Seduced by my classmate

I had a crush on my friend and classmate Rafiq. It was just a normal crush as Rafiq was very fair and good looking and had a perfect height. Even though he was on the heavier side. Rafiq looks very good because of his fair skin tone. Rafiq is fairer than me. The most interesting part was even though we were very good friends Rafiq always used to keep a distance from me and Rafiq never allowed me to have even a friendly hug. This somehow increased my interest in him. Once during a general conversation Rafiq said I was not very beautiful and rated me just 6/10 whereas Rafiq has rated few other girls of my class above me. I felt really bad, I thought I was the most beautiful girl in my class. So I wanted to show him how beautiful I was and to change his impression on me and I wanted to make him praise my beauty.

Next day we went out to a party along with one more friend. When we were in a conversation I purposefully removed my leather jacket so that I can show my sexy tummy and Rafiq will stare at me and to show more I moved my hands up to adjust my hair. My sexy tummy and navel were showing in my red crop top and I intentionally walked towards the counter showing my hips in my heel and my beautiful tummy and my navel. Rafiq could hardly take of his eyes out of sexy belly button… I purposefully stayed the same way all the party and I was more playful than usual touching his hands and shoulders and laughing more than usual. At the end we took lot many pics and for the first time Rafiq tried to touch my exposed back from the crop top and I can feel his cold hands against my smooth skin. While going back from the part he hugged me and his hands touched my tummy.

It was just a touch and later in the night for the 1st time Rafiq praised my beauty over the chat and I really liked his appreciation and I was happy that I could change his opinion partially. After a week, my best friend and I were playing “when was the Last” game where in we need to answer questions such as when was your last kiss.  During the game I told my friend about the incident with Rafiq at the party and told him that Rafiq is a good guy and will never allow anyone to come close and will not give even a hug. My friend told me that men will be men. Rafiq may resist once, Rafiq may resist twice, but third time Rafiq will definitely hit on you. I wanted to prove my friend wrong and told him that Rafiq is not like all the others. My friend told me do a video call in just a tube bra with Rafiq and tease him and tell his reaction. I thought I already showed him my sexy tummy and many times I wore an off shoulder dress, so I can easily talk to him in tube bra as it does not show any cleavage. So I agreed for the bet. I changed into a tube bra and made a video call to Rafiq.

Initially I covered my boob’s portion with the bed sheet and I was exposing my shoulder, neck and collar bones. I can see a lusty reaction in his eyes but Rafiq was controlling hard not to stare at my exposed portion. By seeing at the top anyone will assume that I was nude inside the bed sheet. Rafiq could not resist much and finally asked me whether I was wearing something.

I intentionally removed the bed sheet and showed him my sexy body with just bra and tiny shorts. I can see his hand moving down to adjust his groin. Rafiq reacted oh… you are wearing such a small top. To tease him more I told no it’s not a top it’s just a bra. Rafiq could not resist and started staring at me with his mouth open. We continued the call for few more minutes and I didn’t bothered to cover my young body and gave him a nice show of boobs inside a bra.

After a week there was my friend’s marriage and only close friends were invited. Rafiq and I were also part of that group. We were 4 girls and 5 boys. We were given a double sharing occupancy in a famous 3 star hotel with Rafiq being the exception who got a single room. The marriage was supposed to happen in a temple and reception in the Banquet hotel. The marriage took place in the morning and evening there was a reception. Entire morning Rafiq was with me complimenting me, cracking jokes and was looking at me very seductively and was more funny than usual but nothing much happened.

After marriage I was tired and had a nice sleep in room and woke up in the evening. I had a nice bath with warm water and did my basic make up. I always liked smoky eyes they look sexy and appealing and suite my broad eyes.  I applied lip stick and lip gloss making my lips ready for eating like cherry. I applied body mist.  I went to my bag and picked my favourite lingerie. It was a transparent netted dark red bra with small cups covering my nipples but with a tight base lifting my boobs and showing great amounts of cleavage due to lifting and my boobs look more and better in that bra. I took the matching red color transparent netted panty which was off the same material and it was hardly covering my ass cheeks.

