Revelation: My girlfriend had a muslim boyfriend

Posting this pic as a  proof that I am not a fake, I am an uncut hindu guy.


I personally believe and have seen this that most of the school and college going muslim guys generally have Hindu girlfriends, but I never though I could also come across this. Last month I was talking to Anishka my female friend. I managed to get very close to her. So finally when she realized that we both were on a verge of a relationship she chose to tell me about her past life. She said she had a boyfriend when she was in school in 12th class and she was very serious about him and till now after 4 years of break up she didn’t got into relationship with anyone because of him, she couldn’t let go of that relationship.

I though no problem, it happens she got too serious and couldn’t get over the past relationship.
But then she told me the name of her past boyfriend ********* Khan. Mere pao se zameen khisak gayi. I was so surprised not because she had a muslim boyfriend but because  it was totally unexpected, I didn’t though it would happen with me. I was like (damn even she had a musalman bf) iska bhi boyfriend musalman nikla. At least she was honest enough to tell me about her past life, most girls prefer to keep it a secret.

They were in relationship for 2 years. Then she revealed more about it. After 2 year her boyfriend started to distance himself from her, he started ignoring her and then she found out that her boyfriend was having a relationship with her (Anishka’s) friend Deepika. She was betrayed by her own friend and also her boyfriend. The male to female sex ratio may be low in India especially among hindus but I see it differently. I see it between Hindu females and Muslim males so you see multiple hindu females behind one muslim male more over they have muslim females too who by and large tend to be more staunch and loyal towards their men & community as compared to other women and they are also not afraid to show where their loyalties lie.
After learning the truth she broke all the contacts with both her boyfriend and her friend Deepika and never had a relationship after that.

After telling all this she even went ahead and spit out all her anger against muslims. She said “ye muslim to kisi k nahi hote, aise he hote hai ye muslim” (that these muslims are like this only cannot be trusted). There was so much anger inside her. She even said “haram jyada katwa kahi ka” and she said many other things about muslims and her boyfriend, spit out all her rage she had in her heart. I was deeply shocked, she seemed very emotional
Because her muslim boyfriend left her she started hating muslims. I see it as one of the reasons why few hindu girls start hating them.

She is not a virgin. Even though she is in a relationship with me she doesn’t want to have sex with me she ignores it when i make any sexual advances and I am thinking about asking her that if she likes muslim lund. There might be some love in her hate hidden deep inside. May be its muslim power, it funny how muslim guys are able to completely conquer mind, body and soul of these girls. I feel like I am only getting used by her serving as an emotional support for her nothing more.

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  1. she certainly likes and craves 4 Muslim LUND bro!
    we heendoos cant compete with Them!
    we are slaves to Muslim MEN

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