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Dear Sir,

I just found this lovely website 3-4 days back and just loved its amazing contents. Few years back I got attracted towards muslims and now diehard fan now. It happened in 2009, I wanted to become a real cuckold and by chance met 1 frnd Sahil Mohmad. My wife also saw him and liked, but the real shocker was when i saw him undress and perform action. His cock almost double size of mine, very fat and he did first shot non stop almost 1 hr. My darling had 3 orgasms during that (with me she sometimes struggle to get the first one 😉 ). She later told me that she liked his fat cock a lot and his fast pumping and told that she never enjoyed that much in whole life.

I would also love to share some pics of my darling in later emails.
love n regards
Amit and Neetu

4 thoughts on “Real cuckold h couple

  1. cool brother, i am not married yet but i think when i will be married, i would be just like you, enjoying Mighty Muslims and my wife in action :p

  2. his id is casey3040 @yh and he from kerala but he interested in real fun only and no timepass on chat.

    @panditpimp, if u serious about doing it with your future wife, just get in touch with me mywife31sexy @yh i would give some good tips how to manage it, i have very long experience how to do it safely.

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