I took white colour petticoat and worn it way below my navel. It was just above my pussy. I took my saree out. I wore a beautiful orange and white saree with silver work for reception. The back of the blouse was BACLKESS with strings to hold them and my friend Nidhi has tied the strings and I wore the saree well below my navel to tease Rafiq. I wore bangles and hanging ear rings and small chain on my neck and small silver waist chain on my tummy. When I was getting ready Rafiq was in my mind and I was thinking how Rafiq would react looking at me in this sexy saree. I was looking extremely sensuous like a newlywed in that look. I was elegant, cute as well as sexy. I came down to the banquet hall and Rafiq was standing there and Rafiq literally opened his mouth when Rafiq saw me in saree. Rafiq came near me and praised for my beauty. Rafiq then suggested that we can click some pics. We took some selfie’s in which I was intentionally very close to him with my boobs touching his chest and Rafiq’s hands were on the back of my shoulder and he could feel my bare skin in the backless blouse. Rafiq clicked few solo pics of mine and all during the pics he was staring at me and suggesting me how to pose and was constantly touching me.

After few clicks Rafiq told that my saree blouse strings became loose and need to be tied. I searched for Nidhi and I couldn’t find her nearby so I asked Rafiq to help me by tying them. Rafiq told we cannot do that in public and suggested to move to his room. We went to his room and Rafiq locked it from inside. My back was facing him and I was standing near the bed expecting him to tie the strings. Rafiq had other ideas. Rafiq came so near to me that I can feel his breath on my neck. Rafiq whispered in my ear. Kanika You are looking very beautiful in saree. I cannot take my eyes off you. Your body is very sexy.

I was feeling very happy and shy listening to his comments and I was happy that I changed his opinion about me. But something unexpected happened at that moment. Rafiq told Kanika can I touch your tummy once. I am longing to touch it. I thought it would just be a friendly touch and said ok to Rafiq. Rafiq brought his hands from the back and placed them on my tummy. Instead of removing it immediately after touching Rafiq kept it on my tummy and pressed my navel on my bare skin. His hands were moving here and there on my tummy and his rough hands were causing a very good sensation in my body and I was loving the feeling. I could not ask him to stop as I was really feeling very nice with his touch and my body wanted him to continue touching. Rafiq was enjoying my sexy tummy and kept his finger inside my navel and his hand was moving all around with navel as the centre point. Sometimes his hands were moving up they were almost touching the base of my boobs over my blouse.

He again whispered your skin feels so smooth can I continue touching it. Since I was enjoying Rafiq’s touch I said okay. Rafiq continued touching my tummy and this time Rafiq came forward and his body was touching my back and I can feel his tent on my back. I can clearly sense that Rafiq was excited. Even I was excited and my body was vibrating with his touch and I was controlling barely and was not giving up into his touches. Rafiq’s hand was pressing more and more and there were little pinches and presses here and there. Slowly Rafiq came near my ear, I thought Rafiq will say something but this time Rafiq kept his lips below my ear and kissed my ear and neck and continued kissing my neck and his hands pulled my body more into his body.  My pleasure doubled with his kiss on my neck and I gave up into his advances my hands went on to his head pulling Rafiq more into the kiss. I didn’t wanted him to stop kissing. Rafiq was an expert kisser and Rafiq made me very much excited with his kisses. There was no stopping him Rafiq was pressing his dick on my ass and was kissing me more vigorously but one thing I didn’t see was Rafiq removed the strings of my blouse and made it loose.

Rafiq then moved his hands in front and touched my bottom of boobs under my blouse his touch sent shock waves in my body. Rafiq played around the boobs and cleavage area and seeing no resistance from my side Rafiq pushed his hands completely inside my blouse and gave my young boobs a hard squeeze giving me pain and pleasure.

Kanika your boobs are bigger than what I thought and Rafiq started pressing them again. His big hands against my perky boobs. Rafiq was covering them completely and mauling them and my body has accepted the defeat in his hands and my nipples were giving a standing ovation. Rafiq now concentrated on the nipples and took them in his fingers and pulled them, pinched them played with them. In all these actions Rafiq pushed my blouse and the blouse was just hanging in my hands and my upper body was completely nude. Rafiq continued kissing me and removed my blouse completely and turned me in front. I was nude and Rafiq can see my sexy boobs.  Rafiq saw them and looked into my eyes and started kissing my lips very passionately while his hands were playing with my boobs and tummy.

