Puja Purohit How I submitted myself- Part 1

Puja writes:
This is my true story which will be posted in 3 parts.Donot publish my mail id.
Hi, my name is Puja Purohit. Today, I am going to tell you the real story of my life about how I submitted myself to a musalman pathan boy from my college despite being a staunch brahmin hindu and my strong dislike for musalman boys and the community. This is a big story and is of 3 parts. This is the 1st part. I am Puja Purohit, 20 years of age.I  hail from Delhi and belong to an upper caste Gujarati Brahmin family of pandits. My father, grandfather, great grandfather were all mukhya pandits of Sri Krishna Mandir and very respected in the hindu society throughout Delhi. From my pictures, you can see that I have inherited all the qualities of a true hindu brahmin girl; fair,beautiful,soft and tender. So now I begin my story.

This was my first day in college.I was looking around the college with my boyfriend Ram. Ram is also a gujarati, brahmin boy. I’ve known him from middle school.He is a nice guy,very helpful and has a been my boyfriend for over 6 months.But we have never done anything. He hasnt even touched my lady parts once. He has just kissed on my cheeks.Thats it. A very decent boy, Ram is.

I was wearing a red saree and golden sleeveless blouse that day. All the boys were turning their heads to look at me, drooling over me, so I knew I was looking very attractive and hot. Ram told me not to raise my hands so much because then my whole shaved, smooth, fair armpit flesh was being exposed and the boys were continously staring at them aankhen phad phad ke.
While going around the campus,we saw a group of boys,typical rowdies and muslims most probably, cause they were wearing skullcaps, in a group with their bikes chatting and hanging out and talking loudly. We had to pass them to go to the canteen.

Ram-“chal doosre side se jaate hai.”

Me-“kyu kya hua?”

Ram-“unlogonke pass se jana safe nehi hoga”

Me-“kyu kaun hai wolog?”

Ram”wo Bakhtiyar Khan ki group hai. bohot badmash ladka hai.panga nehi lena hai usse”

Me-“toh kya hua?kaun Bakhtiyar?thodi na daarte hai usse”

Ram-“Puja,suno doosre side se chalo.Bakhtiyar ka reputation hai ladkiyo ko use karne ka.specially hindu ladkiyoko.tumhe ched dega woh log me bacha nahi payunga.mujhe panga nehi lena hai usse”

Me-“kya bakwas!kuch nehi hoga chalo toh”

So we started walking past them towards the canteen. I could already see the muslim guys looking at me from head to toe.A few had their eyes fixed on my breasts as they bounced up and down while I was walking. I felt my hair come loose so I raised both my hands to fix my hair. Suddenly i heard a sharp loud whistle.
A huge strong bulky guy who whistled at me said “saali teri chikni gori bagal dekhke me pagal ho raha hu idhar. Maan kar rahah hai pakad ke chat lu. Dudh se nahati hai kya?”
The whole gang of boys started laughing and leering at me.

Ram started to shake and tremble in fear.
“yaha se chal yah se chal puja”Ram repeated.

“Bakhtiyar saali yaha nayi ayi hai shayed, isliye tujhe pehchanti nehi”said another guy to the huge strong guy who whistled at me.
So I came to know that the huge muscular strong looking guy was Bakhtiyar who was infamous for continously fucking and dumping hindu brahmin girls of that college.

I must say that Bakhtiyar looked really really strong.He could crush Ram anyday. But I was determined to fight for my izzat.

“Aap ko tameez nehi hai?ladkiyo se kaise baat karte hai nehi sikhaye kisine”I told Bakhtiyar angrily.

Hearing this,the whole group of muslim boys started laughing and whistling even more. Ram was shaking like anything.He was about to piss himself I thought.I strongly held his hand.Bakhtiyar came down from his bike and walked upto me.

“lagta hai tujhe bohot kuch sikhana padega mujhe.chal mere saath bike me baith.tujhe ghumake le ayu”he said and winked at me.

“yeh hijde ko hata yaha se”laughed Bakhtiyar pointing at Ram.

Hearing this Ram leaped away. He ran away leaving me alone with those muslim boys.I was so shocked.I never thought Ram would leave me and run away.

Seeing this Bakhtiyar said”Dekh hijda bhag gaya.lekin tujhe toh nehi bhagne denge”.

