Sensual soma 2

Sensual Soma: Conceiving Part 2

After completing conversation with ahmed sahab we started moving towards home, it was 6 pm 5hrs drive, wud reach home by 11 pm.
Sabir started the car, during the journey
Sandhya: Ahmed sahab said soma shall be his wife of sabir for 7 days.
During this 7 days u have to do all household work,cook food & obey him as ur master, further you shall wear clothes as per your new husband’s choice, i kept mum, sabir said memsahab ye kaise hoga soma beti aur main kaise ye sab hoga.

Sandhya said sab ho jayega sabir tum tayari karo.
We had travelled for 3 hrs, MIL asked driver to stop at a dhaba for dinner he stopped it was around 9:30 @ night we entered a dhaba .
MIL said sabir sit with ur wife soma, u have authority on her for next few days.
Sabir laughed held my hand tightly & said begum come we shall sit together, sandhya said jokingly sabir u had hesitation 2 hrs ago now u seems to be comfortable.
Sabir laughed & said yes memsahab, i didn’t feel any shyness as i have been nude & fucked by a old man aged around 60 yrs, i sat with him.
We reached home around 12 in the midnight MIL asked sabir to rest tomorrow morning u should take soma for shopping.
Next morning sabir was ready by 9 o clock in the morning, i was amazed to see as if he was eagerly awaiting to sleep with me, MIL asked me to get ready & go with Sabir for shopping.

Hw took me to the market place where he choiced saree for me, saree which i didn’t wore in my life, he choosed 3 sarees, matching blouse, petticoat, then he took me to undies shop where he purchased bra & panty set, there after he purchased all the makeup things, bindi, kajal, liner, bangles, churi etc. That time I was not feeling all that shy so we went to a very good cosmetics shop and purchased lots of cosmetics like lipsticks, nail polishes, body sprays, eye shadows, eyeliners foundations, creams, scents.
He bought a new lungi, kurta& a skull cap for himself, we went to a muslim restaurant from there he ordered beef biryani for himself & chicken for me.
Sabir said today i can’t force you but from tomorrow onwards you shall have beef with me, i nodded my head to no, he said whts wrong in it, i have never had it so, sabir responded soma rani you are my wife for next 7 days u have to obey me.

I said ok sabir ji ok baba i will bas khus, he smiled we had our lunch went to a park nearby & sat down. We both started chating i asked him sabir ji say something about ur family at . least i shall know you before serving you as wife, where is your family? He told his wife died 5 years back and he has a daughter who was married 1 year back & a 12 yrs son staying in delhi, what is your daughter age I asked him, he said 19 yrs, 4 – 5 yrs younger to you. Again i asked why he didn’t marry again. He told if he marries again what wud have happen to his daughter & son, that’s why I never saw any other girl and I was all alone for last 5 years and never met any girl, You look so beautiful and it’s been the day u came to this house I was craving for you, my dick ditched me and raised involuntarily. I know it was embarrassing for you but what can I do you look gorgeous in this saree and remind me of my wife.

My wife was also like you but she looked dark. I asked him how his wife looked like he said his wife was dark and slim she looked like you and she was dusky in color her boobs are smaller when we married but became big after marriage and same with her ass madam, she loved me very much and I also loved her very much. Most of the times I skipped duty and I used to fuck her whole day, but god took her and saying ths he acted emotional and started crying. I felt bad for him and held his head to make him calm but he hugged me and kept his head on my thigh we were Sitting down on the grass, the park was full of couple loving each other making tye place romantic. I was feeling bad for him couldn’t move his head away and i was not suppose to as he was my hubby for next 7 days. His hot breath touched my navel he crossed his arms on my waist & start to caress my buttss making me even more excited and was making my pussy wet.
He said describing about my wife made me senti-mental and your presence was reminding me of her and for a moment I thought you were her and I couldn’t control and kissed your navel. Your skin feels just like hers so soft and smooth. You know madam yours even better you have no hair on your body and my wife is not like that she never went to a beauty parlour but you skin is so smooth madam. Your husband is very lucky to get a wife like you. You are beautiful understanding and you maintain yourself very well and you smell really nice and you feel so soft just like a doll. The praises from a low class man are kind of exciting for me and I was feeling bad about my husband never spokes to me like that, sabir a black widower, a low class driver sitting on my lap & his praising his young beautiful wife of his owner after kissing her beautiful navel.

