Sanjay’s Story

This story was submitted by Sanjay at, [email protected]

Sanjay writes,  (quote) “I am Sanjay, studying engineering in mumbai. I am a hindu brahmin boy.I am telling you all the story of how i realized that muslims are our  and our hindu ladies specially hindu brahmin ladies are nothing but whores and sex toys for these dominant,strong muslim males.
First day of my college,I met this girl,lets call her Shrishtee.she is a gujrati brahmin girl.milky white skin,very beautiful,long flowing brown hair,large round shaped tits and a shapely butt.she always used to come to college wearing shirts which had a huge gap in between the buttons coz of her generous boobs or very loose tops that would expose her fleshy white armpits whenever she raised her hands and give us a good view of her tits whwnever she bent down.
Anyway,i liked this girl from day 1 and started jacking off to her daily.from a few sources,i came to know that another guy from our class lets call him azhar fancied shrishtee azhar was this typical rustic bihari fellow from patna,a devout muslim always wearing skullcap to classes etc.he oogled at every passing girl and passed lewd comments.but i came to know that he was really horny about shrishtee and said some really nasty stuff about her,his intentions to fully enjoy her juicy body etc.
Now i proposed to her and flatly got day in class,i saw azhar sitting behind her and whenever he got the oppurtunity he used to touch shrishtee near the upper arm area,near the armpits.she was wearing a sleeveless kurti and azhar was continuously grabbing the flesh near her armpits to call her.i got suspicious.i never had the guts to even touch her and now this azhar bastard was groping her.
A few days later,i was in college around 2 hours after our classes got over.i was working in the labs overtime in this building which is usually deserted after 4pm and it was 6 30 pm around then.i finished my work and was waiting for the elevator when i saw the elevator go to 8th floor,the top floor.suspicious,i took the stairs to 8th floor and got the shock of my entire life.i saw azhar and shrishtee come out of the lift.they didnt see me.azhars hand was on her waist from under her shirt.azhar pushed shrishtee to one corner of the wall and started to squeeze the life out of her tits while sucking her mouth.i started ejaculating then n there only.then azhar unbuttoned her shirt and dropped it on the floor and started slapping her waist.she started moaning and crying.then he took her bra off and sucked her tits.i havent ever seen titsucking like that.he literally sucked it every last drop of juice from her tits.they made out like wild animals for around 40 mins.i jacked off around 4 times.
a few days later i hear rumours that azhar fucked shrishtee in the college after hours.i knew that had to be true but didnt participate in the rumour.
a few days later,i heard azhar had dumped her and now was enjoying another girl called parvati from our the time of writing this,it has been around 2 years in this college and azhar has enjoyed around 8 hindu girls from our college.
i feel depressed.i think i should convert into islam.i have a better chance of fucking a hindu girl being a muslim than being a hindu.”

Many hindu girls know that after their college and studies are over they are more likely to have an arrange marriage in which their parents would marry them off to some guy from the same community. What many such girls do is try to take full advantage of college days and have all the fun.  They are usually quick to say yes to musalman boys apart from other reasons also because it has a certain glamour factor attached to it which also gets different kind of attention from the people around. It is often said that women are difficult to understand but musalman studs are very quick to understand and spot a willing hindu girl given the fact that both of them also share hundreds of years of history with each other. Your friend made the right choice now she will always know the difference. I think you should go to a brothel you have a better chance there.

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    1. Musalmaan naukar mere behan ke jism ka maalik hai..!!
      Hello friends mera naam asmit singh hai. I live in xyz village in UP. Mere family mein mere pita jee (45), mummy (39) and chhoti behan nisita hai jo ki 17 saal ki hai. Meri behan ka figure is around 34-28-30. Her height is about 5’4”. My sister nisita singh has jus started intermediate, she is fair and looks like a hindu devi. I want to share a story about my hindu sister being used and abused by our driver who is horny musalmaan of about 32, 5’7” tall, dark in complexion, his belly is slightly out and he is as ugly as hell.
      It all started when abdullah started using the hand-pump (which is outside the house but within the boundry wall) for bath. Around the handpump there are few bushy flower trees. So it’s like a bit private with bushes around. Once while abdullah was bathing my sister had to go to pluck flowers. Meanwhile plucking the flower when she saw towards abdullah he had soap applied all over his body, his face and his eyes were closed. Aur abdullah ke hath uske kachchhe ke under uske lund par saboon lagane mein busy the. Uski patli kachchi se abdullah ke lund ki shape saaf dikhayi de rhi thi. Meri behan uske kachchhe mein uske lund kk shape ko dekh kar ek tak dekhti hi reh gayi. Jab abdullah nein apne upar paani daala toh uska lund aur visible ho gaya, jis se meri behan ki jawani ka ehsaas use hua aur meri behan ke jism ke ander gud gudi hone lagi. Muh par se paani saaf karne ke baad abdullah nein chupke se meri behan ki taraf dekha toh usko apna lund ghurta hua dekh liya. Par fir v anjaan bana rha aur anjaane ka naatak karke usne kachchhe ke bahar apna lund nikala aur use paani se saaf karne laga. Uska woh mota kaala kata hua lund dekh kar meri behan ki choot mein sirhan hone lagi. Abdullan anjaan bana nahane ka bahane kar ke meri behan ko apne lund ki darshan kara rha tha. Is se pehle nishita ko lage ki abdullah nein use dekh liya hai, woh waha se chupke se hatt gayi aur ander chali gayi. Halaki meri behan apne bf sunil se chud chuki thi par uska lund toh abdullah ke aadha ke barabar v nai tha. Abdullah ka moosal lund soch soch kar meri behan ki choot se ras ki dhaar beh rhi thi. Agli subah v kuch aise hi hua aur nisita ko lage ki abdullah ko pata chal jayega woh waha se pehle hi khisak jaati par use kya pata tha ki abdullah use jaan bujh kar apna lund dikha dikha kar garam kar rha hai. Is dauraan ek do baar abdullah aur meri behan ki aankh aapas mein takrai par abdullah nein koi reaction nhi diya. Ab meri behan ko uske lund ko besabri se apne chut ke andar dalwane ki ichchha thi. Jis ke karan meri behan nein use bhookhe hone ke signals dene lagi. Jaise kam kapade pehanna yh jyada tight yh fir ek dum loose pehan kar apne jism ki numaish karne lagi, par abdullah anjaan bana rha, woh meri behan ke munh se sunana chahta tha ki woh use chode. Ab meri behan se sabar nni ho rha tha, aur subah jab mummy khana banane mein busy rehti aur papa khet ghumne jaate toh meri behan bahar hi nahane lagti aur jab woh bahar nahati toh light coloured kurta pehanti aur ander koi under garments nhi, kapade bheeg jaane par uska pura jism saaf saaf dikhta. Uske nipples nahane aur garam hone ki wajah se kadak ho jaate the aur uske salwaar ko faad kar bahar aane ko betaab hote. Fir v abdullah koi pehal nhi karta, kai dafa toh meri behan flowers ke jhadiyo ke peeche ja kar change karti aur sirf apna face flowers ki leaf ki height par le jaati aur neeche stem ke peeche change karti aur abdullah saaf saaf uske sarir ko naked dekhta aur uska lund khada ho jaata.

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