Reactions : H!ndu girl elopes with musalman mard

The occasion: 18 years old hindu girl elopes with musalman guy and gets pregnant. The girl is now married to the musalman mard and they live together.

Interesting reactions and analysis which directly comes various H guys themselves, that why h!ndu girls are grabbing muslim lund, a real burning question.

Srk son already having fun with navya and sridevi daughter with Ibrahim ali khan, its the next gen khans, hez worried.

What is Mr. Mitra indicating here. Hez bengali so he should be more qualified to answer this. Hindu girls crave for circumcised Muslim lund.

They crave for something better which every human naturally does.

Some of them blamed the khan culture, some blamed h!ndu girls and other blamed their parents who did not give good Sanskars to the girls but if sanskars are to blame then why the daughters and relatives of many hardcore h!ndus like swamy, thackeray granddaughter etc married musalman mards 😉 You’d expect them to get the best of sanskars.

Ending Note: H!ndu girls like mushroom head and they like it kadak.

covered mushroom head

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