Renuka’s Obsession Chapter 1

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It started a few months ago, I was in bed with my husband fondling.

We are rich and young, my husband is 28, three years older than me, 5’9” and average built, and was working as a Senior Manager in an IT company. Whereas I am 5’7” quite tall by Indian standards, well-toned 36-26-36 body, with a couple of tattoos and a newscaster in an English news channel.

“You smell nice. Is it Lancôme? ” Nikhil asked.

“Yes, it is” I kissed his chest and moved down between his legs to take his semi erect uncut into my mouth.

He was looking into my eyes as I sucked on his 5-inch cock eagerly trying to bring it to life

“More ravishing than ever…”

I smiled, unbutton my jacket and shirt. I quickly went back to my position. I took his cock in my mouth I started sucking it as he caressed my back.

“How was your…”

“Hush” I interrupted. I was getting impatient, I haven’t had any sex in past two weeks because of my odd work schedule and he wasn’t hard yet!

“Have you thought about it?” he asked

“Yes, I have”

“So what is it? Will you do it?” his cock twitched in my mouth. I looked at him, and he was looking at me as if begging me to cuckold him. Over the past few months cuckolding theme has become a part of our sex life. Even though I too was turned on by it, I was still confused what it would do to our marriage.

“Nikhil, do you really think you can handle it?” I asked

“Come on at least once. You know how hot it makes me to hear about your past encounters” he pleaded.

“It doesn’t have to be a man of my choice. What about Khalid? I know he likes you.”

Khalid, was my driver, he was in late forties, 6’1”, dusky and very well built and have had two marriages at least what I know of but was divorced. He wasn’t exactly the kind of a man I have always desired, but something about him had always intrigued me.

“Does he?” I questioned.

“Yes, don’t you see how he ogle’s at you”

“Don’t bullshit me…” I said

“Come on you are so lovely and sexy, any men would be willing to fuck you.”

“I know… ” I laughed and got up. I knew I cannot continue to suck his cock or else he would cum in my mouth. I unzipped my skirt and lifted it to my waist. I pushed my panties aside and lined my wet cunt with his cock and slowly lowered myself on it.

“Oh god Renuka, you are so hot and wet” he gasped and held my waist as I started riding his cock.

“You really want me to cuckold you huh? You want me to fuck my driver?” I teased him, slowly moving on his cock trying to prolong his ejaculation as much as I could.

“Yeah… At least do it once” he pleaded, sucking my tits.

“Harder. Suck it HARDER” I screamed as he sucked on my pink nipples

“Ahh” he gasped again.

“I want to see him fuck you right here on our marital bed” he embraced me and kissed my neck. He started thrusting his cock upwards into my wet cunt. I closed my eyes preparing myself for the strong orgasm that was building inside me.

“Bite me… Nikhil” I gave him a peremptory order and he quickened his pace.

“Ah Renuka, I am cumming” he grunted


“Argh” he grunted shot his load inside me. I relaxed my body and unsaddled him.

I was frustrated now, “I waited two weeks for what… just two minutes of pleasure” I said to myself

“Accept his offer Renuka. No, he’s your husband, you can’t do this” Nikhil’s constant cueing had started to confuse me. I picked my handbag and pulled out the packet of cigarette, only to find it empty. I was irritated now.

“I disappointed you didn’t I? I am sorry I was so tired from work today” Nikhil said in a suppressed voice.

“It’s okay, Nikhil” I lied to his face. It wasn’t okay, I was horny as hell.

“I am out of cigarette, going down to get some Ok” I said in a distressed voice.

“Shall I join you?”

“No, honey you relax” I wanted to be alone for a while. I wore my house coat and went downstairs to get a pack of cigarette.

I came back and hopped into the hot shower and started thinking about it “Come on Renuka what are you thinking, he want you to fuck other guys. You are behaving as if you haven’t fucked anyone before him. No, Nikhil is your husband now. Yeah he is your husband. Worthless! Stupid arrange marriages”

I came out of shower and saw that Nikhil had already slept.

