Sensual Soma 1

Sensual Soma: Conceiving Part 1
Hi guys i m 31 yrs old 34d-30-36, happily married lady with 2 kids living happily with my hubby Sumit.I got married 12 yrs ago @ the age of 18 Sumit was 27 then he was helping his father in business. I just completed my higher secondary & was pursuing graduate my in laws along with Sumit was impressed with my beauty, i was untouched virgin clean as water, fair skin slim figure small breast.

I remember Sumit said on our 1st night, soma u r only 18 much younger to be mother so we shall enjoy sex for next 5 yrs then decide for baby.
Later after 5 yrs of our marriage we started to conceive but failed.
We visited dr anjali and got tested and medicated dr adviced that since Conceiving was prevented for 5 long years now it makes impossible to conceive the ovaries opening is blocked it will take time. Further regular sex is required at least once a day that will help much more, unfortunately my hubby Sumit was so busy with work that we had sex twice or thrice a month. Now time was moving we celebrated our 4th marriage anniversary byt a sad new happened, my father in law expired. After his expiry my hubby Sumit became more concerned about the business, hence very little time he cud make out for me.
Slowly 6 months moved for my father in law expired Sumit was facing challenge to run the business alone, he hardly gave me time now we had sex once a month that too on my request.

One day my mother in law sandhya talked to me regarding our plans for having babies, i broke down & narrated the current situation to her. She wiped my tears & said soma don’t worry i will make a way out.
Tomorrow morning she talked to Sumit, she said beta i want to take bahu to a AHMED SAHAB for ashirbaad & it may take 2-3days time hence she asked to arrange the trip.
Sumit said ok mom you & soma can go you take the small car & driver along with you, Sumit further said he was busy with business clients hence cud not join.
Sandhya my MIL agreed she Called Our Driver Sabir & said Tomorrow morning we are visiting AHMED SAHAB so get ready, sabir nodded his head.

Next morning we got ready @9 o clock in the morning sabir arrived around 9 he took out the car.
My MIL sandhya asked sabir it’s a 300 km drive & we r going to stay there for few days so take your clothes & belongings, we drove & reached the destination by 1 pm we reached a hotel AHMED SAHAB was available @4 pm in the evening, we had our lunch & rested there till 4 pm the we got ready for AHMED SAHAB visit.

We reached his place within 15 mins, we were greeted in by few women we sat in a room soon AHMED SAHAB came & sat with us, sandhya my MIL talked to AHMED SAHAB explained my Conceiving problem.
He asked my details date of birth, time of marriage then he made few calculations & said problem can be solved but few things has to be done my MIL said AHMED SAHAB we have trust on you kindly advice.
Then AHMED SAHAB said her body has to be purified along with the yoni, which can be done today itself later she shall stay with a man who is at least 20 yrs elder or 10 yrs younger to her, she sud act as his wife for 7 days, she shall cook, wash clothes, do household work then serve on bed as wife after that she shall wait for her periods then shall sleep with her husband. Sandhya agreed to all his points but i shivered after hearing this but I kept mum as directed by MIL (sandhya) she asked me to obey AHMED SAHAB.
AHMED SAHAB called few women & asked them to take me in & get ready for purification process, they took me inside, they asked me to remove my clothes & take a bath with the scented water, i was wearing kurti , leggings i removed them i was in my bra & panty, they asked me to remove them & become full nude, which i hesitated, one of the lady named nusrat said madam do not be shy there is lots to happen, AHMED SAHAB will see you nude then he shall conduct the purification process, so nothing to shy.
I abide there suggestions & removed my bra & panty got nude in front of them, they applied a clay mixture on my whole body including private parts the got bath with the scented water, i wiped myself now they removed all my jewellery, mangalsutra even sindoor they gave me a white petticoat and asked me to wrap around my body, nusrat said soma you shall wear only 1 cloth so petticoat will be better tie it over the boobs so that will ne covered upto thighs.
Rekha the another lady laughed & said u have to bcum nudein front of him so nothing to shy, treat him like ur husband today. I said but i have not slept with anyone except my hubby, rekha laughed again & said no sleep only fuck. i obeyed & and sat on the mat inside the room.

Soon ahmed sahab entered the room i was sitting nude wrapped in a piece of white petticoat which hardly covered my hardly covering my 34b breast to milky thighs, ahmed sahab scanned my half nude body & sat down on the mat. His eye scanner to my body made me sure today i m getting fucked.
Ahmed sahab: beti soma u r much younger to me. Ur DIL of sandhya, I have conducted this purification process to your MIL sandhya also, so do not worry treat me like ur husband next 2 hrs i shall solve all ur problem, he asked nusrat to blind fold me she blind folded me with black scart as i cud not see anything.

