Rise in extra maritalaffairs a sign of more unsatisfied hindu women

Ashley Madison said that “arranging affairs for arranged marriages in India has resulted in more than 50,000 users signing up within two days of the official launch.”
More : http://interfaithxxx.com/indian-hindu-woman-want-affairs-outside-marriage

Why extra marital affairs could be right (posted by Kalpana Sharma on times of india)

In the above article its written “Your wedding vows talk about a lifetime together” According to hindus शादी जनम जनम का साथ है shaadi 7 janam ka rishta hai. Marriage is an association between two people for 7 births. It seems that the musalmans enjoy the fun of 7 janam (births) in one life time. They can satisfy 4 at the same time.  7 janam ka maza ek janam me he le lete hai musalman.

I’m having an extramarital affair on Facebook
I am a 38-year-old married woman with a child. I met a man on Facebook about a year ago. Now, I guess I’m in love with him.  I had an arranged marriage and have no issues with my husband. He is very loving and caring. But what I feel for the man I met on Facebook is completely different. I have never felt the same for my husband. I go mad if he doesn’t talk to me even for a single day.

Extramarital affairs should be acceptable says Bhalchandra Nemade

Extramarital affairs on the rise, claims family counselling centre

I found out about my wife’s affair on our honeymoon
I had a love marriage. On the night of my honeymoon, I found out that my wife was having an affair with another man at her workplace.

Most Indians feel infidelity not a sin: Survey
Most Indian hindus feel infidelity and sex outside marriage is not a sin. A survey has revealed that 76% of Indian women mostly hindu and 61% of men don’t think that infidelity is a sin or immoral.


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