Sexy Differences

I wanted to share some pictures highlighting the differences between Hindu and Muslim girls. I hope I did a good job. Maybe you can share your feedback as well I will be really happy.

Ever since my Hindu mom remarried and converted to Islam I cannot stop thinking about strong Muslim men fucking and impregnating Hindu cows with their strong Muslim cum. The more I think about my mom getting fucked by her strong Muslim husband and giving birth to 2 Muslim boys the more submissive I become.I stroke my little dick everyday thinking about Muslim domination over Hindu women.

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11 thoughts on “Sexy Differences

  1. Sudhansu, I think you are right on about the difference. Muslim girls are a lot modest that hindu girls. Please do post more pics.

    I really envy you. You are living the dream…having your mom marry a muslim guy and give birth to his children. I can only imagine how gratifying that felling must be when you are lying in your room knowing that in your mom’s bedroom she is having sex with a muslim man. You are really lucky.

    1. Hi

      Thanks for ur nice words. It is true that i used to feel extremely gratified when i used to peep on my mom getting fucked daily by her muslim husband. after watching i would go to my room and stroke my little dick. unfortunately i live abroad now and dont get the chance to see my slut mom getting fucked.

      1. Sad that you don’t get to see your slut mom getting fucked now. But at least you get to be happy knowing that your mom is getting pounded by her muslim hubby. I’m just like you in this regard. Nothing give =s me more pleasure than imagining my mom with others especially muslim guys of all ages. It seems like such a taboo imagining my beautiful hindu mom with muslim guys. I too stroke my small dick and make myself cum imagining my mom getting fucked by such strong muslim bulls.

    2. please give details of their suhaagraat and few days/nights after their marriage.
      Did u filmed that?
      how many of ur friends and family members were invited to enjoy those moments?

  2. I too want my beautiful mom to have sex with a musalman mard and see all the action hiding from a corner 😉 😛

    1. You are not alone my friend. I too have that same beautiful fantasy. Nothing makes my little dick hard like stroking it to fantasies of mom with other men.

  3. It is nice to see so many hindu brothers supporting us. our thirst for muslim cock is insatiable.
    kik: naughty_mishra

    1. Of course dear. I totally support our women’s decision to mate with muslims. Truth is nothing gives me more pleasure than imagining my own mom with muslim men. So you go on ahead and fuck all the muslim studs you want. Give yourself to them and do as many of them as you want.

    1. Hi bro…you said it. You called guys like us by our right name…hijdas. We, with our tiny cocks imagining our women with strong muslim men and spilling our weak cum into our hands while those bulls empty their seeds right into the fertile bellies of our moms. Sorry, but can’t do watsapp but kik is fine. If you wanna do something similar on kik, do lemme know in the same id Jayan_Ravi123

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