I went to the dining room switched on the television and had dinner all by myself, nothing seemed to interest me now.

I went out in the balcony and lit a cigarette. When I heard the terrace door fluttering in wind. I went up to shut it. That’s when I heard faint moans of a women. I was intrigued by the sex voices and slowly followed it.

They were coming from behind the water tank, when I reached there I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was a young girl bobbing her head up and down over Khalid’s crotch. My first reaction was to go back to my apartment and let them have some privacy, but my body didn’t allow me to do it. Lack of sexual satisfaction with Nikhil was compelling me now and my urge to find satisfaction was increasing every second. Stood there watching them. I inserted two fingers inside my cunt and started rubbing my tits. I pushed my fingers deeper. As I watched him fuck that young girl mercilessly I began to finger fuck myself. Next couple of strong strokes gave me a violent orgasm. I ran back to my apartment.

I went to bed but I couldn’t sleep, I began to think about Khalid, how he was dominating that young girl. My hand slid inside my panties and I found myself rubbing my clit, I fingered myself lying next to my husband while thinking about another guy and in a few minutes I came. It was more intense this time, and somehow I was able to sleep.

Next morning I found myself dressing very sexy, not in my usual conservative business suit but in a black pin striped, tight pencil skirt, dark lavender silk blouse and 4″ black high heeled pumps. I wore my sexiest black lace underwear underneath, all lace panty, black shear stockings and a half-cup bra. The skirt was knee length and tight while my blouse was buttoned to the top for the office.

“Good Morning” Nikhil said

“Good morning. You went pretty far out there last night.”

“Did I?” he asked

“Yes and you sounded like you are really serious about me fucking other guys” I said smirking.

“You know I am always open for that”

Nikhil noticed my attire.

“Isn’t this awfully short for the workplace”

I smiled as Nikhil glanced my way “Sweetie after what you said about Khalid, I want to be at my best.”

“Do whatever you desire”

“Are you sure, you never know I might let me fuck me?”

I kissed my husband goodbye and walked out the door.


“Good morning madam” Khalid greeted

“Good morning Khalid…” before he could open the door I moved to the other side and sat on the passenger seat. I pretended like it was nothing, but I wanted to give him something, perhaps a little tease show.

“Come on lets go… we are already late” I knew he was barely listening, the stockings and short skirt had his cock instantly hard and I could literally see the bulge in his trousers.

“Are you ok?” I asked

“Umm.. yeah just a little distracted madam”

“By what?”

“You have got the most beautiful legs I have seen”

“You are so sweet… my husband never mentioned about my legs” I gave him just the slightest sexual innuendo with that, as if I were in a competition with my husband and I’d just scored a point.

“You were just checking me out again?”

“I guess,” he agreed

“You like me don’t you? Be honest!”

“Maybe” he replied

“Do you have fantasies about me?” I asked with a grin

“Well who wouldn’t. You are so hot and always dressed so provocatively”

“So you fantasize about fucking me?”

“You want me to say it madam?”

“I do” I nodded

“Renuka, you are one woman I would really like to fuck you.”

“But I am married Khalid”

“That makes me wanna fuck you all night and turn you into my personal slut”

I moved my hand over his cock, it was hard.

“Sorry, I probably shouldn’t distract you while you drive.” But I didn’t close my legs. We reached office.

Rest of the day was uneventful. I looked at the clock and it was 7:40 pm. My work was almost done so I picked up my handbag and walked to the restroom. Throughout the day I was so busy that I almost forgot what had happened last night and in the morning, but being alone in the restroom reminded me of the events I had witnessed last night. I went inside the last cubicle, locked the door and took of my panties. I was wet. I pushed my fingers inside, as deep as I could and started finger fucking myself. I closed my eyes and everything from last night started flashing in front of my eyes, all I could think of was me in place of that young girl getting fucked mercilessly. I was able to orgasm in a few minutes. When the orgasm subsided I sat there, I was still horny.