He cleverly diverted the topic asking about her husband Sir is very lucky madam and I think you guys enjoy very much in the night while I sleep alone in my home. I said not everyone is like you sabir, my hubby sumit is very busy with his work and doesn’t have time for me. What kind of a husband he is, If I got a wife like you and this much of money I would have stayed only in home and will make love to you all day long.
I laughed and said your wait will come to end tomorrow sabir ji again i asked you have lots of sex in you even more than Sumit my hubby, how you manage do u visit any woman.
He laughed loud & said i think i shall tell you yes i visit a woman & she is none other than sandhya your MIL.
I was shocked to hear this but sabir gave confirmation & he also promise to have a 3sum sex with sandhya.
It was late evening now sabir was in romantic mood he held my hand & planted a kiss caressing my hands, hair he moved his hand on my 34c boobs, started pressing it gently. Sabir ji i said we are supposed to do it from tomorrow. He said your fair glowing skin makes me mad, i want to insert my 7 inches tool here only, can’t wait for tomorrow. Soma can u pls hel me to discharge my sperm now, my body shivered hearing 7 inches i said ok sabir ji wevcan do everything tomorrow pls wait its less tha 15 hrs, tomorrow morning i shall reach your room @ 7 in the morning. He agreed we drove towards home.

Next morning i got up early took bathe got rwady with typical hindu wife saree, blouse & petticoat applied sindoor, bindi, bangles, churi, mangalsutra & got ready, my MIL said go prepare teafor ur new hubby sabir & knock his door. He used to stay in the ground floor of our building.
I entered the home saw sabir was sleeping bare body only with a white lungi. I kept the tea cup on the bed & softly said sabir ji get up see ur dream has come true i m here at ur bed. He felt good listening words, he wrapped his lungi before showing his Muslim dick got up & kissed me on cheeks.
Then he got up moved towards washroom to wash his face then came back & sat on the hall I followed him back to the hall and asked him to come to the dining table. I wore the saree, which was exposing my fair skin below my blouse and my beautiful navel and waist.
While drinking tea he said soma rani i have smoe work i have to leave, kindly prepare some breakfast, i asked what u like to have sabir ji he said bread omelette.
I moved to the kitchen he moved for bathe soon breakfast was ready he sat on the table i served him breakfast he ate 3 sluce of bread & half omelette & half coffee & said soma rani eat this my wife used to eat on my plate pyaar badhta hai.
I sat down & are all the leftover in the plate. While leaving he asked me to wash his clothes & asked me not to cook, he shall bring something special in the dinner as it was our 1st night. He asked me to to get dressed nicely gor the 1st night.

I cleaned all his clothes, arranged the house, decorated the bedroom got myself ready as typical hindu house wife & waited for sabir, he arrived @ 8 pm with packet of foods, kept on the dining table, the packet contained biryani, chicken curry & a bottle of whisky. He said soma begum i m going to drink & u r going to serve me i nodded my head to yes. He went to the washroom got fresh up sat on the table ready to start drink, i sat beside him sabir fondeled my breast made a smooch & said soma rani i brouasked where is the mangalsutra, i replied i have removed for you sabir ji. He said soma darling Whenever I hookup and undress a married woman ideally a hindu woman I remove everything from her body except the mangalsutra actually i get aroused by sindoor, churi, mangalsutra, gajra oh i forgot darling there is a gajra for u he took out the gajra & tied on my hair then planted a kiss on my lips slowly started sucking my lower lips making me horny, pressed my 34c boobs ass he removed my saree i was in blouse & petticoat my 34c cleavage was making him aroused. He had his drinks & was ready for dinner, he said som i shall fuck u for the whole night tonight, ok sabir ji 1st have your dinner.
He sat on the table ready for the dining I started serving him mutton biryani and chicken curry. I could not look into his eyes as I was feeling shy to face him and He asked me soma why you are not eating dinner? I told sabir Ji I will not in night. I will eat only fruits in the night and I had them already. He immediately told that’s why Now I got to know your beauty secret and since we eat beef we became black. You Hindu girls eats fruits that’s why you look very good and you maintain your body well. But eating beef will have its own benefits. I was standing near him with the bowl in my hand and He was seeing my tummy and boobs over my blouse. I couldn’t see him in face as I could not come out of the embarrassment that a driver is going to fuck me tonight. As I was looking down he was getting more and more confident and was looking like eating me along with biryani.