Rafiq kissed me for so long very passionately and moved down towards my neck my most sensuous part and continued kissing while his hands were giving me wonderful sensations. Rafiq was making me super exited.  Rafiq moved down slowly to my boobs and took them inside his mouth. Rafiq licked my cleavage and rolled his tongue on my nipples and sucked my boobs like a baby and Rafiq was eating my boobs and nipples and I was really enjoying the way Rafiq was playing with my boobs and the way Rafiq was giving attention to my body I understood that Rafiq really liked my body and somewhere I felt very happy to impress him with my body. Rafiq continued playing with my boobs and moved down to my tummy and played with my body like no one before. Rafiq pushed me on to the bed and came on to me and kissed me again like a passionate lover and made me turn to my back and kissed every inch of my back and moved his hands towards by sexy bum(ass) Rafiq pressed them over the saree and again turned me in front and kissed me on my navel while his hands were busy removing my saree and petticoat. I never imagined anything with him till date but things are moving so fast and I was so lost in it that I helped him removing my saree and petticoat. I was just in my panties in front of Rafiq and my panty was very wet with all the juices leaking from my pussy. Rafiq ran his hands on my inner thighs and went down kissing my thighs and his hands were caressing my ass. Rafiq pulled my panty down with his teeth and my hair less virgin pussy is visible in its all glory in front of Rafiq.

Rafiq was absolutely surprised I was completely hairless. Rafiq exclaimed “Wow Kanika your pussy is absolutely gorgeous”. Rafiq didn’t waste any time and started kissing my pussy and played with it like a mad man. Rafiq played with my inner thighs rubbing them erotically kissed them and give little bites and then slowly Rafiq moved onto my pussy. Sometimes Rafiq was kissing, sometimes Rafiq was licking, sometimes Rafiq was eating and other times Rafiq used to finger fuck my pussy and lick my clit. Within no time I reached a huge orgasm.

He lied down beside me and told it’s my turn I was so happy with the orgasm so I wanted to return the pleasure to him. I went on to him and started kissing his lips while I removed his shirt from his body. Rafiq pushed me down towards his trouser. I touched his dick over his trouser while I was moving down slowly and kissing his chest, neck, shoulders enjoying his body. Rafiq was not strong and muscular, Rafiq was more fatty and smooth and I loved the feel of it. I went further down and pulled his trouser I can see a big tent and I slowly removed the jockey and kept my hand inside and pulled his dick out and I was shocked looking at its size. The dick was huge and strong and it was very warm. It was very thick with muscles popping around and it was long. Rafiq asked me “Kanika, Is it little bigger than what u had seen previously?”

Me: Yes It’s little big, No I guess it’s very big.

Rafiq: Will you give it hand job?

Me: Yes, why not I will.

And I kept my hand on his big dick and was feeling the length and width of it. I was liking the feeling of his thick dick in my hand. Rafiq enjoyed my hand job for a while. His eyes were closed and enjoying the feel of my hand rubbing on his dick.

Rafiq: Y don’t u give it a mouth Kanika.

His dick was looking so attractive I have never seen one such big and I really wanted to take it in my mouth and taste it. So I said okay.

I was stroking his dick slowly, bent forward then moved my lips closer and kissed his cock head while looking at his face. The expression on his face was a live proof of how much Rafiq enjoyed my kiss on his dick. His dick was so thick that I had to hold it with both my palms around it. I bent holding his dick like that and took his tip inside my cute little mouth. I had little difficulty to stretch and accommodate such a huge dick.  Slowly I took the dick inside as much as I can and started moving my head up and down on this huge monster.

Previously I never did a blow job for more than 30 secs. But here I was going continuously and I was liking sucking Rafiq’s big dick. It was making me excited.

After a while I rolled my tongue all over his thick cock head, then softly bit his shaft while moving my tongue down towards his balls. My hands were running up and down from the base of his dick while my head was moving up and down on the tip of his dick. I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling of his dick inside my mouth and was sucking him continuously while Rafiq was moaning in pleasure. My head and hands were moving in a rhythmic direction on his dick maximising his pleasure.

