Second day as a school teacher
I picked up the attendance sheets for the day and went to my classroom and sat down at my desk.

Too soon the bell rang and it started all over again..

The entire hour passed just like yesterday, with the boys asking suggestive questions and everyone laughing at my discomfort. I was wasting my time and we all knew it.

The bell finally rang and Javed, my attacker, waited until the others had all left and sat in his seat smirking at me. Then he stood up and laugh at me and left without a word.

Several times throughout the rest of the day I spotted students in my classes that I was pretty sure had been among that group of boys that attacked me yesterday afternoon and they all smirked at me as I struggled to maintain my composure and say the things that were required of me.

Before next bell rang I went over to open my door and saw a piece of paper that someone had slid under the door. I picked it up and saw that it was a piece of notebook paper with my name and address and phone number on it. That was all. No threats. They were just letting me know that they knew where I lived. I knew for sure that it wasn’t over now.

I went through the motions for my afternoon classes and today I was resolved that I would not be one of the last ones to leave.

I watched impatiently as the kids filed out after my last class and then I grabbed my purse and headed for the door. Before I got to it though it was blocked by the large, ominous student Javed.

He stood in the door and asked if I were leaving. I stared at him for a moment and then I said as forcefully as I could, “Get out of my way Javed. I didn’t turn you in yesterday, but if you touch me again I will have you arrested.”

He smiled and came into the room. His friends came in after him and the last one in closed and locked the door. I noticed that their number had swollen by one today. There were eight of them. I recognized more of them now. I had been scanning their faces throughout the day and I knew that at least some of them were in my classes.

I tried again. “If you don’t unlock that door and let me go I will scream. Now get out of my way!”

Javed just smirked down at me and walked slowly over to where I was standing on shaking legs. He came to a stop in front of me and in a quiet, taunting voice said, “I don’t think so Radha. I don’t think you will scream. I don’t think you will report me. I think you need me.”

I shook my head violently and my voice broke as I tried once more to demand that they let me go.

Instead, Javed’s hand came up and caressed my hair and my neck again. Then his finger traced a path over my face, ending at my lips. He stood watching me as his finger moved over me and then he said, “You have a very pretty face Radha. You have a very pretty face and a very sexy body. I like Hindu female. I like the their reaction when I move my hands over their bodies. I love to look down and watch my Muslim cock going in and out of their mouths, or their pussies. That always turns me on. You are going to love it too. You just don’t realize it yet.”

I shook my head but I didn’t move as he gently but firmly inserted his large finger into my mouth like a cock. He moved it in and out slowly, all the while staring at my face.

I wanted desperately to scream, to run. I have no idea why I did nothing as he stood there molesting me at his leisure.

He watched me accept his finger in my mouth for a moment and then he said, “I bet it has been a long time since you sucked a cock, hasn’t it Radha?”

I shuddered in revulsion at the very idea of it.

He finally pulled his finger out of my mouth and started lightly moving it around my face again. It moved down my chin and moved gently down my neck and traced a path between my breasts.

I shuddered again and brought my hands up to stop him but he said firmly, “Put your arms down Radha.”

I don’t know why, but I obeyed! I let my hands fall to my sides and groaned in fear as his finger moved around one of my breasts and then up over the nipple, teasing me through my clothing.

He never once took his eyes from mine though, and for some reason I was held helpless by his eyes, by the smug look on his face. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t scream. Instead I felt a few tears run down over my cheeks. Before they could fall from my face though, he leaned forward and licked them from my cheek without ever taking his eyes from my own.

He straightened up and as I quietly began begging him to let me go his finger moved to my other breast and he said, “Radha, you wear too many clothes. We are going to have to work on your wardrobe. This bra feels like something my mother would wear. A young girl like you doesn’t need a big, thick bra like this. Hell, with your little tits you don’t need a bra at all! And those skirt that go down past your knees. What are you, the anti-sex?! Before you leave here this afternoon I am going to give you some suggestions on how to dress. A girl with a body like yours needs to show it off more.”

He took me in his arms again and this time I didn’t bother to struggle. I knew I would lose. I surrendered immediately as his tongue entered my mouth and his hands moved over my body at will. I groaned, I was sure that I would be fucked this afternoon. Right here in the classroom where I would have to spend the entire year looking at him and his friends. Oh god! His friends! They had been silent all of this time. I had forgotten all about them. They had watched me surrender to him. I had let him stick his finger in my mouth like a little cock. I had let him caress me and move his finger over my breasts. I had made no move to defend myself or resist his advances.

Javed broke the kiss for a moment and whispered in my ear. “Put your arms around my neck Radha.”

I did! Oh god! I don’t know why but I obeyed! I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck and we kissed again, and again his hands moved over my body freely. It went on and on. It was probably the longest kiss of my life! He never went beyond that and touching me over my clothing though. He didn’t pull my skirt up or attempt to unbutton my blouse. He just kissed me.

When at last he broke the kiss he held me in his arms for a moment and whispered in my ear, “You give me a hardon Radha. I bet you have one tight pussy don’t you? I have been watching you in class. You have an ass like a sixteen year old, high and tight and firm. Has anyone ever fucked you in the ass Radha?

I gasped in horror at the very idea and he said, “I didn’t think so. Don’t worry, I’ll take it easy on you the first few times. I’m not really an ass man anyway. I like a nice tight pussy. I bet your pussy is as tight as a virgin’s ain’t it Radha?”

I was not responding to his filthy questions. I still wasn’t fighting him though. It was embarrassing when he finally turned me loose. I almost fell to the floor.

He stood back and I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t help noticing that large bulge in his pants. He saw where my eyes were looking and he said, “Not yet Radha, but soon.”

