Romance Of Sita And Saleem

hindu girl muslim guy romance

As expected many beta HBoys reacted to this video on facebook and twitter and accused this song of promoting love jihad.

The girl in this song is Vishi Jha and the guy is musalman mard named Saad (real names)
Vishi Jha seemed very excited about this song and personally posted the above pic on her instagram.

Vishi enjoying with musalman guy in Hijab
Vishi in hijab with musalman guy Saad


It was mostly hindu girls who loved the video

Hindu girl in saree comes across a musalman mard

As usual the hindu girl couldn’t keep her eyes away from the musalman mard.

saree hindu girl and muslim

She shows her saree back to the musalman.

The musalman mard gets an instant hardon he followed the hindu girl to her bedroom which is what the hindu girl wanted 😉

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