Saw a sexy hindu girl with muslim guy in halal mutton restaurant

It was evening around 8 PM and summer season here. I was standing there waiting for a friend besides a Halal mutton restaurant. 80% of the people who come to this restaurant are usually Muslims. I live just 1km away from here. Its a simple looking restaurant for middle class people. On the restaurant board where the name is mentioned it is clearly written 100% Halal mutton served here with a halal sign that you might have seen.

Next to me a muslim guy was standing looked like a college student in his 20’s. He was standing there seemed like he was waiting for someone he was constantly checking his mobile phone and growing impatient. He was unshaved. He was in jeans and t-shirt and had a black kufi skull cap on his head, he looked good in that attire. He seemed like a north Indian may be he was Kashmiri.

After about 10 minutes I saw a girl. She was far but seemed so hot that she didn’t go unnoticed. I was aimlessly looking here and there and she just shined. She wore a pink colored top and black shorts with some part above the knees and her fair lustrous legs fully visible and shining. She looked around 23 years old. Her face was charming.

I never imagined what just happened. I could have wagered. She finally stopped in front of that muslim guy and and they both began talking the guy put his hand on her shoulder for a brief moment. Looking at the way she was dressed I knew she was a hindu and after I saw a red string kalava on her hand it became certain.

After talking for a moment they went inside the restaurant obviously to eat halal mutton. The restaurant door was made of uncolored transparent glass, I could see everyone inside. I saw those two sitting and talking inside and seemed quite close.

That night in the bed I could not help I masturbated thinking about her. I masturbated her about her getting fucked not by be thats boring but by that muslim guy. She must be sucking his big circumcised rod powered by halal meat. His cut cock would look so good in front of her face.

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  1. In my town also i saw same thing there are some halal mutton chicken restaurants and I see hindu girls there in the company of muslim males. Some of these girls dress in a way that it becomes clear that they are hindu girls.

  2. Honestly I have eaten chicken in many those middle class restaurants owned by Hindus but the taste is quite different from muslim owned restaurants. I dont know why Muslims seem to cook it much better. Once I got some chicken from a halal muslim restaurant and never left like going to any other restaurant for non-vegan food.

  3. Anjali ek baar Muslim restorant me beef khakar deko kitna lajwab swad hota hai

  4. More than the food. I enjoy the attention I get from the Muslim men in the restaurant and the waiters and manager…

  5. Oh god! How many days I have snuck out of the house without my husband know to taste some good halal meat and also to meet some nice handsome Muslim guys. Brings back memories!

  6. my all Hindu randis eat beef with me before [email protected]

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  11. Rupali 😉 bahot maza ayega aapko tease karne me

  12. Muje bhi aapka lund chusne badaa mazaaa aayengaa

  13. Mai tayar hu aaj raat aa janaa

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  19. Meri bhi pyasi he do din se aslam se chudkar

  20. Rupali i will Gently run a cube of ice over ur skin 😉 ice cubes ready rakhna

  21. Mare randi ban ja rupali

  22. Hi haa randi banungi tabhi majaa aayengaa muje

  23. kuni marathi aahe ka ithe asel tar [email protected] var ping kara

  24. What is this eating with muslim also ita wrong?

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