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Searching for Muslim alpha for my Hindu Brahmin wife


I am looking for a well educated, well settled, cosmopolitan Muslim man between 30-55 years who can slowly persuade my shy, prudish Hindu Brahmin wife to become his girlfriend. Slowly he may impress her and convince her to only have sex with him, and do whatever he wishes her to do sexually.

I wish to watch the two become really close, become lovers. If it’s agreeable to her she may even marry him.
It all depends on how he wants to proceed and make her his personal slut.

I would love to watch, be humiliated, and witness her becoming a Muslim alpha’s kept woman.

Please reply if you think you have the necessary attributes that I mentioned earlier : a very good education, good station in life, cosmopolitan, a desire to dominate a prudish, intelligent, highly educated Hindu lady.


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  1. Sainaullah Siddique September 4, 2018 at 7:12 am

    so you just need me …A very handsome,hardcore fucker and a rough muslim pathan ..who love to humilate and fuck hindu bitches..and having many expereince.
    you can mail me if you wish so.. [email protected]

  2. You can’t be satisfied with educated Muslims.. search Muslims in a slum or take your wife there.

  3. Finally my wife first time fuck by muslim bull in mumbai

  4. If any one contact me

  5. Any refined, kinky, Muslim alpha in Europe? With patience and sensitivity to make a Hindu Brahmin wife a submissive private slut for himself?


  6. Vikram,

    Please give details of the Turkish alpha.
    Thank you.

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