My Experience : Wife runs away with a musl!m guy

Ours was an arranged marriage. When I saw her for the first time I fell for her. I was rich and had a good job. Her parents also liked me and now it was up to her to accept me after a week of conversations with her she agreed to this union but she had put one condition that after the marriage she would continue to study and give competitive exams for government jobs, to which I agreed. I though this is the era of women empowerment why not my wife can even reach stars.

Soon we got married and after 3 years of marriage she cracked an exam and got a government job. I was happy for her. She was 28 then.

Things changed after 2 years when I found out that she has been having an affair with a Muslim man, he was a government contractor.
My wife didn’t have any shame what so ever in her eyes. She said ‘she would do what she desires and I shouldn’t tell her what to do’

The musalman man whom she was in affair with was a 38 year old divorcee. I told her if she continues with this then she should get out from this house.
We had quarrels everyday. Now she started sleeping in the other room.

I was totally shocked, she was fucking another man behind my back and that too a muslim especially when she used to criticize them. Many years ago during our conversations she used to say negative things about muslim men. She knew that I share the same view.

But now she was sucking same muslim dick and the muslim man was enjoying her sexy milky body.
After few weeks my wife left the house and sent me the divorce papers. She was now living with that muslim man. She probably loves having sex with him, she likes his lund more than mine.

I couldn’t fathom why this h!ndu bitch left my house she had everything. Then I realized that its was her pussy, she wanted a bigger lund I suppose.
I realized that once these h!ndu women become independent they are more likely to follow their natural instincts, my wife got a good job and became independent and she didn’t feel the need to remain under her weak hindu hubby any longer. She met a muslim, it would have started with friendship then the muslim took her to the bed and bang! the bubble bursts. She gets more pleasure than her hubby ever provided her in the bed. Soon the muslim man captivated her totally and fucked her rough like a h!ndu bitch and in turn she also got satisfaction like never before.

After our divorce I called my wife couple of times to release my frustration. I said ‘sali randi katwe k saath mu kala karwa k chain pad gaya tujhe’
We used to quarrel on the phone and she also hit back at me everytime ‘sale hijde kya kare tera 4 inch ka to khada nahi hota tha’
After hearing her insults I didn’t feel angry instead I started enjoying the strange feeling.

I also sent her few messages on facebook stupid bitch you ran away with muslim couldn’t you find anyone else, what kind of bitch are you. She replied ‘oh feeling insecure eh the muslim man was way bigger and better than you could ever be’
Then I said to her show me how he fucks you, send me a video.
She said just fuck off.
I said I would really like to see what made you fall for him and how do you have sex with him.
She thought that I am asking for her sex video because I want to take revenge but only I know that I asked her for the video b’coz I really wanted to see how the h!ndu woman my wife sucks the muslim lauda.

Masturbating to hindu woman muslim man erotica has made me come out the painful divorce experience and depression after my wife ran away with the muslim man. Its the only thing that made me not loose my mind.

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  1. aisa hi hota h jab koi musalman ek bar kisi Hindu women apne jal me fasa leta h.meri married bahan k sath bhi aisa hi hua h.wo bhi ek 40 sal k musalman Se chud rahi h 2 sal se.

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