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Reactions : Dipika Kakar having fun in goa with her musalman boyfriend

muslim bf

hindu girl muslim boyfriend

dipika and muslim boyfriend


He must have seen him as shoaib doesn’t miss Jummah (friday prayers)

H!ndu girl Akanksha gives a befitting reply to the haters.

Its only the males who have a problem while on the other hand girls are loving this couple. Dipika has got a big female fan base. Many of them idolize Dipika and they yearn for a lover like Sohaib who is a real mard, Dipika seems to be having the best time of her life with this musalman.

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  1. I’ve faced n still facing these, these boyz doesn’t have the ability to get a girl, but when someone does all they can do is taunting by saying mulla,ugly,katwa……puny dick sissy’s

  2. Our pretty Hindu sisters being rammed by Muslim cock. What should we Hindu boys do? Apna haath jagannath?

    • do we ram ur sister by force? nope. they love to be with us. we didn’t snatch ur girls. if u have what it takes then have ur one otherwise u have ur hand to masterbate by thinking how we ramming ur pretty sisters. stop complaining n taunting.

      • siddique u r right.we can’t stop our sister to go with Muslim man.even my sister is married but she is in affairs with a muslim man.i don’t know what is special in muslim? add me on Kik rrraj1 my id

  3. Another one hindu girl who had willingly eloped with muslim man court frees the man because girl became muslim.

  4. Our own Hindu girls will end religion.

  5. we should not blame muslim for this.if our hindu sister not satisfied with hindu husband than definitely go for muslim big Lund.and once she tested big circumcised muslim lund she will nazar come back to Hindu hobby.

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