Renter’s GF

When my renter brought his gf to his room I couldn’t get my eyes off that beautiful chick. I had strictly instructed him not to bring any female friends to the room but once she came to see him off and i got my eyes on her. Devraj (my renter) immediately apologised and said it was his gf and she was stressing on seeing my place so i just brought her here. She won’t come inside, she will just go now.
And I said, ‘Why? Why won’t she come inside?’ He was shocked. She was beaming like a firefly. ‘She will come inside. How rude can you be Devraj to reject the honour of hosting such a beautiful lady?’ And then I invited her inside. We had some chats, snacks and lots of gigglings, which by the look on Devraj’s face I could guess he didn’t like. But his gf kept good company with me and wasn’t even aware of the envious glares his bf was giving her. I asked him that she can bring his friend whenever she wants. My doors are always open for her.
She did come a few times. But one time when she came, Devraj wasn’t home so she waited in my living room. She also mingled with my kids and played with her. This pic is post 3 months that day. I guess she knew Dev wasn’t home that day already. Coz after that day she started visiting in absence of Dev a lot and eventually you all can gather how it shaped up between us by looking at the pic

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