Few moments later I was standing at the mirror in the bathroom putting on makeup. I went to the parking where Khalid was already waiting for me.

It was a 40 minutes’ drive back home and I never realized when I dozed off. When I woke up and looked outside. It was dark. Khalid had taken me to a secluded road.

“Where are we? And what are you doing back here?”

“God, you are so beautiful you know that?”

“Oh no I’m… ”

“And sweet, natural and sexy… ” my skirt had slid up revealing my inner thighs and he started caressing my legs. His hand started to move up my skirt.

“Khalid, what are you doing?” I tried to push his hand away

“Kiss me Renuka… ”

“Khalid Please… stop I can’t… ”

“You are such a cock tease” he moved his hand inside my skirt

“This can’t happen Khalid… I mean we can’t… I am married… it’s wrong” I tried to resist his actions

“It doesn’t feel wrong” he said and inserted his fingers in the waistline of my panties pulled my panties down to my thighs

“Oh my god… stop”

“It feels so nice…I know your husband can’t satisfy you…but I can… let me love you Renuka” his hand had reached between my legs and he touched my wet cunt.

“Oh my god… ” I whimpered

I am by no means flirtatious by nature and I am from a very conservative Hindu family, but for whatever reasons I have always made an exception for Muslim guys advancing on me.

He fingers touched my wet cunt. Then there was a moment of awkward silence. He started rubbing my cunt and I made no attempts to stop him, instead I opened my legs, giving him complete access to my body.

I parted my legs letting him move his fingers inside my cunt. He push two fingers inside and I moaned. He knew, he had me. He moved his hand further driving his fingers deeper into my wet cunt. For the next few minutes he kept fingering me until I had a violent orgasm and came on his fingers. He pushed his fingers into my mouth and sucked them clean.

He then pulled me towards him. My head fell on his chest as he wrapped his arms around me, I tried to pull back but he was too strong, he pulled me closer, dug his left hand into my hair and placed his lips on mine. With his other hand he unbuttoned my shirt and slid it over my shoulders. He grabbed my boobs over my bra and squeezed them hard, “Argh” I moaned. I opened my mouth and kissed him back. He darted his tongue inside my mouth and I sucked on it eagerly. I moved my hand over his pants, he was hard, and without doubt he had a huge cock. I began to rub it as he pulled my bra down revealing my boobs and started sucking on my breasts. I kept moaning as he sucked my nipples.

“You have been teasing me for days, you bitch, I know how horny you married whores are” he smirked, I parted my lips and he pushed his tongue inside my mouth once again, his actions had gotten rough as I sucked on his tongue.

“Oh Khalid” I moaned and hugged him, he looked into my shimmering eyes and gave me his thumb to suck, n I did. He grabbed my throat and kept kissing my neck.

“Suck my cock” he ordered.

I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, I was amazed by the massive head of his cock. It was circumcised, easily 8 inches, nearly purple, hard and a monster compared to my husband. I have had circumcised cocks before and their foreskin-less head has always attracted my attention, but this one had girth too. I wrapped my hand around it, and my fingers couldn’t meet my thumb, I was transfixed on it.

“You’re so big” I said

“Yes, I’m now swallow it!” I knew exactly what he wanted and he wasn’t shy talking about it. I leaned forward wrapping my lips around his swollen head but he wasn’t pleased with my slow movements and took this opportunity to place his hand in my hair and slid his cock over my tongue in one thrust. I felt him hit the back of my throat, and gagged.

Then he began pumping in and out of my warm, wet mouth, my eyes had begun to water as he fucked my face, his balls were hitting my face every time he pounded my mouth. The feeling of being used like this and the idea of cheating on my husband, was intoxicating for me. I opened my throat and took him as deep as I can. Without any care or concern about my marriage.