He stepped out of the way then and just like yesterday afternoon his friends each took a turn kissing me and moving their hands over my body freely. I was made to wrap my arms around the necks of each of them and I found myself returning their passionate kisses and even worse I found myself becoming aroused.

It went on and on until they had all had a turn kissing and touching me. Then they all simply turned around and left, all of them except Javed. He was leaning against the wall near the door. He was staring at me and smirking and after a moment he said, “It bothers the fuck out of you that this turns you on, doesn’t it Radha? Look at you, sweet, prim and proper young Hindu wife Radha. Here you are, getting all hot and bothered by a gang of kids that you would not even stop to piss on if they were on fire. I bet the only Muslim people that you have spoken to in your entire life were waiters in restaurants. You can’t stand being in this building with all of these Muslim people, all these Muslim kids. You are terrified of us because of our sexual aggression”

“Well, don’t worry Radha. I am going to do you a favor. I am going to help you get over your fear. In exchange, here is what you have to do for me. When you come to school tomorrow you had best not be wearing a bra. Do you understand me?”

I stared at him for moment and then I surrendered again. I nodded. He smiled and said, “Good girl Radha. Then he pushed away from the wall and moved over in front of me and reached down and started lifting my skirt.

I squeaked in fear, but I made no move as my skirt moved slowly up to mid thigh. He looked down and said, “This is how long I want your skirts from now on. This is important Radha. If you don’t come to school dressed the way that I tell you then I am going to have to alter your clothing. You don’t want me to have to do that Radha.”

He kept addressing me by my first name, as if to put me in my place. It was unnecessary. I was already terrified. I already knew my place. I nodded again as I noted how much of my thighs were exposed. I had not worn a mini skirt since high school. I was a modest person and I had never really been comfortable in them. It would be so much worse here, now, in front of my students.

Javed smiled again and said, “I have to go now Radha. Before I leave, let me have another kiss.”

I groaned, but I didn’t protest. I reached my arms around his neck again and tipped my head back and as we kissed his hand gripped my thigh just below my crotch. I gasped, but didn’t pull away. I never pulled away! I never fought him! What the hell was wrong with me?!

The kiss was brief this time. I felt his tongue at my lips and I parted them and after our tongues did that little dance that they do he let me go and said, “See you tomorrow Radha.” Then he was gone.

I glanced at the clock and saw that the entire episode with Javed and his gang had lasted forty-five minutes! I had been kissed and touched for nearly an hour. Kissed and touched? No, I had been assaulted for nearly an hour. I grabbed my purse and started to run out to the parking lot when I remembered the attendance sheets.

I had to turn in those attendance sheets first though. I picked them up and raced down to the office and dropped them off. There were only two people left in the office and they looked at me funny, as if they knew what had happened to me.

I went to my car and started home.. I pulled into the parking lot and parked. I sat in my car for a long time, trying to think. Was I really going to do this for that boy? Was I going to let him determine what I wore? I knew that if I did, if I dressed the way he demanded, he would soon be having sex with me. I will have surrendered.

Then I realized that I had already surrendered. I had said nothing about the assaults of the last two days. I dreaded going to school tomorrow dressed as he had demanded. If I didn’t though, I knew that he would certainly make good on his promise to alter my clothing to embarrass me even more.

I knew that I was sinking deeper and deeper into a situation that was spiraling out of control. I knew that I had alternatives. I could go to the principal and demand that he do something about Javed. I was afraid though.

I could call the police and report him and his gang for assault. I could just see the headlines now! I would have to leave the school if I did that. I would have to move.

I imagined the questions that I would have to answer. Why had I not said anything the first time? Why had I not struggled? Why had I not screamed? There was a security guard at the front door. He would have heard me from my classroom if I had put up any kind of a struggle. Somehow though, even worse than that, was the idea of my friends finding out that I had allowed myself to be kissed and groped by an entire gang of Muslim hoodlums. I could never face my friends again.

With my mind screaming, “NO! Don’t do this!” I got out of my car and went into the store. There was hardly anyone inside. Still, I had no choice. I could not sew. Altering my skirts and dresses was out of the question.

I picked out a dozen short skirts easily. There was a wide variety of them. I held them up to my waist and looked down and they were all approximately the length that Javed had demanded. I looked around and spotted the changing room and tried them on. Most of them fit like they had been made for me. A few were too large or too small but I selected a half a dozen and put the others back.

I went back to my apartment. my mind had a mind of its own! My thoughts kept drifting back to today, after the last bell. I relived what had happened when Javed and his friends came into my class after the last bell and locked my door.

I was shocked to discover that I remembered every touch, and every word. I sat back on the edge of my bed wondering what was wrong with me.

It took me a long time to get to sleep that night. I lay in the dark and my mind drifted back and forth between dreading tomorrow and trying to figure out why

I finally got a little sleep, but not much. I took a shower in the morning I remembered what Javed had said and I stood there for a long moment holding my bra and trying to decide what to do.

I glanced at my clock and it was time to make a decision.

I stepped into the little skirt that I had bought last night. I put on a heavy blouse without bra and I was instantly aware of the friction against my nipples. Even though I knew that no one could see anything, I was incredibly conscious of the fact that I was not wearing a bra.

I looked in the mirror and it wasn’t too bad. The skirt was too short for me.

I had taken much too much time getting dressed, I grabbed my purse and rushed out to my car and drove the short distance to the school. The lot was already full as I pulled in and I had to park all the way at the end…..

To be continued….

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  1. Sameer ji plzz post the third part of the story, we are eagerly waiting. Ye Hindu teacher mere KO aapni bahan lag rahi hai or isee ese kam umer ke musalman ladko ke saath Randi kii tarh chudwane or unki har baat ko mannane kii baat sun kar merii lulli khadi Ho jaa rahi hai… Plzz plzz plzz third part jaldi post kariye

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