Renuka loves halal

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Renuka a 28 year old hindu wife often goes to the nearby meat shop to purchase chicken. The shop belongs to a muslim butcher named Alimmuddin. Its a Halal shop and one day Renuka’s hubby comes to know that she brings meat from that shop. Her husband advices her not to go to that shop.
He tells Renuka that its a muslim halal meat shop, many hindus don’t think nor care about it but muslims never eat non-halal. He tells her not to bring non-veg from that muslim shop.

But Renuka finds halal meat to be more tasty than regular meat. She even starts to have kinky feelings about that muslim butcher Alimmuddin. She fantasized about rough Alimmuddin fucking her mercilessly and filling her hole with his cum.

She continued going to that shop and one day she was alone with him in the shop waiting for him to pack the meat. It was cloudy and suddenly heavy rain poured down, she did not bring umbrella. Now she had to wait for the rain to stop. There was no one else in the shop at that time and Alimmuddin had no work so he started talking to Renuka. He must have also seen the situation as a good opportunity.

Renuka was in a saree dressed smartly as always. Alimmuddin’s dick must have been jumping up and down craving to get a taste of her sexy body.
In the middle of the conversation he asks her about her family. Then he says “your husband never comes with you, you always come alone.”
Renuka tells him the truth that her husband doesn’t know that she brings chicken and mutton from this shop. He would not eat halal.
Hearing this Alimmuddin gave her a smile and Renuka smiled back. Alimmuddin knew instantly that she likes him.
Alimmuddin: So your husband doesn’t know that you bring halal meat but why do you take the risk.
Renuka: Before the marriage my boyfriend was a muslim he used take me to halal non-veg restaurants and meat shops since then I find halal to be tastier. Just got so used to it.
Alimmuddin stands up and goes near Renuka. He says ” you are not happy with your husband .”
Renuka: No he is ok.
Alimmuddin: Just ok, you wish he was better.
Renuka: May be.
Alimmuddin: Dont worry I can give you what your husband can’t.
Renuka: And what is that.
Alimmuddin: Don’t act so innocent, you are a grown up woman. I know what you really want.
Renuka stood there silently without saying a word.
It was still raining heavily. Renuka was lost she didn’t know what to say. “I have to go, saying this she turns towards the door. Alimmuddin grabs her from behind and pulls the string of her blouse.

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Then he starts to kiss her exposed body. He sucks and licks her back and bites her ear.
Renuka: Leave me I am a married woman, you can’t do this.
Saying this she tries to act like a “sati-savitri, like she is loyal to her husband” but Alimmuddin knew she is doing drama as she showed no resistance what so ever. Just empty words came out from her mouth that did not agree with her body language.

Renuka: Oh!!! what are you doing. You always had your dirty eyes on me, now you are forcing me into this.
Alimmuddin grabs her boobs and start pressing it while kissing the sides of her neck from behind.
Renuka: Stop, I am a hindu women, if my husband finds out he would beat the hell out you.
Alimmuddin: Stop this drama baby. I know you are a hindu women who craves for my muslim dick and as far as your husband is concerned he would jack off seeing a real man fucking his wife.

Hearing this Renuka goes silent and stands there to be willfully used by the muslim butcher.
Alimmuddin then rushes and bars the door from inside so that no one could come in.
He grabs the pallu of her saree and pulls it down. He kisses her lips and pulls the saree from her belly. Soon he unhooks her blouse and bra and removes her panty. Now she is completely naked and he starts playing with her body. He moves his finger on her pussy and then inserts it slowly inside her hole which turns her even more horny.

Alimmuddin then removes his kurta and pyjama. Now he was only  in underwear and he was madly kissing Renuka. He then grabs her ass firmly and slaps it hard.
Renuka moves her hand inside Alimmuddin’s underwear and grabs his heavy dick. She starts assessing his cock. Wo uske lund ka akalan karne lagi. When she grabs his dick her mind gets bombarded with thoughts that oh his dick is so hard and big.
Then she pulls his dick out from his underwear and falls in love with his long and thick circumcised cock. Alimmuddin was pressing her boobs and kissing her lips and neck at the same time Renuka was toying with his dick in her hand.

Alimmuddin grabs her hairs and pulls her down with her face right in front of his big lund. He moves his dick inside her mouth. Alimmuddin feels so warm with his dick inside her mouth. Renuka sucks his dick for sometime then Alimmuddin lays her down on the floor. Renuka’s pussy was already wet. He moves his dick head on her pussy lips and then inserts it inside her pussy. Renuka finally feels a muslim cock in her pussy after so long in fact first time after her marriage. Alimmuddin starts stroking his dick to and fro.
After some time Alimmuddin puts her one leg on his shoulder and starts fucking her with greater force. Now Renuka starts moaning heavily with every thrust her moans got louder and louder.
Renuka: Ahh!! fuck me.. chod mujhe.

Alimmuddin: you like the muslim dick eh!! hindu bitch.. you like the halal dick.
Renuka (moaning heavily) yes tear my pussy with your halal dick.
Alimmuddin squeezes her nipples hard while fucking her pussy hole, she feels some pain but the pleasure of his big hard dick going inside her pussy overwhelms the pain.
Then he lays her down on the table and with both her legs on his shoulders he fucks her wildly.
Alimmuddin while stroking, thrusting and grinding his dick inside her pussy says “Bitch you need muslim seed in your womb” your husband is useless.

Renuka: Yes seed my womb with your muslim cum.
Alimmuddin: ahh!! aaj teri chut mai muslim beej daal dunga.
Alimmuddin then fucks her on the floor from behind like a bitch in doggy style. He slaps her ass while banging her pussy from behind. Renuka kutiya ban kar Alimmuddin se chudwa rahi thi.
Alimmuddin usko chodte hue bola tera pati teri chut ki aag nahi bujha sakta kyu ki tujhe halal ho rakha kata hua muslim loda lene ki aadat pad gayi hai. (While banging her he says Your husband can’t satisfy you bitch because you are so used to halal circumcised muslim cocks).

Renuka: Yes invade my pussy with your muslim cock, my hubby is useless. I am your fuck slut.
Alimmuddin keeps banging her saying dirty things which Renuka truly loved while getting her hindu pussy fucked by a muslim man. She finally got what she was craving for since long after her marriage.

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