He pulled out and I gasped for breath, tears were running down my cheeks. He smacked his wet cock over my face a couple of times.

“Don’t stop I haven’t cum yet”

His hands reached down and he roughly grabbed one of my tits and continue to fuck my mouth

“Come on, finish me!”

I wrapped my lips around his cock, his hand holding my head, pressing my mouth down further on his cock. He began pounding my throat once again, feeling wide and aware, breathing through the nose I took him deep down my throat.

“Oh fuck yeah, Renuka,” he groaned,

“Suck on me bitch… oh fuck yeah, Renuka, that’s so fucking good.”

Even though I never thought it would happen like this but I wanted him to feel good, I wanted him to enjoy this, I wanted to satisfy him and I was going to suck him until he finished in my mouth.

“Ohhhh fuck, Renuka …. uughhhh ….. uuughhhhh.” He grunted

I could feel his balls tense as he shot his cum down my throat. Thick, warm and salty. I swallowed every last drop of it with pleasure.

Khalid was looking down at me now, smiling, breathing hard, satisfied. My eyes watched him as I drew my mouth of him slowly, sat back on my heels, licking my lips, tasting him, enjoying that taste.

I was satisfied that he had his way with me.

“It’s late we should get back my husband must be waiting”

“Are you having second thoughts? Come on its normal”

“Nothing about this is normal… ” I said

“What we did was wrong no matter what you say. It was wrong! I wasn’t thinking clearly” I buttoned my shirt.

“I am sorry I got swept in the moment… It was… ” I turned my head to the other side and started crying. Khalid moved to the driver seat and car began to move.


Car stopped in the parking and I ran to my apartment, I closed the door behind me and ran towards the bath, stripped out of my clothes, slipped into the sudsy water, and closed my eyes. I hadn’t planned on this. I never thought something like this would happen, I had just cheated on my husband. My breathing was quick, as I lay there with a burning cigarette between my fingers, with the taste of his cum on my tongue.

Suddenly, I felt the presence of my husband beside the tub.

“What happened Renuka? Are you all right? You seemed off?” he asked

“I have cheated on you Nikhil” I started sobbing again

“What are you saying Renuka?” he sounded curious

“Me and Khalid, I sucked his cock on my way back home. It was one time thing I promise it won’t happen again. Please don’t get angry. And it’s all your fault. You wanted me to…”

“What are you saying Renuka?”

“I couldn’t help it. I wasn’t thinking straight. I just couldn’t help it. I am such a slut”

“No you are not. Now tell me what happened” he placed his hand over my knee.

I narrated everything to him, how I saw him satisfying that young girl, what I did last night and how he used me in the car.

Nikhil was awfully calm. Something about what had happened between me and Khalid wasn’t bothering him.

“You did nothing wrong Renuka… Things like this happen. I know I am not a good lover. It’s natural for you to look outside of our marriage. And the thing is no one will ever know about it even if you…”

“Even if I what?” I interrupted him


“No say it… I what to know what you are thinking?” I pressed

“Even if you fuck him”

I moved closer to his face “This what you have always wanted. Right?”

“Yes” Nikhil was aroused.

“How could you ask this from me? Will it not affect our marriage? And what if the word got out. Or worst what if I get pregnant?”

“No one will ever know about it” he replied

My heart raced. He was asking me to fuck Khalid. And somewhere inside I wanted it too.

“All right I will do it. After all I like him now.”

“You might have to sleep in the guest room tonight”

“Yes, but here?” he said in a low affirmative voice

“You have made me cross the line… why stop me now?”

“I am not stopping you… it’s just I was taken by surprise… ” he said and leaned to kiss me. He was more thrilled now.

“You’re such a sweet person Nikhil you know that. You are really turned on by this. Aren’t you?” I traced his cock over his pants. I pulled him down into the bathtub and kissed. I quickly undid his pants and wrapped my hand around his cock. He was hard. I stroked his cock and sprayed his cum all over my hand

I got up Nikhil helped me with the towel. I dried myself and wore a rose silk chemise.

