School teacher elopes with muslim student

This is a real incident which took place in my city. I live in a small town. This incident became quiet popular in my locality. I have a younger brother who studies in class 12th. His biology teacher Meenal Goel who is hindu eloped with a muslim guy named Atif Hossain. Atif and my brother were class mates. Atif is 18 years old as he failed one year in class 12th and was repeating.

Nearly 3 months ago Atif eloped with his biology teacher Meenal. Meenal and Atif went missing and after a week she was found in Atif’s home. First people spread news that she was kidnapped but the news proved to be wrong as Meenal had willingly done nikah with Atif. Meenal is 25 years old and Atif is 18.
Atif’s parents supported their son and agreed to the nikah. Meenal now lives with him. After this incident the school fired Meenal from her job and also dismissed Atif from the school but he doesn’t care nor does Meenal. I saw her once when I went to parents teachers meeting in the school, that time parents were out of town so I went in their stead. Meenal like other teachers wore saree but she looked the prettiest of the lot.
This incident tells me that she got addicted to his muslim lund.

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