Sagar!ka Marries Zaheer

Interfaithxxx posted about Sagar!ka Zaheer relationship way back and now they have got married.

hindu girl muslim husband

Some Reactions

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  1. Congratulations Sagarika.
    Every Girl Has A Right To Choose His Life Partner.
    Enjoy His Big Hard Pure Tantalizing Heavy Long Dick, And It​ Will Be A Great Slap To These Filthy Small Dick People.
    Congratulations Again.

    • I agree. I want to be at some orgy party where big dicked MussalMEN are completely demolishing hot, attractive Hindu women. And the Hindu girls look at me with disdain and pity.

  2. Zaheer is a real MussalMAN. Now he can fuck this Marathi Hindu bitch Sagarika whenever he wants, and completely dominate her in bed. I like seeing tall, well-built MussalMEN fucking the living daylights out of Hindu bitches. I think this trend should be encouraged. MussalMEN treat Hindu girls much better than us Hindus. They are able to satisfy all their desires completely. I want to be at an orgy party where MussalMEN are fucking Hindu bitches in my presence, and I’m the only Hindu man watching the scene.

    (p.s- I’m attracted to only Muslim women. They are superior to me and dominate me all the time. I don’t mind Hindu bitches going for Muslim men.)

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