Saying this he held my waist with his strong hands.I could see his veins pop out as he squeezed the naked,fair flesh of my waist.I squealed in pain.

“yeh kya kar rahe ho.chodo mujhe.abhi chodo mujhe”I shouted.

“chod dunga bas pehle apni baal toh thik karle ekbar please” he said.

I said”are you sick or what.mujhe abhi chod do”

I struggled to set mself free but couldnt. I looked at other people but all of them avoided the scene. Apparently all of them were scared of Bakhtiyar and his group.

Having no other option,I had to raise my arms to fix my hair and just get over with it.

As soon as I did that,Bakhtiyar pinched my armpit flesh and grabbed it tightly with his strong hands. My whole body turned red. Ram has been my boyfriend for over 6 months and he has never touched me since.For the first time a man was touching my body and I felt electric shocks all over my body.I was getting weak in my knees and was starting to wet up.I could feel a rush in my vagina as Bakhtiyar held my armpits with his firm hands and squeezed it repeatedly.

“Afzal kya maal hai re sahi maal hai pataka maal hai hindu brahmin lagti hai yeh. ya naram badan hai yaar.”bakhtiyar said excitedly.”kya naam hai teri?”

“Puja Puohit” i said.

They all started whistling and laughing.

“Sahi kaha Bakhtiyar bhai Hindu brahmin hai.isliye itni gori,chikni,tandoor jaisi badan hai iski”said Afzal and patting Bakhtiyar on the back.

“mujhe hindu brahmin ladkiya dekh ke hi pata chal jata hai. Ek meethi khushbu aati hai in hindu ladkiyo ki bagal,chuchiya aur baalon se.Lund khada ke khada reh jata hai.shant hone ka naam hi nehi leta”Bakhtiyar said with a big grin on his face.

I had tears in my eyes also but somehow I was liking the abuse Bakhtiyar was doing to my soft,tender body.

“please mujhe ab jaane do”I begged him.

“tujhe pata hai agar mein chahu tujhe abhi ke abhi uthake mere gari me phak sakta hu.fir teri saree utad ke tujhe nangi karke teri chut ki bhosada bana sakta hu.koi kuch nehi ukhad payega mera.lekin woh mein nehi karunga me shareef ladka hu.tu khud mere paas ayegi nangi hokar teri chut aur gaand ki tabiyat se chudai karneke liye bheek mangegi”said Bakhtiyar.

I just looked at him and said”please mujhe ab jane do nehi toh..”

“nehi toh kya?”questioned Bakhtiyar.

I couldnt answer him. All of them started laughing and whistling.

“Bakhtiyar bhai lagta hai ladki garam ho gayi hai. Aap ka jaadu firse firse ek hindu brahmin ladki par chal gaya”said Imran.

Bakhtiyar just winked at him.Then he let go of my armpit and kissed and licked my bright red armpits for 5 seconds.He moved his hands down my back and gave 3 strong,hard squeezes on my soft ass.I jumped up in pain.He took all of my butt cheeks in his big hands and squeezed it with his strength.I moaned.Then he placed his hands on my hindu brahmin breasts and squeezed it 5 times.I moaned in pain and pleasure.Ram has never touched me.I was feeling so overpowered.I was feeling that a real dominant man is mounting me up and I was submitting myself.I let go of my defenses and did not resist his gropings of my breasts and butt. I was breathing very heavily.

All the time the muslim boys were laughing and leering at me,passing lewd comments on my body.

I ignored all of that.

“teri number mujhe de”whispered Bakhtiyar.

Without a question I gave him my number.I was so submissive at that point that if Bakhtiyar had asked me to bend over and spread my legs,I would have done that in a second.

“chal ab tu nikal yaha se.raat ko free rehna.phone karunga”Bakhtiyar said slapping my ass.I was so weak I couldnt walk in a straight line.I somehow managed to walk past them.I was looking down while walking struggling my intense desire to touch my vagina.I saw Ram hiding behind the canteen.He came running towards me.

“Kya hua Puja?un muslim haramio ne kya kiya?tumhare haath itni laal kyu hai?”

“kuch nehi kuch nehi.ragging le raha tha.Canteen chalo.” i replied.

End of Part 1.

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  1. Its but natural Puja that for beautiful,hot hindu girls like you to experience real pleasure from strong hunks who can awaken the real slut from inside you and make you feel the heavenly pleasure which your weak sissy bf can never give you.Did correct thing to give him your number and I assume you must be his slut by now.Enjoy

  2. Thanks Asif! But I’m not that beautiful and hot. Well, to know that you have to rea my 2nd part. But I can say this much that I’ve broken up with Ram.

