Reetika’s Confession

I am 24 f Indian Hindu girl. I am from Delhi but living with my brother in USA… I moved to USA on pending long standing adoption case after my mom died .I live in a small rental with my elder brother.

When I was in India, being a lower middle class girl, I always wished I was classy and have good lifestyle just like those rich girls have. Own car, own good phone, expensive dresses, jewelry, kind of part of well off crowd. So when I got a chance to date a guy who was son of businessman, I jumped at the opportunity. I thought why not be pleasing to this guy so that maybe I settle with him. So, I agreed to anything he said or asked. Even bj in his Audi car. However, he kind of dumped me when he thought I am getting too close. After all, he was to marry someone from his status and I was a time pass to him.

I have been groped in buses of Delhi often and it’s so common that any one reading this from Delhi will know it’s so true.

Anyways…… so in our colony, everyone kind of was noticing that a guy comes in Audi and being a middle class colony, that car gets attention and so I was often looked at by guys and people in colony as some cheap slut going out with men. One day I was seen by couple being kissed heavy by my bf in car and they immediately told to some neighbors and to my dad also.
I was kind of disgraced in our colony and people were making fun of my dad.
Dad was very upset. He scolded a lot. Dad called my brother in USA and told him that reetika has shamed us all. No decent respected guy or family will marry this girl. If she remains in India, she will only bring shame on us. Take this dirt out of India.
Dad called his doctor friend [49 year old divorced Muslim doctor in California]. Dad said to him that he is sending me to USA. She is just a disgraced daughter. Maybe when she reaches USA, u helps her in some simple job at least. His friend dr sir assured him that reetika is like my daughter; sure I will look into it. Don’t worry.

The doctor sir [papa s friend] initially was nice decent. He gave me job. He was friendly. But gradually, he started asking me questions like, why u made bf in India, see… that resulted in so much disgrace to Ur dad.
Gradually his questions became….. So was it fun to be with guys. Did he often touched u. u r not virgin I know, when did he fuck u first.
… to gradually questions like… ur lips are made for hmmmmm
when u come to work, I see ur back and it give me same feeling in pants that ur bf in India got.

Initially I simply smiled but eventually he started touching more and more in his office etc. since he is dad s friend and gave me job, my brother and dad think of him as highly respected man. So when he asks me to visit his home, my brother or dad don’t see anything wrong or suspect anything fishy in it.

dr sir started fondling me more and more. He started giving me money and favors and also started sending me to few men for blowjobs. We now have sex relations and he is like my Muslim owner sort of sugar daddy. I am not into any voice ,pics, videos, sharing.
I will never share my whats app or Facebook!!

I use kik for chat. My kik id is reet_cutegal

Anyways, thanks for reading. if it doesn’t make any sense to you, just forgive and forget! Love u

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