Once he finished dinner he went and sat in sofa while I was cleaning the dining table.
I just went near him and looked into his eye and held his dick in my hand I am going to get fucked by a large dick and after that I may never feel my husband pathetic dick inside my pussy, I pinched his cock strongly and left from the room.
I left the door partially open and went sat near the dressing table and started applying my night cream and sabir was staring at me and following my hands where ever they go. I went near him and handed him over the cream box and laid on my stomach beside him on bed. My entire back was visible to him with just strings tied on my back. I moved my hair frontwards to present an unobstructed view of my sexy back and he was seeing and could not move his hands, I waited for a minute and said are you only going to watch or will you do something? I asked him a naughty way.. Every day I used to do it for my wife and she used to enjoy it a lot. Saying this he took handful of cream and applied below the strings. his rough hands made me shiver when he touched my back, slowly applied cream on my lower back till my petticoat, and He moved his hands slowly feeling the smoothness of my skin while I was enjoying the hard and rough hands on my smooth skin. After applying on my lower back he took some more cream in his hands and started waiting, I waited for 1 min and turned back and asked him what happened, he asked me that the blouse strings are coming in the way to apply the cream, I understood Aslam was on cloud nine and i was feeling his hard dick on my thighs i immediately removed my blouse now i was in bra, petticoat & panty he started applying cream on my upper back then moved to my shoulders and near to my underarms and moved down towards waist touching the sides of my boobs he was scanning my upper body and my fair skin exposed under my loosely held skin. His eyes was filled with lust looking at my exposed body He took some more cream and started just below my chin and started moving towards the shoulders. He took some more cream and looked into my eye lustily and slowly lowered his eyes onto my navel and gave small pinch near my navel and a small moan escaped through my mouth. His hands slowly started moving up touching the base of my boobs. His touches were giving so much pleasure that I started moaning in pleasure and my eyes were closed partially in pleasure. I was enjoying the sensations caused by his rough hands. He took more cream and this time he directly attacked my boobs under my bra. He could feel my sensitive nipples standing proudly in excitement welcoming him to fuck. He could feel the tightness of my boobs and he was enjoying every bit of it. Sabir was enjoying pressing his owner’s young wife boobs in his bed room. He took my nipples in his fingers and was pulling them. it was giving me waves of pain and pleasure now he pulled my bra from my breast leaving my upper body nude in front of him he looked at my milky boobs lustily and pinched each of my pink nipples just looking into my eye. He then brought his mouth on to my left boob and licked the nipple with his tongue while his left hand he pressed my right boob hard. He removed the hands from my hands and felt the stiffness of my young boobs and looked at my poking pink nipples. He was mesmerised at the beauty of my fair boobs with pink nipples i have seen such a beauty in his entire life he said He just looked at my nude upper body and there was pure lust in his eyes. He climbed on to me with one leg on my right and other leg on to my left, my hands were above my head and I could feel his dick touching my navel under his lungi He bent forward keeping his weight on my young body and his lips were approaching mine to kiss my juicy lips while his strong body was crushing my young boobs. His body was smelling and his mouth approached near me the smell of gutkha and cigarette filled my nostrils and I moved my face away. Aslam planted a kiss on my cheeks. TI had goose bumps all over my body when his lips made contact with my smooth skin. He started kissing my face enjoying every millimetre of it and he ran his tongue on my ears and my dimple. His actions were creating new sensations in my body and involuntarily my face turned towards him and Aslam was quick to grab the situation and placed his black lips on my juicy pink lips and gave it a nice smooch tasting my nectar from my juicy lips. After a short kiss he brought his face up and told soma ji your lips are so sweet and juicy. Those are the juiciest and sweetest lips I have tasted ever. The way he was praising me felt so well and my body was supporting to him involuntarily. Even with his bad breath the kiss felt more pleasure than my husband’s and I opened my lips to allow him to insert his tongue inside my mouth and taste the inner juices of mouth. I wanted him to explore more and more and praise me. he continued kissing me and we exchanged saliva and tasted the fluids of each other and kiss lasted for solid 15 minutes and sucked the juice out of my lips. Sabir had a kind of satisfied look after kissing me and his eyes were looking directly into my eyes and I felt shy and lowered my gaze. His eyes went down slowly from my face to my round perky boobs that are standing tall with pride in nude condition inviting sabir to play His hands were very firm and rough gave my boobs a hard press as if trying to bend their pride. His rough handling of my boobs was creating me both pain and pleasure and I was not able to control my moan and it escaped through my mouth and little aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh echoed through my mouth. Sabir was encouraged with the moan and bought his mouth towards my boobs while his body was moving down towards my vagina. He positioned himself in such a way that his big cock was touching me directly on my pussy above my petticoat. His Muslim dick was so hard and strong that I could feel it touching my pussy lips over my petticoat , while my pathetic husband dick cannot insert in my naked pussy with his weak dick and I need to help him to guide his small and weak dick inside my smooth wet pussy. I was enjoying the way he was kissing me. I was also now holding him from his back and responding.