“Is this good enough, or have you pictured something else in your fantasies” I posed in front of him. I sat in front of the dresser, looked at him into the mirror, I started brushing my hair “Oh my dear husband. You look so cute when you’re jealous.” I teased.

“Don’t worry I’ll let you watch everything”

“Watch?” he asked

“Yes. You can hide inside the closet and watch him fuck me. You have always wanted to right?”


I picked up the phone and called him

“Hello Renuka ma’am” Khalid answered

“Khalid I don’t have any second thoughts now. Come on up I am waiting” I hanged up and smiled at my husband.

“Now go and hide in the closet before he’s here and don’t come out until I call you. He can’t know that you are into this.”

I had nothing more to say, I had decided to fulfil his fantasy, I lifted my usual Lancôme, sprayed it on my neck and walked towards the door.


I walked barefooted towards the door, my whole body was burning with the thought of being with a man other than my husband. I opened the door

“I was wondering why you are talking so much time” he smirked in triumph.

“Come on in”

“Your husband?” he questioned

“Don’t worry he’s not here!” I replied and pulled the chemise over my head. I was now standing naked in my living room. He came inside and I closed the door. I took his hand and walked him to my bedroom. I felt strange. It was the same room where Nikhil and I had consummated our marriage and there I was standing naked in front of another man, waiting for him to make a move.

He sat on the edge of the bed. “I knew you married women don’t get enough sex, especially once who are young and independent… like you” I started to feel his domination. I moved closer to him. He grabbed by my waist, I got this feeling that this time he wasn’t going to leave me that easy, nor did I wanted him too.

He ran his hand from my knees to my ass and squeezed my ass cheeks. I was ecstatic. He brought his face close to my naval, I closed my eyes and threw my head back, and then I felt his lips touch my stomach. I was thrilled. I held his head and caressed his hair as he kept on licking my naval.

My heart was racing. Khalid then turned his attention towards my breasts. He grabbed them and started sucking my nipples. He slapped my tits from side to side with occasional pinching of nipples. I stood there moaning giving him complete access to my body.

“Get on your hands and knees, you whore”

I got down on the floor and looked up, “Not like this, turn your ass towards me” I crawled into position. Smack, “Aah” he spanked, smack-smack twice this time “ah… mm” I covered my mouth with my hand to suppress my voice.

“Hands on the floor bitch and don’t suppress your voice. I want you husband to hear you scream my name” he smirked once again, and started caressing my ass.

“Beautiful… Ah Just like I imagined how your married cunt would be like.” he complimented, I kept it clean, Nikhil liked it that way.

And then I felt his cold hand touching my exposed cunt. “You are already halfway there?” I didn’t know how to respond, Nikhil had never spoken to me in this way.

He pushed his thick fingers into my cunt, “Oh God!” I exclaimed, and my eyes rolled up. He kept pushing them deeper “Ah bitch you’re tight! What’s your husband doing all these days? ” he laughed and I felt his second knuckles going inside.

“Argh” I groaned. I wanted to hold something but hardwood floor wasn’t enough, Shrrreeek…shrrreeek my nails just scratched the surface.

He pulled his fingers out of my cunt and spanked my ass cheeks once again. I didn’t move nor did I make any sound.

Now I had his undivided attention, he pushed his thumb into my cunt and shlick…shlick…shlick his fingers started to rub my clit. I haven’t had such an intense experience in years, I started whimpering “mum…mummm” I had stopped caring about my husband who was hiding in the closet watching everything. His actions were getting intense.

“Oww my god” I exclaimed once again. I shut my eyes close and my nails were shrieking the floor once again.

“Oh Khalid ugghh god. Argh… argh” in a few more strokes I was cumming on his fingers. He pulled me up and embraced me from behind, his hands start to maul my boobs. He held my hair in a ponytail and pulled me into a kiss, I opened my mouth and he darted his tongue into it, I sucked eagerly.

