she is 32 yrs sexy women

  7. I am an hindu women and i am married too to an hindu man. But to be honest my ex muslim boyfriend was an animal in sex. One should taste a muslim lund before commenting on them. reach me at deepa.iyer69 @

  8. Sabhi Hindu didi ko aise hi arab muslim master ke sex slave banne ke liye form fillup karna chahiye. Ye silsila to hazaro salo se chali aarahi hai. Hum sab ko is mahan parampara ko teji se aage badhana chahiye. Mughal sasako ne to iske liye harem banaye the jaha lakho hindu rani, rajkumari se le kar jitne v khubsurat hindu ladkiya milte the sabko le ja kar waha rakhte the. Fir sabhi taqatbar muslaman mard unka khub chudai karke maza lete the aur unke kokh se wo apna bans badhate the. Tab kitna chen aur santi tha. Hindu ladkiya muslim lund ko pa kar kitna khus the. Mujhe lagta hai wo din fir se aana chahiye. Hamare hindu rajkumariyo aur musalman sando ko unka haq milna chahiye. Aap log kya kehte ho dosto…

  9. Woow…chod dalo didi ko tatto k sath kya khub sexy tatto bnate h hindu symbol m taki muslim mard fad de…ek gaand aur chut p tatto lagwao taki muslim thapa mar sake lund se..meri biwi ko m gaand p tatto lagwauga taki muslim majese chode

  10. Sonali joshi dont tell me the idia of being tied up by chains in bedroom of muslim hunk doesn’t not makes your panty wet.i think you are brhmin girl you should be wet reading it..if not come to me.i will make u wet
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  11. Got my email I’d? Apply for enrollment there.
    Eligibility for those-
    who can take abuses
    -Hindu by religion
    -follow every order from master.
    You wanna apply?

  12. This is highly stupid Yousuf. U guys involving religion for no reason and one more important thing my name is Sonal not Sonali. So keep ur views to urself.

  13. why should i Mr. yousuf? there is no need of that and whatever going on here is really height of stupidity.

  14. i don’t think it is a valid point Mr. Yousuf? there is no need of that and whatever going on here is really height of stupidity.

  15. mmmmmmmmmm I love scent of muslim thick sperm.. so yummy delicious ahhh..
    my mom was breeder.. she gave 3 girl kids me n my 2 sisters from muslim men. now she did nasbandi..

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  16. Yeh sab padh ke aur dekh ke I’m getting addicted to this site.. who made this site…India me agar yeh sab chal raha hai.. litrery hum aurton ko muslims jyada pasand hai.. isliye inki aabadi itni fast badh rahi hai…

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