After smooching for a while, he went downward and this time, he removed my petticoat and started kissing near my thighs. He was placing his hands now above my panty and teasing me as he continued kissing on my thighs. I was getting mad with the way he was playing with me.
“sabir ji .. Ummmm”. I started moaning louder without worrying about anything else.
After kissing me for a while, he started taking off my pantie. I was so wet and was enjoying all of these.
He spread my legs with his hands and came close to my pussy. This was the best view I could get of him. He was in-between my legs and about to suck my pussy. This was the first time a man was about to kiss my pussy my hubby sumit never did this, i was shivering.
Without wasting time, he slowly kissed above my pussy and asked me whether I liked it. I said yes and asked him to do more. He then continued licking my pussy. He was moving his tongue over my pussy and kissing my pussy with his lips. I was in heaven now. I couldn’t control myself, I grabbed his hair and pushed him toward my pussy while he was sucking my pussy.
Sabir was an expert in that. He was sucking harder now and he was also inserting two of his fingers in my pussy. I was moaning harder now, very harder. I was about to cum, I tried to stop him but he continued to suck my pussy. After a couple of minutes, I finally cummed. Ufffff, it was so good!
He licked my juices and said, “Darling, you are going to experience more than just one orgasm today”. And he was right. He was not yet done. He went to the washroom and cleaned himself. I also cleaned myself with a towel.

After a couple of minutes, he walked into the bedroom and slept near me, holding me in his arms. I was slightly exhausted with that first session and he knew that and hence he didn’t rush to fuck me again. After 10 minutes of talking and resting in his arms, I was now ready for another session. And to start again, this time I started to kiss him and we started smooching again.
He pulled me over him and grabbed me in his arms. I was sitting on top of him and he was holding me by my ass and spanking them in between. He asked me to go down and I knew what he was expecting. Instead of going down, I asked him to get down from the bed and I went onto my knees. Then I quickly took off his lungi.
His around 7-inch thick dick was out and in front of me. It was much better than my husband’s dick. It was clean too.
I applied some saliva on his dick and started stroking his dick with my hands. Then, after a minute, I started kissing the tip of his dick. Slowly, I began sucking his dick. He was enjoying that and his dick was rock solid now. It was really big for me.
I was only able to take half of his cock in my mouth. I was taking it deep in and out of my mouth. And I was eating it like ice cream as it felt so good. I was also looking right into his eyes while sucking his dick. He was enjoying that.
Sabir was moving and holding my hairs with his hands as he saw my hairs were coming while I was sucking his dick. But he didn’t dominate me. He did let me do with my pace. I made sure I gave him a good blowjob and he was also praising me for that. As I was not able to take his dick deep into my throat, I took his dick out and was licking his dick with my tongue from the top to the bottom.
After a few minutes, he asked me to stop and get onto the bed. I got onto the bed in the missionary position. He came in between my legs and placed his dick near my pussy. I was so excited now. I could not wait for anymore now. He teased me for a while. Before starting to drill me, he started abusing me, “Hey my madam, how much do you need my dick? Do you want to be my slut?”

“sabir ji , please don’t make me wait any more. And I would love to be your slut forever”, I replied.
He spanked my ass with his right hand and abused me more.
He was about to enter me without any protection but I was not really worried about it. After teasing for a couple of minutes, he finally entered into me. My both legs were on his shoulder and he was slowly entering into me. My pussy was already dripping wet so it wasn’t an issue until he reached half inside me. He started moving in and out slowly. His dick was very big and it was very painful for me initially.
After a couple of minutes of soft fuck, he held me tight and pushed his dick deep inside me. And that was the time when I almost cried. His dick went deep inside me. He held me tight and smooched me again. And slowly, he started going deep, in and out.
After a few minutes, I started enjoying each and every strokes. It was the first time someone was fucking me for so long and deep. He started fucking me rough and wild.
He was going faster and I was moaning much harder now.
.. Ahhhhhhh.. Fuck me.. Harder.. Ummmmm”. I was moaning harder and harder now, he was so good. He was abusing me and calling me ‘randi’, ‘slut’ and many other words. And I was enjoying that. I told him not to stop. I came almost twice while he was fucking me. But he didn’t stop and continued grilling me.

He gave me the real pleasure. I was totally in his control l, his slave
After around 20-25 minutes of hard fuck, he was about to cum inside me. He asked me where to cum and I told him cum inside me as it didn’t matter to me anymore, he started ramping me hard and fast, I was moaning so loudly. After a couple of minutes, he released all his semen deep inside me. I could feel that warm fluid flowing deep inside me.
It was really a great session. We both were totally exhausted. The time was around 12 midnight, we both slept next morning he chose not to go to the office and spent a day with me in our home. I was happy with his decision. I stayed for 7 days with him as his wife he fucked me 23 times out of which 6 times was anal rest was pussy fuck.
My husband arrived i slept with him also 5 days this month. Next i missed my periods got the check up & my pregnancy was confirmed. Later on i gave birth to a baby girl.

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