He pinched my nipples and slapped my tits a couple of times before grabbed my throat.

“Get on the bed” he said. I climbed on bed and laid in front of him. He stood in front of me, undressing. He then held my hand and positioned me, with my head hanging down from the edge of the bed. Giving his cock unrestricted access to my throat. “Suck it Renuka”. I looked at his cock, 8 inches right above my forehead.

“Suck it whore, don’t make me wait” he gave me a stern look. I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock down my throat, I gagged “awk…gak.” He took his cock out. I turned my face away and coughed. He grabbed my chin and turned my face towards his cock, I was now more determined to do it right on the second time. He pushed it back again, this time I was prepared. I took it deeper than any other cock I had before, in a second I chocked again “awk…awk”. He didn’t pull out this time. My eyes teared “awk..gak..gak” and he started to fuck my mouth “awk gak awk gak awk” I had never salivated like this before. All this was new to me.

“Yes Renuka” Khalid was moaning in pleasure, his hands were holding my hair. He kept using my mouth for his pleasure, and I kept swallowing his huge cock. It had been a couple of minutes now I was still gaging and choking every now and then. He then pulled his cock out of my mouth and slapped it over my forehead. He was done with my mouth, now he wanted something else.

I got on my hands and knees and he came behind me started rubbing his cock over my cunt. I was his bitch now. He fondled and slapped my tight butt and then he pushed his fat cock in my wet cunt, “oh my god that’s big. Slow down aah aah….ugghh. Slow down aah please” I found myself screaming and begging for more at the same time.

But he wasn’t listening to me, his cock inched into my wet cunt, I thought it was going to rip my cunt. He grabbed my waist and started pounding me. I closed my eyes with satisfaction.

“Yes oh god yes. Please don’t stop” I begged.

“You are my whore from now on. You like it don’t you? Then say it! ”

“I am your whore. I’m your whore Khalid!!!”



Khalid started fucking me hard and fast “FUCK… you have a tight cunt” his hands were exploring my body and kept moving up from my waist to my back, with an occasional slap on my butt or pinch of my nipples.

Finally after the initial shock my cunt has accommodated his fat cock, and he was hitting all the right spots. He grabbed my throat and pulled me to a kiss, I was waiting for his tongue, I sucked as much as I could, “please don’t stop, please don’t… ah yes… yes… ah” I groaned and he kept fucking me at the same tempo. I yelled and grunted with intense of orgasm, this had lasted much longer than usual. He was going on at the same tempo, I was amazed by his stamina. My husband had never fucked me like this EVER in our entire married life. It was close to twenty minutes now and he hadn’t stopped for a second.

He got up and “smack” spanked my ass cheek “ouch” I giggled. “Turn around Renuka, I want to see your face.” I turned and got on my back, held my legs wide up in air, giving his fat cock unrestricted access to my married cunt.

He grabbed my thighs and pushed his cock inside my cunt. He started ramming my cunt with the same pace and tempo “you like to tease, don’t you?” he said looking at me and I nodded in yes.

“FUCK OH…FUCK… OH GOD KHALID…FUCK YES” I screamed as he started to fuck me with the increased pace, his cock was hitting my womb with every stroke “OH GOD DON’T STOP, PLEASE, I BEG YOU PLEASE DON’T STOP… I AM CUMMING” I screamed.

“Yes bitch. Cum on my fat cock” he increased his pace further. I held him by his neck, he looked into my eyes “ARGH… KHALID ARGH… CUM INSIDE ME… I am on pills.” He grunted “ARGH” and I felt his thick warm cum inside me. I shivered with excitement. And held him tighter, he leaned and we kissed. He pushed his cock in and out a couple of times and finally pulled out. I moved my hand to my cunt and wasn’t able to believe the amount of thick cum that was coming out of it. I took some of it on my finger and swallowed.