Then Ahmed Sahab asked nusrat to bring a carrot & a cucumber, tgen he inserted both carrot & cucumber into my love hole one by one i felt a jerk round my body feeling some insertion, rather felt comfort since my hole received satisfaction after a month.aftrr few strokes he removed both carrot & cucumber from my lovehole. After this ritual ahmed sahab asked nusrat to remove the scarf from my eyes, i was saw a lustful ahmed sahab who was hungry for my young body which he gave the name ritual.
Ahmed sahab asked me to cut those cucumber & carrot & serve to him i obeyed his order he ate each & every pc of salad the cucumber & carrot for rituals rather i was confused wether it was pervert act or not but i was enjoying. Next ahmed sahab came and sat on the mat beside me, kissed on my forehead, i kept my eyes closed, started kissing my lips, kissed my neck, i was just going mad, this is the 1st time someone else of my hubby has kissed me, kissing all around my neck, cleavage, he kissed for around 5-10 mins and i was also enjoying the act sinfully, then slowly he de-threaded the petticoat which was tied on my breast covering my body and removed, now i was full nude as i was not wearing bra & panty, he was kissing on my thigh, legs, sucking toe, n i was moaning in pleasure, slowly i started getting wet he said to rekha, He started sucking n biting my nipple, i was getting more wet as juice was pumping out of my lovehole, he asked Nusrat to bring the purification paste, nusrat applied the paste on my pussy, nipple, asshole, i was just watching the passion of a 60 year old man 4 sex, he started eating the paste from my pussy, and said its delicious when mixed with beautiful girl’s pussy juice, later he ate up all the paste on my asshole, nipple, he licked and made it clean.

We rested for 5 mins ahmed sahab asked rekha & nusrat to be naked and join us, they soon became naked and joined us on bed.
Ahmed sahab: holding my hair, come-on my slave make my dick hard.
I looked upon him, nusrat said soma u r here to satisfy ahmed sahab obey him.
Me: sure my master
I opened his underwear and started sucking his circumcised dick of around 7 inches , in the meantime rekha was licking my pussy to make wet & nusrat was caressing my boobs, after 5 mins of oral, i was asked to lie down on the bed, both the hands were tied, ahmed sahab was getting ready with his tool slowly after roleplay he inserted his dick in my lovehole, i cried out of pain as ahmed sahab inserted his dick half,
Me: pls leave my master let me go home
nusrat: caressing my boobs, darling nothing to fear, u wud feel gr8 after intial pain
He again pushed his dick inside my pussy, i cried out of pain, ohhhh………
Ouchhhhhh………….. oi maaaa………………. u will kill me, leave me, leave me, but this time neither he had any mercy on me, nusrat hold back my hair tightly, my hands were already tied, she started sucking and fondling my nipples to give me relief, but his strokes were really unbearable, he fucked for 10 mins and i was crying out of pain, lastly, he cummed inside my hole, i said i was unprotected, nusrat said this is blessing to you soma feel lucky if u conceive his baby in your womb.
We all rested for 30 mins, again rekha brought a glass of milk shake for ahmed sahab started drinking the shake & started scanning my body again i understand the next session is going to start.
Rekha soon came sat beside me and started rubbing my pussy i was just sailing in heaven with my eyes closed with cloth, after rubbing for a while she started licking the pussy clit which drove me wild, soon my pussy became wet and i was moaning bit louder, after few mins of licking she took out an object and started inserting in my love hole.
Me: what is this nusrat
nusrat: Artificial dick dear, is this size ok for u its cucumber dear
Me: yeas feels like my hubby’s dick
After stroking for few min i started moaning, and saying, harder u slut harder
Fuck me harder, then again she removed the dick, She again took a dick from her bag, and tried to insert in my asshole.
Me: u would kill me
nusrat: no it will not kill, it will satisfy u
Me: oh god fuck what is this, i will die out of pain ohhhh ouch maaaaaa….
She took a rope out of her bag and tied my hand & legs with the be applied some lubricant on my ass, slowly slowly started to insert big dick in my ass, i cried out of pain, my tears came out,
Me: i will die
nusrat: till now u have been fucked like a virgin, now u have become a woman with torn pussy & ass in fact u wud be having muslim hubby for next 15 days so u sud be prepared.
Me: oh god save me…….
nusrat: i m preparing u for the suhaagraat with new hubby for 15 days as that sex play would be more tough
I moaned 4 a while and the burst to have a great orgasm.
My whole process was complete i dressed up & was asked to leave the room & sit in the chamber where my MIL & our driver was waiting.
AHMED SAHAB arrived & said MIL sandhya, i have madr all the purification process, masha allaha bahu rani is very sweet now its time to go for hubby wife relationship.
Mind it soma has to serve as wife for 7 days to a man who is either 21 yrs elder to her.
Serve as wife to a person who is 7 yrs younger to her for 21 days.
My MIL sandhya said ahmed sahab i have searched the man soma will serve as wife to sabir our driver, both myself & sabir was shocked to hear this.
Further she said som is 23 yrs old sabir is 45 yes means 22 yrs old so jodi will be nice, further my son Sumit is out of town for 15 days so this process can be completed easily.

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