Row over Hindu girl’s marriage with musalman guy in Karnataka


H.V. Narendra, pediatrician, fixed his daughter N Ashita’s marriage with Shakeel Ahamed, the son of businessman Mukther Ahamed On April 17.
Members of right wing group protested outside Ashita’s house calling it love jihad.

Ashita and Shakeel

Ashita and Shakeel, both MBA graduates, were in love for the last 12 years. The parents of both families have no problem with the marriage.

Such things are not new it has happened many times in the past when a hindu girl chooses a musalman guy and the opposite reaction.

Ashitha said, “It’s my personal matter and others have no right to interfere when our families have given their consent… Even if I marry a Hindu guy, I have to practise the traditions of his family. I’m in love with him and I’m getting happily married with the consent of our parents.”

Its good the parents are realizing what their hindu daughters really want
and if it is denied then this happens

12 thoughts on “Row over Hindu girl’s marriage with musalman guy in Karnataka

  1. I read the article in website news minute. It quoted protestor. He was angry. As per him
    ““On the streets Muslim men say they married a Gowda (Hindu) girl and taunt us saying ‘But what could the Gowdas do?’ If someone says something like that about my community, will I sit quiet?”
    He also adds “Almost 70% of the women are victims of love jihad”

    Here he openly admits that Muslim males not only get Hindu girls but they also taunt Hindu men. And he admits 70% woman choose muslims for marriage. Those who cannot marry do it secretly by having extra marital affairs with Muslim Studs

  2. Main chahta hu ki Koi Muslim uncle meri maa ko chode or use rakhail bna k rakhe. I am very much serious about this

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