After 5 minutes Rafiq asked me to change the position and made me lie on the bed on the edge and Rafiq stood up on the floor with his dick at my face and started fucking my mouth while his long fingers reached my tight virgin pussy and started rubbing my pussy lips. I was pleasuring his dick while Rafiq was pleasuring my pussy. My pussy was already wet with excitement. He removed his dick from the mouth and moved forward and made me lick his balls. I was happily sucking them and take them in mouth one by one. I was very high with excitement and was behaving like a horny b. I was alternating between his balls and cock and was sucking them continuously. Rafiq was enjoying my sucking and was pushing his big cock deep into my mouth. Rafiq continued his hand work and was continuously playing with my pussy and boobs, sometimes pressing hard and other times caressing them gently.

I was on the verge of an orgasm. Rafiq stopped and told he has a new idea. Since I told I cannot allow him to take my virginity Rafiq came up with a new plan. Instead of inserting his dick fully inside me Rafiq told Rafiq will insert only the tip of his dick. With that Rafiq can enjoy the tightness of my pussy and I can enjoy his dick without actually fucking me.

He lied down on the bed and made me sit just at the tip of the cock with my pussy lips just touching the tip. My pussy was so wet the juices and his dick was wet with my saliva. I slowly took his cock tip inside my virgin pussy. I can’t describe the feeling of it. It was so good. The feeling of his big dick inside my pussy. I just started moving up and down. Rafiq was keeping his hands below the tip so that Rafiq will not go deep inside me.

I was going crazy with the feeling of cock and I couldn’t control anymore. I wanted more of it. In fact all of his cock in my virgin pussy. I started moving down on his cock, my pussy reached till his hands. I moved up again and came back till his hands and again I went up and this time I came down with force and to my shock Rafiq removed his hand and at the same time Rafiq pushed his unprotected dick deep inside my pussy.

Rafiq could insert only 6 inches of his dick and still 4 inches was remaining outside. I kept my hand to feel the remaining dick and was shocked seeing the length as my pussy was feeling full with only 6 inches of his dick. Rafiq was finding it hard to enter with small strokes as my pussy was never been stretched like this. Rafiq took my virginity, it pained like hell and I fell down on his body with his cock inside my pussy. Rafiq waited for a while and turned me upside down and started moving his cock slowly. The feeling of his dick deep inside my pussy was so good even though my pussy was paining.

Rafiq: Kanika darling, u r pussy is so tight, it’s so warm, it’s milking my fucking cock. I made u a woman today.

Saying this Rafiq kissed me and pulled his big cock back till the tip and gave it a huge push inside my pussy. The dick entered further stretching my pussy walls and I shouted in pain. Rafiq closed my mouth with lips and tears were rolling down my eyes.

My friend was having reception in the hall and here I am having fuck of my life with my friend.

Rafiq: Oh my dear sweet Kanika the pain will go and after that it will only be pleasure.

Rafiq didn’t move his cock inside my pussy but was kissing me and playing with my boobs. There is still two more inches of big cock left outside of my pussy. My pussy pain decreased and Rafiq’s big cock was feeling good inside my tight delicate pussy. I started moving my ass to feel his cock more, Rafiq sensing that I was ready and started moving his dick up and down in small strokes slowly but steadily. Rafiq was gentle and Rafiq was allowing me to enjoy the sensation of his big cock inside my virgin pussy.

Rafiq was showing me new pleasures and was exploring new areas inside my body. Slowly the pace of strokes increased and my body was responding to Rafiq strokes by pushing my ass towards Rafiq’s dick along with his stroke.

Rafiq: Kanika… Yesssssss ahhh your pussy is so tight……. it’s giving me so much pleasure.. It’s the tightest pussy I have ever fucked. Your pussy is so tight and wet.

Me: Ahhh Ahhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhh Yesss yessssssss Rafiq slowly yesssssssssssss your cock is filling me completely.

Rafiq: There is still some of my cock left I am going to go in completely

Me: No, Rafiq, you will tear me….you will tear my delicate pussy… Please no… This itself is so big….Oh slowly Rafiq. This is my first time. Please be gentle Rafiq.

(As Rafiq started increasing his speed)

Rafiq: Kanika, Your pussy is asking for more get ready now to take me completely in and become mine

Me: No Rafiq…

Rafiq again pulled his cock back to the tip and this time Rafiq inserted with full force. Rafiq’s 10 inches dick was fully inside my virgin pussy and I can feel some blood coming out of my pussy.