  3. Its good you have broken up with Ram.Instead of protecting his Sita,he ran away like a coward.Its the confidence,courage and self esteem which is lacking in that sissy who ran away leaving you alone in good company.

    As for hot and beautiful,if those are your pics,then you do look sexy and hot.

  4. Thanks again Asif. Yes those are my real pics that’s why I did a great deal of effort to hide my identity.Yes,Ram got scared of Bakhtiyar.He is physically weaker than Bakhtiyar.I feel like a woman when I am in the company of Bakh.He is so manly.much more masculine than Ram.He makes me feel beautiful hot and sexy.I feel protected and safe with him unlike Ram.He is always excited to spend some time alone with me and to get his huge strong hands busy 😛

    • Wow that is really a erotic story, i love the way you have fallen for bakhtiyar, but you know dear it does not even appears to be a Bollywood script. I mean who can give you breast rubs and buttrubs in college where security personnels are always being high alert as per present scenerio. Pooja purohit, i want to talk to you through mail, kindly respond to my approach ;).

  5. dear all i have seen asif tiny dick on cam its like child

  6. cery small and weak

  7. hahahaha!! really? is that true Ritu? that’s hilarious!!Asif wat say? 😛

  8. Hot! amazing story! and you are one amazing Beautiful Hindu Goddess. who does your family worship? do u like dominant white guys also?

    • thanks mark! You flatter me. We are gujarati brahmins. so we are devoted to lord krishna kanha ji. well i am not into white guys coz i havent intected with them so much. i stay in india.

  9. guys join me on [email protected] I’ll show my real dick. fakes are also welcome. ritu has seen it, Nidhi has liked it very much.

  10. Very erotic story.

    I am a Brahmin male.

    Though I have never had a girlfriend, I could relate to Ram, being a coward myself.
    I did jerk off my 4 inches cock, imagining that I am Ram and Puja is my girlfriend.

    The thought that Puja, my girlfriend, became wettt because of Bakhtiyar’s dirty talk, and her coming to me with legs shaking, after her ass had just been slapped by Bakhtiyar, makes me stroke my 4″ cock with fever, and cum in my underwear.

    Eagerly awaiting remaining chapters.

  11. please post the remaining of the story
    cant wait

  12. ya i have seen his tiny cock.its like a child

    • ritu didi , lagta hay ap nay badhay badhay lund deakhay hay ju Asif ka chuta laga. experience bi lagti hoo. waisay sach tu yahe hay kay indian men ka hota hi chuta hay 2nd smallest in the world. muslims ka tu gen mix howa hay arabs kay saath jen ka mostly strong aur badha hota hay. my chat gf bi yahi bolti hay aur bolti hay cut topi walah lund look good jaisay kisi nay karash tarash kar kay ready kia hoo hamaray liya. lose skin lund dont attract us or turn on properly

  13. hi puja
    agar mai apki ki jagah hoti to mao bbi yahi krti mera sath besa real hua mera bf muslim bana . he fuck me lots uske baaad uske dosto ne ne bho jam ke use kiya. but i love that .

  14. Pooja Purohit. Randi agar tujhe aise hi Khoole me chodwana hai to randikhana me chali Jaa waha bahut trah ke grahak aur teri Muslim behne milengi. Me bhi wahi aa jaunga

  15. पुजा मेरी ब्राह्मण बहन पठान से चोदवा के हिन्दू नारियो की ८००साल पुरानी गौरवशाली महान परम्परा को निभाया है । ८०० साल से हम हिन्दू अपनी बहनों को चोदवाने के लीए मुस्लिमो के घर पहुँचाते रहे है
    और हमारी बहने भी एकदम नंगी होकर गांड उचका उचका कर मुसलमानों के कटे लंबे मोटे कठोर लंड से खुब चोदवाती रही है
    अब समय बदलगया अब हम हिन्दू मुसलमानों को अपने घरलाकर अपनी मा बहनों को अपने हाथो से नंगी करके उनपर नंगे मुसलमानों को चढा के कटे लंड से खुब चोदवाते है मेरी हिन्दू बहने जवाब पोस्ट करें हिन्दू भाई भी

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