“Oh Khalid that was…”

“Good” he interrupted

“No, that was amazing” I laughed and we kissed again.

As he lay beside me, sweating, my mind was busy comparing him with my husband, Nikhil was soft and loving, while Khalid was rough and dominant and used me for his pleasure.

He started using my body again, biting and digging his nails into my thighs and my boobs. He lifted my hands over my head and held them together as he sucked and bit my neck. I started whimpering again.

Khalid then turned my legs to one side and started to rub his thick cock over my asshole. That’s when I realized that he was going to fuck my ass. My ex-boyfriend used to fuck my ass regularly and had made the anal sex completely painless, but my husband Nikhil never got hard enough to penetrate my ass.

“I haven’t… ”

“Shut up, you fucking whore just take it” he pushed his cock head into my ass.

“FUCK AAH… OH GOD… FUCK” I yelled but he didn’t seem to care he pushed deeper.

“KHALID NO… ARGH… FUCK… MMMM” I was shuddered and edged forward. He pulled me close.

“Feels like your sissy husband never fucked your ass”

“Don’t you worry dear I’ll make good use of your ass hole” he smirked and started to fuck my ass with mercilessly. His cock was balls deep in my ass. I screamed with every stroke. In a couple of minutes was cumming “FUCK… AAAAHHHH PLEASE AAHH” I was trembling, but my mental satisfaction of being sodomized was greater than the physical pain, I continued to take his punishment, and finally after a few minutes I had to beg him to stop.

“KHALID STOP OH FUCK… YOU’RE HURTING ME STOP PLEASE” I begged, but he went on for another 5 minutes. He then pulled his cock out and climbed over my face. I knew what he wanted, “suck it” he said. I swallowed his thick cock. “ARGH” he grunted and tightened his grip on my hair. I realized what was about to come and tightened my lips around his cock. Within a few seconds my mouth was flooded with his cum.

Gulp-gulp, it was too much, I swallowed as much as I could, I wiped the flowing stream with my finger and licked it and he watched me swallow every drop.

“You are so hot Renuka” he complimented

“Thank you Khalid” I responded, we laughed. He embraced me, and I rested my head into his chest.

“I should leave now.” He said

“That’s it. No sign of affection. Nothing!” I said to myself, I picked up sheet to cover myself, I loosely wrapped myself and walked out of the room.

Khalid opened the door, and walked outside, I closed the door behind him and turned. Nihil was standing right in front of me. I wasn’t feeling any remorse of what happened the previous night, Nikhil wanted to be cuckolded.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

“Yes, my lovely wife” he seemed to be talking it well.

I dropped the sheet. Giving my husband a chance to admire my bruised body, my nipples had turned slight purple from Khalid’s brutal pinching, my whole body was covered with bite marks, “at least he was careful not to bite me on the places that are difficult to hide” I said to myself.

“You look… ”, Nikhil was about to say something but I held his face and kissed him.

“Satisfied” I interrupted

“Thank you, Nikhil. Thank you for everything” I kissed him again.

“No, thank you Renuka!” he touched the bite mark on my collar.

”Hmm” I nodded and moved my hand over his crotch. He was hard…


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  1. Great experience, thanks for sharing. I am sure many Hindu women have had similar experiences or fantasies
    The bast part of this Inter Faith sex relationship is that it allows us Hindu women to be absolutely and totally submissive to really low class conservative muslim men
    Our body cries for the physical oral and mental domination by low class Kattar Muslim Man

    1. My thoughts exactly. I too feel that many Hindu women have this concealed desire to be a submissive slut and not be judged

      1. Hey Juhi you are so lucky who got a husband like Nikhil. Every husband should allow her wife to enjoy with her Muslim man.

  2. Megha U r rt. I m upper class Hindu Brahmin boy Bt I saw submission of my beautiful and sanskari mother in front of lower class firoz our neighbour.I dnt know why she submitted even I want to share their story.

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