Questions about my mom’s interfaith marriage


I have been a member of this site for a while and have seen a lot of discussion and a lot of good (some a little naughty) answers being provided by the members regarding Islam and muslims. These questions have been on my mind for quite some time but have never gotten the chance to put them in words and ask them.

A little detail about myself before I as my questions.I am a hindu guy originally from Bengal but now I live outside. A few years ago my mom got divorced from my dad for reasons I wont get into here. After the initial shock my mom dated quite a lot for a year before getting married again to an older Muslim man she used to work for. My thoughts and questions are

– My Muslim stepdad already had a wife before he married my mom. I am aware that a muslim man is allowed to have 4 wives if he can maintain them. However is it normal in other places and does it not get a little weird for the family?

– My stepdads family although not extremely religious made it mandatory that mom being a Hindu had to convert to Islam before the nikah. I understand that this is required but can a hindu woman not get married without conversion.

– Also my stepdads family, specially my stepdad and his sister made it absolutely clear that mom had to change her hindu name to an Islamic name. The imaam of the local masjid gave suggestion on the name which my mom had to accept. I used to think that changing ones name is not necessary during conversion but in our case mom didnt have a choice.

– Since their marriage my mom and step dad has been blessed with 3 boys. They were all obviously Muslim but my mom wanted to give a Hindu name to one of them which my stepdads family didnt agree at all. All of my brothers required to have muslim names and they are being raised completely in the Islamic faith. Is it not possible for them to know both religions?

– Before her 2nd marriage my mom used to wear western clothes which sometimes used to be revealing in nature as many bengali hindu women wear. After her marriage she was not allowed to leave the house without a burqa or a hijab. Although not all women in my step dads family wear a hijab it was mandatory for my mom. They said that since mom was a hindu convert she had to show more faith and dedication to Islam. Is it true that new converts have to show more dedication to display their faith?

– Mom is not allowed to have any hindu gods at home. Is it wrong to have hindu god pictures or statues inside a muslim household ?

I have more question but if people here can let me know their thoughts or answers I will be really grateful and maybe more of my questions answered. Any answer or comment is  appreciated.

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  1. Your mom is doing it willingly you shouldn’t have a problem.
    No if the muslim man already has a wife then your mom cannot marry him without converting because special marriage act doesn’t allow second wife. If the muslim man already has a wife then your mom has to marry him according to Shariat (sharia) Muslim personal Law so she has to convert during nikah even sharmila tegore did so and got a new muslim name begum ayesha sultana.
    Idol worship is forbidden in islam. Even in hinduism idol worship is not the ultimate form of worship it just serves as a medium to concentrate for lesser people nothing more. Ancient sages, rishis did not use idols like we do today one reason for it is commercialization even the Chinese are producing hindu god idols and selling them in the indian market. The higher form of worship is when a person who wishes to worship a god assumes god’s image in his mind and concentrates on that god and worships it in his mind without the aid of the idol.
    Loyalty plays a vital role in islam your mother is being tested by the family members. If there are two brothers or sisters. Lets say brother A and Brother B. If brother B is not a brother in faith and then there is a stranger C who is a brother in faith then Stranger C is more of a brother to brother A then (biological) brother B who shares the same blood with him. Faith and loyalty are even above blood relations an unbreakable chain of brotherhood and sisterhood in islam.

  2. Hi pragya, tumhari id mil.sakti hai chat ke liye.

    Kik: rayhan_hunk

  3. Hi Pragya

    I really like your thoughts to my my questions.. If possible can we chat further.

    My email Id is [email protected]

    • hi sudanshu….congrats for getting a m stepdad…. 🙂 even my mom is having affair with a musalman mard due to my dad’s stay elsewhere due to job commitments….I have even seen them having sex and masturbated…. 🙂 hope he will soon marry her and make us muslim 🙂

      • HI Nitin

        Thanks for your kind words. It was quite tough initially to adjust to the change. However as time passed it got better. Now I am glad that my mom is now a proud muslimah.

  4. want my married elder sis as second wife of muslim man.she is very beutifull .

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