This time Rafiq didn’t stop and started giving me small and fast strokes deep inside my pussy, it was giving me both pain and pleasure.

Me: Ahhh Ahhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhh Yesss Rafiq yessssssss slowly yesssssssssssss

Me: Rafiq Your big cock is feeling so good inside my pussy yess keep fucking me.

Rafiq was pinching and pulling my boobs as his dick started ravaging my pussy. My body was moving along with his strokes and his fucking sound pcch pch puch where his balls were hitting my pussy along with the sound of my bangles was echoing in the room.

His pace was increasing with every minute and was giving me lot of pleasure, I just held his hair and made him suck my boobs which were moving up and down with his each stroke. I locked him up with my legs surrounding his ass. Rafiq was giving me slow, long and strong strokes. With each thrust I felt Rafiq was drilling my pussy deeper and deeper.

I was moaning loudly Oh Yes Yess Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yess Rafiq yes fuck me…… Ohhhhhhhhhhh along with the sound of my bangles and the sound of pussy getting fucked with a proper man’s dick. 

I couldn’t control anymore and I reached an orgasm with a loud moan. Rafiq stopped stroking allowing me to enjoy the biggest orgasm I ever had. It sent waves of pleasure one after another and I can feel large amount of fluids releasing from my body.

It was indeed the most pleasurable moment of the life and I gave Rafiq a passionate kiss and hugged him tightly and Rafiq reciprocated the kiss with equal passion.

After the kiss Rafiq made me lie on all fours in doggy position and entered me from behind. Rafiq entered in a swift stroke but with my pussy fluids and Rafiq’s pre cum his dick entered with less pain than before. Rafiq held my hair and started banging my pussy like a bull. Rafiq this time was rough and was fucking with long and huge strokes and was pulling my hair and was pinching my ass and spanking my ass sometimes.

I was just moaning Ah Ah Ah………. And was enjoying his banging.

Me: Ahhh Ahhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhh Yesss yessssssss yesssssssssssss

The sound of his balls hitting my pussy was echoing in the room.

Thup.. Thup..Thup..Thup..Thup.. Thup.. Thup..Thup..Thup..Thup..

Me: Oh you feel so fucking good

With each minute Rafiq is becoming confident and dominating me more and more. Rafiq started spanking my well build round ass cheek screaming with pleasure.

Rafiq was fucking me like a bull and the pleasure cannot be told in words.

Rafiq was fucking me pinching me, spanking my sexy ass turning it red and occasionally using swear words like bitch. I reached another orgasm with Rafiq’s fucking and could not stay on all fours and fell on bed. This was the first time I was having 2 orgasms. This night is 1st of so many things in my life. Rafiq just rolled on to a slide and inserted his dick from the side and continued his fucking. Rafiq was fucking with lot of stamina and was inside my pussy for more than 30 minutes.

My body was moving and my bangles sound was echoing throughout the room. Rafiq while fucking my pussy was rubbing his hand along the lengths of the gold chain tied along the waist and was kissing my neck and shoulders. After slow fuck in the side ways, Rafiq pulled me on top of him easily, Rafiq lifted me just like a doll. Rafiq then asked me to ride him. His big black cock was still inside my pussy and I stared moving up and down along his dick and took support from Rafiq’s body by leaning in front. Rafiq extended his hands and was playing with my boobs and pulled me on to him and kissed my lips while I was moving my ass up and down. This was another 1st of the night and this was the 1st time I was riding a cock.  After few minutes of riding I became tired and fell on Rafiq’s chest, Rafiq again made me turn on bed and kept a pillow below my ass and started fucking my pussy in missionary position. Rafiq fucked me like that for another 5 minutes and orgasm started building up in both of us.

Rafiq: Kanika I am going to cum inside your sexy pussy

Rafiq with fast strokes and tightened muscles fell on me and cummed inside my pussy. Rafiq unloaded loads of semen inside my unprotected pussy. His warm semen made me reach my orgasm with a huge moan and I also reached 3rd orgasm for the day and his lava filled my pussy completely. We both lied down on the bed savouring the moment and recovering from the hard core fuck.

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