Real life affair of our departement colleague with muslim

Hi i find this website 3 days back my English is not so good i try my best.

Im a bmtc conductor  govt job there in our departement new depo there hindu woman named Suma *****(vegetarian vishya ) she also conductor she having affair with one muslim senior khadar sir. From 3 years she is having  hindu husband he drinks a little and her hubby is  R** office worker.

Suma ****** madam from 3 years she is having affair with that khadar sir of 10 years older than her.. We also thought it is just friendship but she used to go with him for movies etc..

2 days back when our driver had fight with her he told her she goes with him to ***** hotel ***** there to sleep with him last week also she went antha.

She literally accept and told (naage avru ista adikek naanu avara jtoeh malguthini nimge enu kasta bekadre maduve aadru neevu kelohagilaa ) it means yes i slept with him and we like each other and none of your Business we can do what ever we want even if I marry him u dont have to worry its my choice u just shut up she scolded our driver.. She heavily flirts and go out with him our driver seen both going to that hotel t**** ***** lodge..

Their photos I will upload to a site and show u please post this is a real incident.

Their affair and their dating and more photos i will show once u post this in society thread. This real incident of hindu super talented hottie getting older muslim man 10 years older man cock in her pussy made me post this. Their other affairs and their flirt and going to and even try to capture their sex also post this is society thank u.

22 thoughts on “Real life affair of our departement colleague with muslim

  1. Mene to pehle he bola tha the more hindu women will be empowered the more they will fall into the lap of muslim men, this is natural selection. H guys should get used to it as it is just the beginning. Hindu women married off to a hindu guy is unnatural selection and if she goes out and falls for a musalman man its normal and she feels more independent. U cannot stop their natural urges nature is sometimes cruel but u hav no option but to accept it. It not that unempowered women dont do it but when they get independent and empowered they do it more openly without any fear. You might have noticed that even the modern and the liberalist of musalman women stick with their own men that is because they have stronger men who know how to handle a woman and the musalman women don’t have to look outside anywhere else but hindu women have to.

    1. I never Talk to you and dont even know that what kind of person are u..Anyway please keep this in your mind that i dont need any certificate of u n u r nothing to me.Hope u got it,..Thanks

  2. Hi rupali 23 age. Me ne bhi muslim land shadi ke baad liya, chut kya pata muslim ya hindu. Bas use tagda land chayiye.

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